October 15th, 2012 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “bury”

  1. It was buried, his need for love had been completely buried. No sign of it, as much as he liked the thought of the affection he still wasn’t sure existed in a relationship, he wanted it but not anymore. It was stupid, he had no reason for it. He had no time for it. On the days he slept, on the night he fucked. That had turned into the circle of his life. He wished sometimes that he could just jump out of it and start a new circle, where he lived as a normal person. Donghae sighed and shook his head, taking out the earphones from his ears, it had started to ache in his ears. Damn they were uncomfortable. He pouted slightly as he stopped the music on his phone before sliding back into his pockets.

    He began walking down the ally surrounded by cherry blossom trees lining up along the sides, he took a good look at them before he stumbled back, completely surprised by the camera, the expensive kind, which landed in front of his feet. He frowned a bit, picking it up slowly being careful with it. After all, it wasn’t his. He looked around before he heard a voice. ”Omo! My camera!” He heard, Donghae looked around once again before he saw a drenched guy right behind him. Jumping in surprise, Donghae yelped and dropped the camera once again, shielding his face.

    By Jasmine on 10.16.2012

  2. He wanted to bury her. Not just in the pile of bedding where they had been making love so many times, but far under the earth. six feet down. Just as if she were deadvhh. This would really turn him on. But how to do it. Would he have to kill her first, or would he be able to get it done while she was still alive. How could he know, without trying it. Bury. That would be the height of pleasure.

    By vhh on 10.16.2012

  3. Burying the past is difficult. It’s like trying to close a box that is too full- trying is pointless and will gain you nothing but frustration.

    By krrosec on 10.16.2012

  4. Let the dead bury their dead. How simPle to read and say, “0h yeah, i’ll be able to do that. Anything for You”. All the while, doubt sits waiting for the opportunity to say, “Are you ready for what’s next You’ll be surprised by what dies.”

    By Amanda URL on 10.16.2012

  5. how do the cga ethics affect an accounting student

    By kim on 10.16.2012

  6. to bury is to dig a hole in some soft ground put something in there and cover it back up. Pirate treasure perhaps, a big chest full of jewels and gold and a treasure map. Ooo argh. Throw in an eye patch as well, why not? And one day a very lucky fella will dig it up and get to keep all that treasure to themself.

    By Rachel O'Hare on 10.16.2012

  7. i heard an old legend that went,
    if you ever felt out of breath
    for no reason other than just forgetting,
    maybe i’ve planted you my chest,
    and the weight of my love
    is heavier than the ground.

    By isa on 10.16.2012

  8. I wept as I looked up at the cross. No one was on it. No stains of my sins were left on it’s rough edges. The tears of joy flooded my eyes as I bowed my head in remembrance of the day that I first met Jesus Christ, my Savior. I had asked him, “Jesus, was it awful to die and bury my sins?” He answered as I would never forget: “Yes, my child. But for you it was worth doing.” I raised my head in the middle of the church yard, and whispered, “Praise Jesus.”

    By Emma on 10.16.2012

  9. They buried the pink button. Now it’s this kind of blue-ish black looking button. Sort of a midnight blue. I like it a lot more than that pick or magenta button. A pleasant start to one minute. Does it count if I used buried instead of bury?

    By Kellie Spreitzer on 10.16.2012

  10. dog, burried, funeral, sad, happy, mad, confused, dog, cat, blurry, sand, dirt, blue, the sky is blue, bird, hello, airport, hello, bye,

    By bonquiqui on 10.16.2012