October 15th, 2012 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “bury”

  1. This is what you do with feelings if you can’t figure out where else they should go. Or you can do it with a lizard that has not survived the love of a child.

    By Barbara Brown on 10.15.2012

  2. You’ve got to bury this one – deep in your head, so no one can use it against you. You never want to think of this moment again, you want it gone. Forever.

    By Sheonaid on 10.15.2012

  3. A lost soul is better than no soul, think for yourself, question everything including the familiar in everyday society. Don’t be scared to lead your own path for when the least likely blank becomes blank you will agree things aren’t so primitive.

    By Orjaw URL on 10.15.2012

  4. The shovel was heavy in my hands. By the cover of night I dug, callouses forming. But still I dug. Desperately, dirt was forced from the ground and thrown carelessly into a pile. I have to finish. I have to.

    By luv2write URL on 10.15.2012

  5. I bury may face in my pillow and heave one more sob. Then, I get up, splash some water from the faucet onto my face, and stare at myself in the mirror for a minute. “Nothing is wrong, just let it all go,” I think to myself. I gather my things and make my way to the door, closing it quietly behind me.

    By e.l.a. URL on 10.15.2012

  6. My parents suffocated me with things to do. They gave me a terribly long list of chores, and extra school work on top of that. The decided to have me learn an instrument too. All because they caught me sneaking out one day, they buried me alive.

    By Julie Morgan URL on 10.15.2012

  7. Bury the body before someone finds it and throws you in prison. If you have to go to court, say you’re crazy. When they acquit you, celebrate with margaritas for the jury.

    By Amber Tinoco on 10.15.2012

  8. bury is something that i do not know what to write about I mean it is kind of impossible to think right now when i am only thinking about food. I really do not know what i am writing so just whatever. I do not even know what is going to

    By ella on 10.15.2012

  9. Bury me in the shadows of that big oak tree. The one we used to swing and play on when we were kids. I don’t need flowers or anything fancy.

    By anthony URL on 10.15.2012

  10. I want to bury myself in words, hoping they will come out on the page in a coherent manner. Right now, they are jumbled in my mind and when they come out of my mouth, everyone looks at mea s though I have lost my mind. Perhaps I have.

    By sheila Good URL on 10.15.2012

  11. Something

    By lala on 10.15.2012

  12. Your feelings can eat you alive. It’s amazing;the deeper you bury them the more life they gain, as if they thrive on the energy you expend denying them.

    By Sean Duffy URL on 10.15.2012

  13. Bury me with it, a song by Modest Mouse. Bukowski I think its called. Bury the dead, bury my head. la lal lal al. Modest Mouse is the most awesome band ever I will never get sick of it. Its so cool. In any mood its ready to rock. Whoo hoo, I love Modest Mouse.

    By Hananh melnyk on 10.15.2012

  14. “So are we going to bury him?”

    “Yeah. Did you bring the shovel?”

    “Shovel and a bucket.”

    “Bucket for what?”

    “Flowers.” Her throat sounded like it was closed up. “Roses. He always liked those.”

    The dust was flying around the meadow. I wrinkled my nose to keep from sneezing. I lowered the body onto the warm grass. The slight breeze ruffled his golden fur.

    “Well. Let’s do this.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.15.2012

  15. bury me alive. i said. and all will be okay. the lives of the birds above will continue and all the trees will continue to turn red in the fall. just do it, bury me alive. and i will close my eyes to the earth and cease to breath.

    By Hunter Brown on 10.15.2012

  16. He sat on the gravestone. He a buried his mother years ago, years he couldn’t even remember. His sister had died. His friends had each perished one by one, but he had always had her.
    Our Father who art in heaven…
    He began and watched as the sun began to rise.

    By Megan URL on 10.15.2012

  17. You found your demons in the same place you left them, buried under false happiness and some pretense of “getting over it.” But, when you look for them again, expecting dead, weakened corpses, instead you find that they have been waiting for you, all along. The truth is that your demons will not die, unless you kill them. You cannot bury them alive. You might fight them, tooth and nail, and show them that it is you who will come out, alive.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 10.15.2012

  18. Death. I don’t know why my first thought had to be so morbid. Being buried deep in the cold, wet ground. Buried treasure. Opposites?

    By Kelsey Julian URL on 10.15.2012

  19. bury me not on the lone praie, sic, bury my heart at wounded knee, glee, glee, glee, mcgee, bury me .

    By joe URL on 10.15.2012

  20. Bury flurry. A flurry of fresh white powder soon to bury the night. Sparkling from the light, moon shine is my delight. Happiness and smiles all from the white. Simplicity and complexity freezing in time.

