September 2nd, 2017 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “burning”

  1. You could smell something burning from two miles away. A chemical smell, like someone disposing of something dangerous…or lethal. Still, when you returned home, the stinging in your nose and the ache in your lungs would subside. You could breathe again – no pain, no asthmatic symptoms. Perhaps it was a false alarm, after all. Or a psychosomatic reaction to some other stimulus.

    But then you went to bed. And that’s when the dreams started.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.02.2017

  2. As I looked up I saw the whole building crumbling to the ground. It was burning, everything inside it was destroyed. People, family members, memories all turned to dust.

    By Hannah Elmekies on 09.02.2017

  3. These past few days I keep dreaming of fire and burning and fading away.

    By Charm on 09.02.2017

  4. The burning sensation only gets worse as the smoke rises and the planks beneath her feet get swallowed up by the flames. The witch screams, chokes, and then is silent. If anyone had been able to look carefully through the flames, they might have seen the woman disappear into the smoke, and the chains that had her bound to the stake drop heavily to the wooden floor.

    By darseyrsm URL on 09.03.2017

  5. There is a burning within my soul, I feel a drive and a desire to achieve what I’ve been neglecting for so long. I want to achieve well in my VCE, to get my life in order and to be productive. I guess that’s why I am usnig this website, to fufill this passion. I want to be a person that I’m proud of and respect and admire. I want to make everyone proud of me.

    By Enrico Yu on 09.03.2017

  6. the stomach has breakfst inside it, probably too much and the coffee, it feels like the working it all out is burning from sun up to moonshine. Think!

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.03.2017

  7. I don’t why I can’t turn it off. A million times or more I’ve tried to. But I always miss you. Your hands, your feet, your arms and legs, the way your neck is veined, the sick humor that scuttles through your brain. It’s a slow, slow burn which turns into a burning flash that courses down my spine – am I feeling fine? How well can you read my mind…and perhaps this is the real reason we never speak anymore.

    By Zap URL on 09.03.2017

  8. She thought she smelled something burning in the oven. It had been a long day and the cookies were a treat she wanted to surprise her two beautiful girls with. Suddenly, the smoke alarm went off and she ran downstairs to find the counter with the pizza box on fire!

    By kcs on 09.03.2017

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  10. she just stared as her house came to crumbles. the fire teared up the streets and no one could stop it. This is all my fault she thought.

    By kcs on 09.03.2017

  11. she thought it was all her fault her wave of the wand set up this tower of destruction, but what she didn’t know was it the person who was after her.

    By kcs on 09.03.2017

  12. there was a burning fire storming through out me and I had to let it loose.
    “this is all your fault” I shouted at him.

    By kcs on 09.03.2017

  13. She felt her face grow hot and tried to hide behind her hair. As quickly as she could, she scrambled away from the crowd and ducked into a hallway nearby. Breathe, Jess. Breathe.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.03.2017

  14. burning
    a burning sun
    over my burning boredom
    my mind alight with the mundane
    moving from one distraction to another
    I should just stop and extinguish these idle ways
    meditate under the burning sun and once again see the light

    By Steve O URL on 09.03.2017

  15. The air on my skin as I walked up the hill. I had no idea it would be this intense. My mind focused on the goal. The view at the top. I couldn’t think of the walk back.

    By escribe diario on 09.03.2017

  16. He had, suddenly, a burning desire to see that place again. It must have been the smell in the air. It reminded him of that time, when they were there alone together.

    By James Wilson on 09.03.2017

  17. There was fire burning in the campfire and it would have been a great time except for the lack of marshmallows, and chocolate and edible food. Her hands were scratched an bleeding and even this fire was making here feel nervous. She wasn’t sure if they were even going to look this way.

    By Anon on 09.03.2017

  18. Burning up inside…I can’t hide
    The heartbreak I can’t shake

    By Kirsten Logerquist on 09.03.2017

  19. fire, wood, trees, destruction, passion, love, flames, death, pain, heat, fear, running, hunger games,

    By Sally Cowling on 09.03.2017

  20. A great fire roared behind the fire guard in my little cottage. The power which it holds creates a sense of awe within me. This thing which i have created has the power to destroy me, this house, and everything surrounding it.

    By Sally Cowling on 09.03.2017

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    By adidas superstar 2 homme URL on 09.03.2017

  22. Burning. I was burning down there. It has been a week now. I knew I should have never fucked Alice. She was a dirty whore. She was tight, but now my cock is burning. It sucks as Sofia has been hitting me up. Gosh I love fucking her, but I’d be dammed if anyone finds out I am not clean. I guess it is time to go to the bloody doctor.

