April 19th, 2016 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “buddha”

  1. Buddha–the little statue sat on top of Nursey’s dresser. When Dex looked at it for the first time, he had just sighed and shook his head, at which Nursey told him to chill. Shitty had given him a lesson on eastern philosophy, BIttle had rubbed its belly, and

    By Mary Margaret Wright on 04.20.2016

  2. I looked around his apartment for a little golden buddha and was surprised to see a big painted elephant instead. But wasn’t that a Hindu god? I was too embarrassed to ask at this point. How could I not know which religion this guy was?

    By ulimonster on 04.20.2016

  3. peace of mind. meditation. other culture believes. mind body soul. relaxation. religion. inner peace. soul search.

    By be ONEderful on 04.20.2016

  4. Ummmm I don’t know what that is… so i’ll just say… hmmm… its a word i don’t even how to say… and its also a weird looking word. I hope time runs out soon because I don’t know what to type anymore!

    By Jaylen Yancy on 04.20.2016

  5. The buddah is so full of joy. He seems to have no regret or sadness. He sits content with his demise. He sits there perhaps laughing at everyone at how worried we are at the little things. At nothing.

    By Lola on 04.20.2016

  6. Quiet is what he teaches. You have to learn and sit and be with yourself. Moments like this will teach you to know yourself. If you know yourself then you will know the rest of the world. You wil know where you go and where you shouldn’t go.
    How do I get to this state? As a Christian I should not. It is wrong. I am to study the Bible only. Will is teach my to know myself?

    By Bookish Brooks URL on 04.20.2016

  7. The miniature golden buddha sat perched atop Adam’s desk, under a small stack of papers. When the wooden surface rattled, it fell and clattered to the rug beneath him.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.20.2016

  8. Sit under a tree
    And learn a little somethin’
    And once you do? Share.

    By Brandon Steward on 04.20.2016

  9. I sat perfectly still, trying to ignore the itching on my nose. Peace. Serenity. That really itches like a lot.
    I scratched it quickly and went back to lotus pose. Peace. Serenity. It itches again.
    Why is Nirvana so hard to get to? I say allergies.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.20.2016

  10. “My mother would be so disappointed,” he thought. It had been years since he stepped inside a church. Yet here he was, knocking on his neighbor’s front door; a tiny window revealing a golden buddha statue prominently center in the living room.

    By asavas on 04.20.2016

  11. Gnostic fool saint. Patron viridian. Resolved social unrest upon a plane euclidean. Starved anger.

    By Snufkin on 04.20.2016

  12. he was a mystical guy who inspired many people for reasons I do not know. He is very mysterious looking and I wish I knew why many people follow him

    By Chris Kemper URL on 04.20.2016

  13. buddha was the fat dude across the street, living right above the corner store. his face had not wrinkled yet, and it had not ever gotten stubble or beard. it was a round about face, with creases made by laughter rather than by age, and a good amount of fat stretching out the cheek region. it had not seem to anyone that buddha george would have a masterpiece of a face, and yet he had.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 04.20.2016

  14. Life is calm, life is good. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but if we take the time, with Buddha, to realize it is, then life is better than we realize it is. And when you realize life is good, we learn it is calm as well.

    By Kay Bz on 04.20.2016

  15. Guidance, inteligencia, sol, camino, iluminacion, vida, explicaciones, ejemplo, guía, maravilla, empatía, mundo, universo, ensenanza

    By Claus on 04.20.2016

  16. My sophomore year of college, I became a Buddhist. I understand how cliche that sounds. But you have to understand–I was lost and looking for a place where I belonged. Wandering around the city one day, I came across what I later found out was a Buddhist temple. There was a public courtyard behind it, surrounded by pear trees. Benches and picnic tables were dispersed throughout. I fell in love with being there: I started to feel at peace while watching children play tag and old men play chess, mothers gossip and teenagers fall in love. I grew connected to all of them through our shared experience of being.

    By kristina on 04.20.2016

  17. the buddha was turning around when he was slapped in the face by a brick. But who was he to care when he had just murdered someone? of course it was simply karma, and he was afraid more was to come. When he was hit by a car, it was fitting, as he had run the person over before. karma was a bitch.

    By Riya Dhaliwal on 04.20.2016

  18. Buddha

    By victer on 04.20.2016

  19. A statue. A god. A good luck charm. At least, that’s how I’d always seen the small golden buddha sitting in the window of our small apartment. The windowsill had always been cluttered with various superstitious totems; my mother collected them though we were of no particular religion.

    By Evelyn on 04.20.2016

  20. happy. belly. peaceful. in a world full of suffering. being in the moment. mindfulness. asian influence. green. nature. contentment. the way of life that we need. the way of life I need.

