April 21st, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “solar”

  1. The solar cells worked fine, though it took a while to set up the array. Night fell and I tried the battery pack. A dim light emerged from the workshop, and I could begin drafting the next stage of the assignment.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.21.2016

  2. Solar. When i see or hear the word solar I think of the solar system and solar panels. I don’t really have a lot to say about this word which sucks an awful lot as this is my first time using this website. Oh well. I tried.

    By Clair Pritchard on 04.21.2016

  3. Randall wanted to install solar panels on the roof of his house, but on the same day he planned to call someone about it, he was fired from his comfortable cubicle job at the call center, allegedly because he had not sold enough “data plans” to enough customers. I didn’t ask him too many questions – I just let him sniffle about a “lost opportunity to help the environment” as I drank my beer, wondering why he was more worried about the solar stuff than the fact that he no longer had a stable income.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.21.2016

  4. Solar beam is my favorite move that venasaur does. It’s a two move. First one Venasaur absorbs light, and then the second move Venasaur blasts his opponent. It’s siiick.

    By Alyssa on 04.21.2016

  5. I looked up and out at the inky sky, studded with tiny pinpricks of light. I could see the silhouette of the moon, back-dropped by the yellowish flare of the sun. I had never seen a solar eclipse before, and it was fascinating and strange. I clung to the slimy wet vine, my fingers digging into it’s supple green flesh. My right foot was braced against the slick wooden balcony of the tree dwelling and my left foot was wrapped tightly around the dangling vine. I pushed the hair swiftly out of my eyes and stared at the dark, fiery orb above me. The jungle was a dark, unfamiliar landscape below me, with black trees and tangled vines stretching upward toward the unusual sight in the sky. The soft patter of rain tickled my thirsty skin and the rhythmic sound flowed through my head.

    By Teeny Duckie on 04.21.2016

  6. hi

    By Jaimie on 04.21.2016

  7. solar, meaning something related to the sun. maybe you aren’t my sun, but maybe you are my solar, you relate to the sun. the one who i need everyday. i need you, maybe, to light up my world too. you may not be the sun. but you are a “solar”.

    By Jaimie on 04.21.2016

  8. She felt the emptiness closing in. Throughout this solar system and onto the next, one million bright spots made her feel compressed and free at the same time. She was home.

    By Kashii on 04.21.2016

  9. solar is a wiond that comoes off the sun and is traveleleed thru space til it resaches the earth and i think it becomes a horrible hurricane thing which has no value for human life. solar is also a system of planets which have no real revelevance

    By Sea Yembii on 04.21.2016

  10. Solar power is all about the towns I live in. The panels are igly on every roof I see. They try to hide them on the rooves on the place where our oputisde can understand. I hope they can understand these details.

    In anycase I understand that the words in these problems cannot understand life in between the words or in and off the words in the words I share. They keep trying to understand the words I understand and how the solar application can understand the solar powers they are installing above their headss. Above their heads. I can’t deny that. Most women in that category don’t have ideas within their spiroideas.

    By Jamie Davis on 04.21.2016

  11. The sun burns brightly, so brightly fact i often forget about it’s relatively small size compared to other stars in our solar system. Perspective can be hard to grasp when you’re the size of a thumbtack to something so large.

    By Luke A Buckingham on 04.21.2016

  12. The sun rose over the landscape. Bringing the world to a light it had known every day. No one to see it, but beautiful all the same. Is beauty a product of light, or of life? Of knowledge, presence, or understanding? Don’t ask the sun, it doesn’t know. Don’t ask the landscape either. Ask me.

    By Kira Headrick on 04.21.2016

  13. They were standing in the Solar room, looking for the missing piece of the jigsaw to get out. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, they needed to think outside the box to get out. All of their tests had been like that so far.

    By Bramsy on 04.21.2016

  14. Prince died today. It’s unbelievable. This year has been crazy for legends dying. Bowie, Natalie Cole, Alan Rickman, Maurice White, Merle Haggard and now Prince. I’d like to think of them all hanging out in the afterlife. A grand, cosmic concert somewhere in the solar system with Alan Rickman as the MC.

    By MsShel330 on 04.21.2016

  15. This makes me laugh because in our colloquail slang, we add a ‘la’ at the end of sentences. It has become quite well-know la. Too many such ‘las’ make us SO LA!

    By jen URL on 04.21.2016

  16. burning, warming,
    trapping me here
    my skin
    to the blacktop
    making me wince and weep
    but no tears
    on this burnt skin.

    Glaring, shining,
    soon it will set
    but I am
    and I am

    By LilaRabbit on 04.22.2016

  17. Solar system is pretty cool yo. I really like the stars and the planets. Oh, like Mars, yanno the red thing. Solar panels are also pretty cool. Just like solar eclipse’s.

