January 8th, 2010 | 554 Entries

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554 Entries for “burst”

  1. i used to love eating star burst as a kid. It was probably one of my fondest memories having mom by us a pack of star burst to than only have us fight over the prized pink “flavor”.

    By ahmed on 01.09.2010

  2. red

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  3. color

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  4. all is gone now, everything we have believed that is good is better, is now destroying us, knocking our feet out, our life, our existence, burst is it.

    By gtoddw on 01.09.2010

  5. The sun swelled, it’s belly filling with gas and worries and the Apocalypse and whatever else was left in the world, bursting at the seams. Flares, tendrils, fingers outstretching forward.

    By Lovely on 01.09.2010

  6. at the seams, explode, crack; emotionally, violently release.

    By z on 01.09.2010

  7. fire exploding everywhere majic excitment forever

    By heather on 01.09.2010

  8. I was practically bursting with excitement as I sat in one of the uncomfortable chairs in the airport. I continuously glanced at the clock on the wall in front of me, waiting for his flight to come in.
    Suddenly, people began flooding out of the gate, and I hopped to my feet. “Timothy!” I cried in excitement, and I dashed into my brother’s open arms.

    By sb on 01.09.2010

  9. He said one sentence that made me remember our crazy, weird and simply amazing night. One sentence was enough for thousand images to invade my mind. I relived everything in my imagination. And as in that night, on our long way back to the hotel, effected by the moon and with the incredible happenings fresh in mind, I bursted out laughing.

    By MT on 01.09.2010

  10. I believe in the burst of the hurst. Lurst

    By c sizzle on 01.09.2010

  11. The sunrise came through the window as one of these. Flying through the clear glass so quickly, with no hesitance. It had no concern for whether my consciousness was intact or not. It burst through, piercing my eyes with its sharp yellow edges. Eyes are open now. And the day is about to start.

    By Kins on 01.09.2010

  12. The balloon was being filled with air. The pink rubber stretched and expanded. It finally got so big that it bursted, sending pink material to soar into the sunset. That birthday was the best!

    By Abbie on 01.09.2010

  13. She knew she would have to surface soon, she couldn’t stay underwater forever, even being a mermaid, she still had to breathe every once in a while. The man who had fallen from the ship would have to wait for a few more seconds. She burst from the water, which was surging with the wind of the storm, the sky was black and lightning cracked the surface ofd the sky, she gasped her breath and then dived down again with strong beats of her tail. She had to save him… she had to save the prince.

    By SNC on 01.09.2010

  14. stars burst into a million colors lighting the night sky.

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  15. burst

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  16. i burst into laughter when I hear your name. I hate what you did to me and it makes me crazy. I cant stand you anymore.I just want to burst out screaming because of how you left me with no goodbye. I hate you. I hate everything about you.

    By Mandy on 01.09.2010

  17. burst

    By lindsey on 01.09.2010

  18. When the bubble burst, chocolate pudding spread everywhere. The food fight was now over. All of the kids were completly covered and messy.
    Jonnie was in biiiiig trouble. Not only did he start the pudding fight, he hurt his friends feelings. He started the rumors that Jesse and Melinda were dating. He told everyone that Booby Chris was a bed wetter. Who would come to his side now. Pudding bubbles and lies all bursting at once

    By Jason Fields on 01.09.2010

  19. The flower burst open with a display. Quickly I ran for my camera.

    By Thomas Nelson on 01.09.2010

  20. the flower burst out of its bud, entering the world full of hope and ambition. The sun beamed upon the flower and the grass complimented its brilliant cloring. The flower reached towards the sunlight and its roots reached towards the center of the earth. Both stable and Beautiful, seeking love.

    By LG on 01.09.2010

  21. into flame and then the alligator will eat your homework and have sex with your dog and tie a bow around your tree but that dosent make sence when i think of bow i think of burst as in burst into flame

    By kkkkkkkk on 01.09.2010

  22. pain

    By khanza on 01.09.2010

  23. burst the bubble bursting into song into sunshine into apple pie. The apple bursts, the bubble bursts, there’s juice and pieces everywhere it makes a joyous sound, it makes a joyous, sloppy life sound. I burst into a million pieces of flowers open

    By tara on 01.09.2010

  24. Burst! Bang! Boom! One Word? More fun.

    By Konstantine on 01.09.2010

  25. She burst into tears at the sight of him. It had been years since they’d last spoken and all he’d done was smile then. This time he turned and walk away. He wanted nothing to do with her this time, although last time he’d left her bruised, sore and pregnant. The beautiful smile masking the brutal beast within. She was devastated all over again, but she wasn’t alone this time.

    By Ann on 01.09.2010

  26. Burst my bubble, burst my buttons, burst all over on your face that white icky stuff that you say is a bit too sticky. Burst, I explode all over your chest, screaming softly, in what is a moan. I love to do nothing more then burst onto you.

    By Robert The Pervert on 01.09.2010

  27. and the it all became apparent that everything was not as it had seemed, the crashing of reality struck his ears harder than anything he had hear all his lonely, miserable life, and then something happened. she said I love you, I love you more than anything.

    By derrick on 01.09.2010

  28. Star bursts, light up the sky, light up your face, your smile, your everything. Supernovas, solar flares, the world’s on fire, the universe shudders. Its the end of time, we’ve made it, and I don’t want to be anywhere else but here.

    By Steve on 01.09.2010

  29. The balloon burst as it hit her head she stood their, dripping wet with water dripping down her face and thick black hair,mouth open in surprise at this occurrence.

    By Clay on 01.09.2010

  30. the bubble burst in cataclysmic joy and ecstasy, showering the atmosphere in miniscule particles of soapy watery shiny liquid, landing on the ground and dampening the floor only to make it sticky to the touch.

    By Anonymous on 01.09.2010

  31. It instantly makes me think of a bubble gum bubble bursting. It reminds me of the time I had a huge bubble that burst on my face.

    By Lauren on 01.09.2010

  32. i just got burst the same word as you did – – – – what can i say that’s orginal that hasn’t been said – a burst of fresh air, a burst of crative energy, a burst of blood on the skull of my archi rival – enemy – a burst of red color on a gray landscape as we drive down a rocky mountain road – – – a bur

    By Federico Muchnik on 01.09.2010

  33. Labyrinth

    By Norris Charles Craig on 01.09.2010

  34. Fireworks explode around me as I stand amongst the strangers–5 floors up on Daddy’s bank. Wind whipping my hair back and forth, lashing against my neck. A toddler topples over beside his mother, too exhausted to stand up against the hard winds. -POP- One last firework to end the show.

    By Rebekah Rae on 01.09.2010

  35. hi what a beatiful thing

    By name on 01.09.2010


    By AFTON on 01.09.2010

  37. u

    By kumar gaurav on 01.09.2010

  38. My mind is bursting in the confines of the brain. An explosion, I presume? That’s what you would think. I think of Tetsuo, and how he burst from the confines of normal life. Well, not quite what I imagine, I assume, but that’s what I’ll leave it at. I’m going to lave this world with a bang.

    By Kaylen on 01.09.2010

  39. I’m bursting with emotions.

    Yeah. :)

    By AJ on 01.09.2010

  40. I burst with delight. All around me flocked seagulls of white. Bubbling, tumbling, flowing freely through the crisp, autumn air. I burst with joy. No longer part of this ploy.

    By MoniQue on 01.09.2010