October 15th, 2012 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “bury”

  1. The bury is a word which not many people know.

    By Pamela URL on 10.16.2012

  2. I buried the ugly mirror,and i bury the shoe.

    By Pamela URL on 10.16.2012

  3. I bury myself into my sheets. and lay there like a mole untill i know its safe to come out.

    By katlynnt on 10.16.2012

  4. i found a buried body in my backyard, its hands were sickly yellow with an astonishing amount of skin left remaining to the muscular tissue. It couldn’t have been there for long and yet ive lived there my entire life. how peculiar that i had seen the very same being within my dreams only a few nights ago.

    By Dom on 10.16.2012

  5. It still hurt. Even after all this time, the pain was still as clear as ever. I hadn’t faded. But then again, I’d known that right from the begininng. That despite what everyone said, it wouldn’t fade. Not really. You could learn how to surpress it. How to ignore it. But fade? No, that it didn’t. Not ever. Not really.

    By Delphine on 10.16.2012

  6. I don’t like to bury people when they are dead.
    And i cant think of anything else.

    By gorge URL on 10.16.2012

  7. We had to bury it all. There was no chance that any of the things we had gathered during the last 5 years were ever gonna make it back to the coffee table. From now on, we’ll just sit there, look at each other, look at the newspaper, say a comment about how hot the coffee is or how it lacks sugar. All those memories, now they are covered with dust and sand, knocked upon with a shovel. Oh, I now wonder if the neighbor’s dog will ever come around the yard, looking for a bone uncover what we wanted to hide. Then, in the morning, I’ll come out to pick the paper and find out that it had never dissappeared, it was still there, had always been there.

    By Diego on 10.16.2012

  8. to cover with earth. we will bury the body.

    By whitewizard on 10.16.2012

  9. The sins of the past are buried deep within my chest, waiting to spring forth and bear strange fruit. I must deny them, I must fight to whack away the tendrils of prejudice and make room for new flowers, new growth in the world.

    By Rock Robester URL on 10.16.2012

  10. i bury stuff

    By justing on 10.16.2012

  11. Bury the hatchet means to me to forgive. The idea of bury means to cover it up. Forget about it. This is difficult for most of us. How do we bury something that bothers us?

    By fictionfitz on 10.16.2012

  12. You can bury someone in a tomb. You can bury a time capsule. there is many things you can bury.

    By Ryan on 10.16.2012

  13. you can bury things like chests, rocks, or time machines. i even bury my little brother

    By riley on 10.16.2012

  14. to put something in the ground

    By cecilm on 10.16.2012

  15. bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury bury

    By shelby on 10.16.2012

  16. to put hide dispose or get rid of something nderneath something else such as a body

    By Tim on 10.16.2012

  17. I have barid stofe.

    By Nicholas on 10.16.2012

  18. Bury is to put something in the ground.

    By Kyla on 10.16.2012

  19. you can bury your enimeys

    By cecilm on 10.16.2012

  20. bury is when you put something at the bottom of the surface ( under ground) and it is covered up with dirt

    By adriana on 10.16.2012

  21. to cover something under a hard object so that it is hidden from sight.

    By samuel on 10.16.2012

  22. When you want to put something under ground you can bury the thing. By doing that you must dig a hole it has to be as big as the thing you’re putting under ground. Get a shovel and dig the hole as deep as you need it.

    By Devin on 10.16.2012

  23. Bury me deep, among the roots of life. Build me up, still, through natures great from my own. Born from dust and to dust we shall return. Bury me deep.

    By Marina on 10.16.2012

  24. I love to bury stuff in the ground very deep so no one can find the thing i buried.

    By shelby on 10.16.2012

  25. i whant to bury my step sister

    By timmy on 10.16.2012

  26. people have found buried bones in the ground.

    By james on 10.16.2012

  27. i bury myself in my jealousy. My best friend doesn’t care about me. she stole my guy and made me feel like i want to die. i know i should support her but its hard when it feels like we are in court. I’m buried six feet deep and still digging.

    By Brianna on 10.16.2012

  28. i like to bury things in the dark earth six feet under all the stuff that i buried before the time that i buried before the other stuff i have buried over the past few years that I have buried things. I can quit burying things anytime I want, but I choose not to quit burying because most of my burying years have been filled with me burying things that I like to bury in the earth down below.

    By Rebecca on 10.16.2012

  29. Something you put on the bottom of the surface.

    By gabrielach on 10.16.2012

  30. to bury something is to put it underground so it’s not in site. You can bury a body underground.

    By Devin on 10.16.2012

  31. If you what to make something where you can not see it you can bury it below sand. You can bury it on the beach or even just in your backyard!

    By lissamc on 10.16.2012

  32. to bury something is to get rid of it physically. but you never really remove it from the minds of people who knew about it. a mistake can try to get buried away, but it never really goes away. and that may be for the best, so we can learn to never do something like that again, or remember something we never want to forget

    By Brian on 10.16.2012

  33. I hope when I die they bury me in a place of dignity. A place where my soul can be free to choose. Choose to love, choose to be, a place where my soul can be one. Bury me in a place of choice when i die.

    By Chris on 10.16.2012

  34. Im buried in my house because there is a lot of snow in the yard.

    By fernando on 10.16.2012

  35. bury means to put in the ground like a chest or a time capsle. you can also bury treasurs

    By jonathonb on 10.16.2012

  36. I hope when i die that my faveroite doll is buried with me and my picture of my dad,and my mom is buried with me<3 <3 <3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By jazzy on 10.16.2012

  37. I want to do this, with so many of my secrets.
    The ones that I’ve kept from my family, friends, lovers, hookups, etc.
    And then I think of what secret hasn’t been told.
    I’ve shared it with at least one other person, I’m sure.
    And as long as that holds true,
    I can’t really bury a secret, can I? Not as long as another copy of it is out there.
    With someone else.
    So you really wonder whether or not I have secrets at all to bury, or if they’re just all floating out there, waiting to be unearthed.

    By Joshua on 10.16.2012

  38. bury is to put under ground and or to cover up under ground. you can bury time capsles. you can also bury gold or other treasurses.

    By jonathonb on 10.16.2012

  39. to cover something so it is not seen

    By cedricbea on 10.16.2012

  40. this is used to caver something with a bury

    By dylanki on 10.16.2012