    By jeanna on 04.20.2016

  21. Silent, like the little buddha on top of your dresser that always stared at me after we were done having sex. How odd, the little gray statue that smiled at me endlessly, even when you were upset. He was there when you finally told me you were leaving. How disappointed you were. But he stood there, smiling, giving some strange energy to your heartless words. Just some random piece of a stoner collection you found funny. But an odd and bittersweet memory of us, to me. I took him with me on our last day. Now he sits on my dresser, smiling at the girls that come after you.

    By Carol on 04.20.2016

  22. There is a giant buddha in China, so tall it looks like a fixture painted on the sky by the moon and the stars. The trees there are a deep, mossy green and they shimmer with haze, rolling across bulbous hills and humid plateaus.

    By Archanza on 04.20.2016

  23. oh buddah, oh great god of my intestines;
    why so foolhardy when it comes to your creepy, lurking
    sensations that bite like snake with venom made straight from the demon’s kitchen pot!
    inquisitive, though, gorged with pain, the bones await the moment to where the joints
    disagree, without a plea, to life’s stalking, bean-stalk cruelties which that of
    bare in our everyday endeavour’s, from scrubbing our backs, to ultra-super-glue-ing to a John Wooden chair!
    resuscitate from the villainous bark- snippets your significant other yodels in your ear,
    bashing back and fourth, bopping, back and front, from your ear lobe,
    merely, all around us are seeds, these seeds implanting themselves in our next movement of the lower-lips;
    to our own blunted pair of eyes we owe it to play a game of skittle, life as our pins, knocking away at we want, one pin, sprightly, knocking another!

    By Milad URL on 04.21.2016

  24. The tiny figurine sits on top of her dresser, among her grandsons other small treasures. The statue was a gift from the woman down the street who had adopted them as family, as she had adopted me. I see the statue and I think of her, of her laugh and her wide smile. Of her beautiful home, filled with memories of her travels and her experience, her home full of love and acceptance.

    By Charlie S-Ross on 04.21.2016

  25. Buddhism is a religion where they worship Buddha.

    By Em on 04.21.2016

  26. Buddha mostly smiling, mostly happy, mostly solid
    Monks dress in drapery, orange as the setting sun
    Luck follows when the belly of the buddha is rubbed
    Ever so gently

    By Janet Stockton URL on 04.21.2016

  27. The Buddha sat there smiling at me. It’s big fat jolly non-threatening smile. I wanted to grab the damn staute and smash it into the wall. There was no going back to that life now.

    By Trista URL on 04.21.2016

  28. Buddha looks like a giant golden man holding a bowl of gold. Buddha is sometimes shown as a fat man but sometimes it is a skinny man.

    By cad on 04.21.2016

  29. Buddha what’s a buddha he asked. Well a buddha is something in chinese culture.

    By cad on 04.21.2016

  30. Wait. Buddha was yesterday’s word. Still means the same thing today. Buddha is a god who preaches love and disdaining of worldliness.

    By KBird on 04.21.2016

  31. Still the Buddha. Contacted by a strange person whose first language is obviously not English. Just want to write here. Feeling the being of nothingness like the Buddha advocates.

    By KBird on 04.21.2016

  32. I love some of the teachings of buddha, but i don’t follow them all. I like to pick a bit of everything i like in other to form the path of my life

    By Bramsy on 04.21.2016

  33. enlightenment buddled in with darkness. A smiling man who greets you, a man who becomes your guide as you through your journey in life. He helps you think breath and let it go.

    By Keesa Johnson on 04.21.2016

  34. This is a spiritual leader who gives many people great strength and belief in themselves. I think the idea of buddha is calming and makes you become more in tune with your spiritual self and self awareness. He represents something exotic and awakening

    By Andrea on 04.21.2016

  35. I think it is funny that this word came up today. I have been working on learning the practice of meditation and in all of my studies, the teacher or individuals discussing the topic, bring up the buddha. “Buddha never called it Buddhism.”

    By Sully Anderson URL on 04.21.2016

  36. Buddha is the person that found the religion of buddhism,

    By typer5000 on 04.21.2016

  37. good grief i did this yesterday buddha is a pagan god he is not real he is a fake there is only one true god PEOPLE UNDER STAND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.21.2016

  38. You are not Buddha, though in places your body reminds me of his. I am not seeking you. In that hotel bed, impromptu, on a hot day filled with tourists, we forget that this bliss has marionette strings attached.

    By Ella Emma Em on 04.21.2016

  39. There he was, sitting in a serene lotus position. His delicate hands were resting in his lap. His dark brown skin looked beautiful, sweaty and shimmering in the raw sunlight. His eyes were closed in meditation and I fell down to my knees, staring at him and staring at his divinity. A tree grew behind him. The tree flowered in colours I had never seen before.

    By Margsa on 04.21.2016

  40. buddah is a religion statue
    people like buddah
    i dont know why people like buddah
    i dont know buddah

    By Lais on 04.21.2016