January 9th, 2010 | 250 Entries

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250 Entries for “system”

  1. down

    By Anonymous on 01.10.2010

  2. of a down. an organization. System, there is not much I can draw from this.

    By Mica on 01.10.2010

  3. The system is broken. Idiots and mean people get positions of power. THose who are thinking and caring seems to float in the middle waiting for light to shine on the crappy decisions those in charge are making. Those who struggle are voiceless.

    By Leslie Cook on 01.10.2010

  4. The system needed to be changed. It had been this way for too long, but others thought they liked it this way, or didn’t have the originality to think of it differently

    By kirsty on 01.10.2010

  5. systems.

    The government, society, relationships, business….

    Everything is a system. Set up before you got here.

    They taught you how to think, how to act, how to move, how to breathe.


    By Will on 01.10.2010

  6. cool

    By Anonymous on 01.10.2010

  7. system. a word that breaks the will of some and revs the engine of others.
    system. a word that instills order, stifles free will and illicits consequences.
    i will to beat the system, it won’t beat me.

    By rachel on 01.10.2010

  8. the system that is in place at the moment is exremely disatisfactory it only serves to serve one person surprisingly the one person who created this nightmare of beaurocrasy complete and utter nonsense

    By b on 01.10.2010

  9. up and down up and down up and down i follow the system the system of metal and wirey chips not the system of my feet and trees and bones. i follow the factory system. i want to follow the grassy

    By arnald on 01.10.2010

  10. System. A word that for some reason reminds me of oppression, the schedule we are to follow, the rules, the uniform, all a part of the system we are to follow. I don’t want be a gear or cog in the machine i want to control it.

    By Abikuss on 01.10.2010