    By Inno on 09.03.2017

  23. The city around him burned.

    Towers crumbled, tarmac melted, people screamed and cried. He wondered if this was what he truly wanted, when he had given the genie his wish.

    By ethel on 09.03.2017

  24. A burning lust took him over, grabbed every part of him, hot and tearing at his hair, his throat, his chest, his ribs, lower down, too. He couldn’t live without her. He grabbed her, ran his hands over her hair, her face, her breasts, screamed, I love you, and she evaporated away from him, his heat burning all the water in her and leaving nothing but ash.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.03.2017

  25. She watched as the embers ran up and down along the length of her arm, charring the flesh as it danced upon it. The sting was all too familiar, almost comforting. She welcomed the heat. To burn was to feel alive.

    By Koga on 09.03.2017

  26. Her kiss ignited a fire inside her, burning her from the inside out. Her world dissolved to her warmth, to the myriad of places their bodies met.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.03.2017

  27. I’m burning some wood
    you are burning hot
    the ground is burning hot today
    I got burning hot today mum

    By Penny Beddows on 09.03.2017

  28. burning flames
    what a cliché
    burning flames have burnt out
    or have they?
    burn me alive
    no, don´t
    set us on fire
    if possible

    By too stable on 09.03.2017

  29. The ship was burning. But surprisingly, there were no screams or screeches, not even a tiny yelp. It seemed that the women inside chose to be burned rather than suffer an injury to their honour.

    By suriti URL on 09.03.2017

  30. burning
    fear and envy
    racial pride
    you are not pure

    By just_write on 09.04.2017

  31. The seering pain surged through my body, I screamed as I realised my aching mistake. You go through all this life eating fatty foods and you will get heart burn.

    By Thomas Kuzma on 09.04.2017

  32. do as the saying says and do not miss the item of the feelings that one can only end up to digress. A burning indigestion and inflation is the cessation of woory and stress.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.04.2017

  33. Smoke was everywhere. It was so thick. My throat was on fire. I had to escape my house. The exit was so close yet so far. Just ten steps. Ten steps to get out of here. Could I even make it?

    By vritika on 09.04.2017

  34. The man was built from wood and wicker, standing, legs spread in the desert. Ready to burn in the darkness, under endless stars. He is everyone, leaving ash and dust on the winds and hardly a mark on the earth.

    By Georgia Traher on 09.04.2017

  35. lalalalalaalal burn burn die godzilla kill everyone burining
    hahahahahahah wowow amazing

    By xsadsadsa URL on 09.04.2017

  36. Burning- a sensation, both external and internal. Your skin may crawl, your eyes may water, your heart may be engulfed in sweltering heat. Burning is such a ceremonial pain; a way to cleanse and a way to atone.

    By Victoria on 09.04.2017

  37. I think of Moses and the burning bush. I think of my eyes burning from drops when I saw you
    walking on the street. I was on the train and I didn’t call to you. I let you walk away. It would take years until I learned that we have to ask for what we want–we have to yell and scream and make
    a scene. I didn’t know that back then.

    By Robin on 09.04.2017

  38. What has been real? Does the burning of the gas light really represent the entirety of a multiple year mental break. An unravelling of personality and the same burning of the ego at the stake. Like that slow hurt of a word losing its meaning. When will it come back, and what caused it. And how do you prevent it, if at all. Detachment from reality is a bitch.

    By 1000 splinters on 09.04.2017

  39. The country is burning…it’s on fire with the news. It’s easy to light a fire underneath Americans especially. Grab a decent sized piece of tender. Let’s say we use….Oh I don’t know. A book. A book filled with things people needed to know. Now let’s say we want to distract from said book. We’re gonna need some logs, something heavy…heavier than a book. Let’s do some searching, shall we…AH! Protests. Protests always serve as a juicy distraction. And now allow me to provide the fire: “These thugs are spitting on what it means to be an American. If they don’t like it here, they can LEAVE!” Perfect. Now, watch the country burn.

    By Jo' on 09.04.2017

  40. burning. what I do too much. smoke. relationships. papers. the papers I don’t mind. The papers usually need to be burned, because then I don’t have to look at them. They say desire gives one a burning version of it, but I’ve only felt the one that made me cold if I didn’t get what I wanted.

    By Colton Adrian on 09.04.2017