January 8th, 2010 | 554 Entries

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554 Entries for “burst”

  1. today my balloon bursted.
    a kid cried because he wanted it from me and i was going to give it to him.
    bursting is horrible if you really think about it;
    and it all depends on the situation.
    if your mind bursts, thats bad.
    if your science experiment volcano bursts, thats good.
    if your ear drums bursts, thats bad.
    bursting is so odd once you really think about it.

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  2. Burst

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  3. I could just burst with the happy feelings I have when I think of you. I, my own sun, bursting with the rays of you love….infinite, warm.

    By Rayn, Female Producer on 01.09.2010

  4. “I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but uh… that’s not gonna happen.”

    The small pout he received from her made him frown.
    He didn’t like seeing her like this.

    By yonochan on 01.09.2010

  5. bubble

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  6. the buble burst into the air with such force it spued across the counter. Burst, force, excitement,joy, beeming with pleasure. A freedom of happiness and joy. celebration

    By Jace on 01.09.2010

  7. it was all to easy. the world was open to my thoughts

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  8. one day i was thinking and the guy was like ah! ima burst all over your face.. and i was like ah dont do that, cause then it would be all in my face and he was like so bitch… ima burst all over it, so i let him and then i went and got coffee.. which was just nasty to eat and thats all

    By Jasmine Mosby on 01.09.2010

  9. energy comes in burst it wipes you out! or a burst of light that hit a class and shines the diff colors

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  10. dream

    By jamie on 01.09.2010

  11. burst out from a cloud because i said i wanted to even though you write about burst and then i wonder if what I’m saying is cliche, if we’re all connected and we all think the same things. then if we think the same things we write the same things and no one wants to read another’s writing because it’s the same as our own.
    so let’s burst forth, burst out of this bubble out of this planet out of this solitary confining life and be FREE. Burst. a happy sort of explosion.

    By 'stine on 01.09.2010

  12. darkness only exists so the stars can shine.

    By Jeri Evan on 01.09.2010

  13. ….

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  14. green pods, pea light and
    filled to burst; they make little
    quasars on the edge of your plate
    like little lotus stars and
    you touch them —
    sickly sweet and vinegary.

    By AT on 01.09.2010

  15. the water burst through the door. the woman in the corner started to run as hell trying to get out of the room. she didnt have enough time because the water slammed her to the wall and she got

    By deviant on 01.09.2010

  16. the sun creeps upon the nape of my neck. I shrug and nonchalant, but inside, my feelings burst with the happiness of my upcoming opportunities. warmth, warmth, warmth.

    By jessi on 01.09.2010

  17. The bubble burst, exploding in little flecks of watery soap, it burns my eyes the second it touches.

    By Lucie on 01.09.2010

  18. i burst into tears as soon as i see your face in my dream…

    By km on 01.09.2010

  19. out loud. laughing. people do that all the time. Dont people have the most wild laughs… well some do… you know those laughs that stand out… the ones that are so contageous they make you start laughing… RHONDA!! has the most awesome laugh EVER. She cracked me up. Burst… your bubble buddy!!!! AHhhhhhahhahahah you are a big burst of something ha ha ha he he he weeeeeeeeeeeee dididid dumm diddly de

    By monkey brains on 01.09.2010

  20. it was a burst of sunlight
    the morning
    fill me
    every inch
    the beach
    the waves
    the sand
    bursts of heat

    By miranda on 01.09.2010

  21. I burst with creative elegance as I write. Just as sunflowers bloom and burst with color, radiating about a field, my mind reaches far and wide for things to write. Eventually I can think no more and my mind bursts.

    By Alex Dumont on 01.09.2010

  22. The clock burst spewing time all over my kitchen floor leaving me to sweep up the broken pieces. While I swept her labor contractions worsened. What was I to do? This couldn’t be happening to me, I have far too much going for me now for it all to end…

    By Toney Vega on 01.09.2010

  23. explode

    By laura on 01.09.2010

  24. Bubbles in air flying through a colorless sky of hot white sun and fresh warm air like Nana’s linens that flap in my childlike mind.

    By Elaine. on 01.09.2010

  25. the explosion of an atomic bomb, singing a silent song, of end to come. push of wind from constant virbration, eventually let go to create the impulsive decision of acceptence.

    By MoWalt on 01.09.2010

  26. Bursting with energy, he jumped up, almost touching the ceiling. What was fueling this madness? A rave. The lights were flashing, the bass was pumping, and everyone was lost in the euphoria of the moment. Is everything real? Is he really alive? He was bursting with questions, but they took a backseat to the intensity of the moment.

    By J-Mill on 01.09.2010

  27. bubble

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  28. I saw someone today that I care about so much and i had an outburst of excitement, I offically can call the girlI truly care about my girlfriend, what an honor it is, I have so much joy waiting for it to burst out.

    By Unknown on 01.09.2010

  29. Anticipation bursting at the seams. I couldn’t seem to contain my self any longer. That bead of sweat steadily making it’s way down my neck. Nows not the time for pondering

    By Mazer on 01.09.2010

  30. Bursting with excitement when you see the love of your life for the first time in 5 months, the feeling you get when you hug and kiss the first time. The overwhelming sense of joy when you see your family and friends and finally find yourself at home.

    By Emily on 01.09.2010

  31. I burst in front
    No blunt
    I curse at cunts
    My first was worse indeed
    But my last will hurt the fronts
    Sunburst that’s kinda like candy
    The suns a star you see I’m handy
    No masturbation I’m waitin for anything that will and can be

    By KC on 01.09.2010

  32. By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  33. pop!pop!pop!pop!the fireworks exploded overhead as I kissed her.

    By a false terl on 01.09.2010

  34. I sat quietley while she screamed. She said all this stuff about self respect, and ti be pretective of my own bodie. Then all of a sudden i just had to BURST!!!!!

    By chloe on 01.09.2010