April 18th, 2016 | 62 Entries

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62 Entries for “mixtape”

  1. Hi. I…I made you this. I hope you like it. I know you—uhm, I know you like a lot of these guys so I figured you might…yeah. Here ya go.

    By Brandon Steward on 04.19.2016

  2. The mixtape was very odd and weird and I have no idea what a mixtape is. If you know please tell me in comments about a mixtape.

    By cad on 04.19.2016

  3. Mixtapes I don’t know what they are so please tell me. I have never seen a mixtape before so please tell also what it looks like please. What does a mixtape do please tell me. If anybody has an answer please tell me.

    By caden on 04.19.2016

  4. a mixtape has a lot of different songs on it I think and has different songs recorded in a certaint order.

    By caden on 04.19.2016

  5. i was given a mixtape for my 20th birthday which gave me the idea of a band, so then i created one and now we are a hit!

    By typer5000 on 04.19.2016

  6. I couldn’t believe it. A mixtape. He’d made me a motherfucking mixtape. It was incredibly cheesy. Part of me wanted to smack him for it. So I did. As he rubbed his arm with an offended grumble, I couldn’t help the smile growing on my face. Cheesy as it was, it was also astonishingly sweet. A warm feeling bubbled up in my chest, and I was filled with the overwhelming urge to kiss him. I didn’t. But I did hug him, pulling him down to my height and squeezing as hard as I could. I looked over his shoulder at the tape clutched protectively in my hand. I closed my eyes and smiled, burying my nose in his neck. It was the best un-birthday gift I could have gotten.

    By squash on 04.19.2016

  7. i owe a mixtape to the forest
    i owe him a lifetime of complexities

    i owe a mixtape to the earth
    i owe her a series of misopportunities

    By Ivana Irene on 04.19.2016

  8. i owe a mixtape to the forest
    i owe him a lifetime of complexities

    i owe a mixtape to the earth
    i owe her a series of missed opportunities

    By Ivana Irene on 04.19.2016

  9. They popped the mixtape into the cassette player, and listened to the songs from their childhood.

    By Katy on 04.19.2016

  10. I downloaded the mixtape on my MP3 player,A mixtape is a mix of different music.

    By Angyl on 04.19.2016

  11. fita cassete

    By André Luiz de Paula Britto on 04.19.2016

  12. I stooped down into the old Honda and cranked it up. Fumbled around before leaving and chose a mixtape, the writing on it smudged from being played so much but, maybe that’s because it reminded me of you…

    By Amanda on 04.19.2016

  13. Mixtape. Eleanor and Park. Their mixtape. Music brought them closer. So many playlists, so much music, so many feelings. So beautiful. Love, and love always.

    By Nirali on 04.19.2016

  14. If it was back in the day I’d make you a mixtape.

    By Jennie Viera on 04.19.2016

  15. what does it mean to mix a tape? to choose each song with care in mind. how do i want this tape to be? will it be an emotional journey or just songs with secret meanings to me? should i choose grating banging tunes or gyrating pumping push you to the limits melodies? decisions such as these cannot be made too soon.

    By Jazmin on 04.19.2016

  16. mixtapes make me feel a sense of sadness and of joy. sadness that i no longer own a tape player and joy that someone made it for me. I wonder what a tape brings to others. does it lift their soul and make them soar with thoughts of lovers past, or drag them into the swirling trap that is grief?

    By Jazmin on 04.19.2016

  17. It wasn’t perfect, their relationship. Chuck wondered what she saw in his frayed sweater sleeves and stubbly, patchy adolescent chin. He wondered if she really liked the music that his band made, or the mixtapes he left under her doormat when no one was around.

    By Sam on 04.19.2016

  18. I don’t, travel,

    By sheirlon on 04.19.2016

  19. Custodian of a slow growing heritage of museums. “Authenticity is invaluable, originality is nonexistent.” The flowers of other compost. The compost of other flowers. Someone else’s yesterday’s best thoughts.

    By mike on 04.19.2016

  20. Sylvan sight
    of light
    And bone –
    Why do you
    Look for happiness
    On empty paths?

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 04.19.2016

  21. I don’t know what a mixtape is. I guess this is our generation, the generation who knows what’s old-fashioned and what’s not; the generation that is slowly being consumed by their internet addictions. Who care about clothes and phones.

    I’m part of this generation.

    By Evie on 04.19.2016

  22. she gave me the best mixtape she’s ever made
    well at least up to that day in history
    her fringe fell swiftly upon her eyes, her hair a mess of waves and curls
    she had something of a pouty lip, but none of the seduction to go with it
    only sulk and misery and arrogance
    she was not pretty but

    By thefrenchcrayon on 04.19.2016