    By ASDFGHJKL URL on 04.22.2016

  18. But life has changed. One month ago, my wife and I were to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going shopping in Reno, Nevada. For us this is a big deal, since we live in a remote mining camp with few services. We arranged to have the babysitter stay over on Friday night, as our trek would begin early Saturday. Friday night is the one time during the week when I can eat anything I want; and I chose bratwurst with potatoes and sauerkraut. Never can get enough sauerkraut. I ate a lot. That surely got the ball rolling. Also, I like the solar system.

    By poopformedaddy URL on 04.22.2016

  19. The first thing I thought about was someone I know with the last name Solar. He’s good friends with my best friends, dated one of my friends from high school, and is now friends with some of my college friends. And he just hooked up with one of my very close college friends. It’s weird how life intertwines all aspects of you.

    By tashpointoh on 04.22.2016

  20. The lantern, swinging from its thick rubber-coated power cable, shone like a solar flare, blinding even in the daylight. The young girl had put on two pairs of old firemen’s gloves to hold it and was shielding her eyes with her other arm, but it was clear that even so it pained her.

    By CapricAura on 04.22.2016

  21. I saw the solar system before me. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen. It really managed to put the world into perspective for me. I now know how small i really am.

    By Zach on 04.22.2016

  22. the solar system is pretty big. there are thousands upon thousands of stars, planets, moons, you name it. gravity is a thing that comes cross my mind with

    By clare domenico on 04.22.2016

  23. Maria looked out into the sky, the bright stars and planets just visible through the dense mass that was the clouds. ¨Don´t you think they look pretty simon?¨ She spoke towards the closed casket.

    By Lisa ware on 04.22.2016

  24. The solar eclipse was beautiful to see. But we had to look for it through a special lens or else the sun would damage our eyes.

    By Em on 04.22.2016




    By cowmom on 04.22.2016

  26. Solar panels are used to create electricity from the rays of the sun.

    By Katy on 04.22.2016

  27. Solar – from the sun – means power to me. As is his stardom was solar. So long, Prince. Will miss your music. Solar as in sun.

    By KBird on 04.22.2016

  28. The car was solar power instead of gasoline powered. The car was a prototype but it seemed to be working very well. The solar panels were on the top of the car so it would get the most out of the sunlight.

    By Caden on 04.22.2016

  29. Scientist use solar panels to store energy and to not waste electricity coming from the sun.

    By Caden on 04.22.2016

  30. Solar power is very useful as it uses the rays of sunlight coming down from the sun and turns it into energy for everyday things. But solar power is also very useful as you could store it just like regular energy.

    By Caden on 04.22.2016

  31. the solar powered panels gave light to the people in the dark underground house but the people still enjoyed it without electricity

    By mackenzie grace URL on 04.22.2016

  32. Solar flares. The world’s greatest threat in the year 2258. Our daring heroes have been sent on a mission to find new life. However, one of them is an alien- but who?

    By Evelyn on 04.22.2016

  33. Solar panels seem to be ideal for the common upper middle class American. I think it’s great because when the zombie apocalypse comes we’ll all be straight and have energy as long as the sun is shining.

    By Alyssa on 04.22.2016

  34. The sun glinted off her glasses and for a moment I was, and really this is true, blinded by the light. She took another two steps and the glare vanished. But the light, somehow did not. She was luminescent. She was gorgeous. She wasn’t even trying. I gaped at her, but she didn’t see me.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.22.2016

  35. The thunder clouds have cleared, Thor, and I finally know who you are. I know what to say to you, if I ever ran into you again. And I know why you left the end loose, instead of tying it into a bow. The story’s over, for those of you who followed.

    By Ella Emma Em on 04.22.2016

  36. The solar eclipse is a phenomenon where the sky turns day into night. This is caused by the moon coming between us and the sun, casting an enormous shadow on the earth. It is dangerous to stare at an eclipse directly, so if you want to view one make sure you’re wearing the proper protection.

    By Roger Kalmbach on 04.22.2016

  37. the solar system was such a system that it could hardly be understood before the tender age of three; or five; or seven, really, depending on how dim the children may be. Crabbe and Goyle were of the sort that barely grasped it even at eleven, when they had their first lesson in the astronomy tower. others were not so devoid of brains.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 04.22.2016

  38. I knew because the entire universe was reflected in the perfect specks in your eyes. I knew because the sun could not stop caressing your hair. I knew because light bent around you to colour you in the most beautiful tones and hues.

    You are the explosion at the beginning: shocking everything into life, breathing new air into all I see. You are the flare so bright, my soul felt its resonance within the slivers of refractions. You are the warmth running through sullen veins, refreshing yet deadly.

    Desire ascends as memories fade; ’tis but a first.

    By Z on 04.22.2016