    By Melissa on 10.15.2012

  21. bury your love in my stomach where it can rest until we meet again little butterflies will bloom broken bones underground i keep my secrets with you

    By alex on 10.15.2012

  22. today, I started to bury some of my old habits, you see these habits have been the bane of my life and they have run my life day in and day out for years but over the past few months, I have managed to kick some of my habits and I am currently in the process of finishing the last few remainders off, tuff times indeed.

    By Jimmy on 10.15.2012

  23. I want to bury you she said. Bury me? Yes, for everything you have done. I want you to suffer. I want you to suffocate. But why? What did I do? You told me you loved me. YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME? I did. So why aren’t you digging?

    By Lynsey Anna on 10.15.2012

  24. Bury is a verb. I bury the dead bunny. It sounds like bunny. You bury bones and dead things. Some things can be buried by nature, like dinosaurs.

    By Lilah Henderson on 10.15.2012

  25. bury deep so no one will find it
    no one can know
    never find out
    so deep down
    can never be found

    bury the secrets

    By kylieh URL on 10.15.2012

  26. Burn me with fire not tears. I want you not to cry. To dance with the wind for all the times I wouldn’t. Laugh for all the jokes I would make. Make me unforgettable.

    By notjustadreamer URL on 10.15.2012

  27. i’ve buried my head under many a pillow.
    i’ve buried my feelings under lipsticked on smiles.
    i’ve buried memories in closed drawers.

    By Bird URL on 10.15.2012

  28. Bury the darkness in light. Make yourself shine, burn through the night. Bury the dark. Bury it deep. Keep it locked up so nobody sees. Forget it’s there. Remember only light.

    By notjustadreamer URL on 10.15.2012

  29. She stared into the distance as she channeled her sorrow. But I didn’t get it. We couldn’t bury the things that marred the marriage even as they bury her father.

    By Lee URL on 10.15.2012

  30. idk is it bury? no idea.

    By i love pandas URL on 10.15.2012

  31. I’ve tried I really tried to bury it 6 feet under, I wanted to get on with it but every time it caught me by surprise. Never once did I think offer almost 16 years that those buried feeling would reappear. No-one told me this was possible. I buried you, I promise you, so how can it be? How did you raise from the dead, to Haunt me after almost 16 years?

    By Jenn on 10.15.2012

  32. Bury me with the tragedy of your writings. It is not a profound thought but in this I live with the theory of art. In this I bury my soul under mounds of transflourescent

    By Franc on 10.15.2012

  33. Which to bury, us or the hatchet? Sometimes you want so desperately to bury something deep in the ground where it will never be found again. Despite your best efforts, it resurfaces. Ain’t life just grand?

    By Ben on 10.15.2012

  34. I buried my brother in my backyard yesterday. No one knows he’s there but me and the little creatures who now live underground with him. It was a tragic way it happened, too bad no one was there to be a witness to such tragedy.

    By Rachel on 10.15.2012

  35. i buried my mom under the wood flooring wen i killed her ass. She pissed me off nigga! I mean, who takes fried chicken from a black guy…I miss her. Just kidding yo!! hahahahaha nigga you be tripping, she stole my chicken!

    By Max URL on 10.15.2012

  36. The conscience is pushing out against external pressures as the spirit within is stifled and escapes ever-so slightly, but not enough to fend off the mirroring faults in the surrounding populace

    By seance URL on 10.15.2012

  37. I, I alone amoung mankind, the freest man on earth, am able to give up my roots to the degree a tree can. I have a dream of the man who had a dream, I hold in a cirlce around me the names of heros to sense the unknown; I’m convinced the world has never known her greatest men and women, if she did we could write ” the biography of god on earth.”

    By drew URL on 10.15.2012

  38. it is to bury some one when they die or some mean people might bury someone alive.!!!
    scary right

    By i love pandas URL on 10.15.2012

  39. I was present at Keith’s burial. I felt emotional. My priest said a few words. I clung to gran. The sky was bleak. I threw my beautiful bouquet on Keith’s brown coffin. Tears gathered. I felt so empty and lost. The grave digger started to fill up Keith’s grave. The mud was big and chunky. Was I taking part in a nightmare? A sea of sad faces gathered around me and later whisked me off to the funeral meal. I had a few mouthfuls and left the rest of the grill.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.15.2012

  40. I will bury her body in my back garden, i hate seeing her all the time, no-one will ever know. It shall remain secret forever MUAHAHAHAH BURY ME BURY ME I AM RUNNING FROM YOU

    By Nas on 10.15.2012