March 8th, 2012 | 447 Entries

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447 Entries for “brunch”

  1. So hungry and want to eat something? What is better than to take friends and family out to eat at a French Brunch. Something great to do on a sunday, don’t you think?

    By Sol on 03.09.2012

  2. Brunch! It’s amazing. It’s a meal that can be taken not so early in the morning. I can wake up a little later and still enjoy my favourite meal of the day; breakfast! Brinner is pretty amazing too. :D I wonder where’s the next brunch place I’ll go to.

    By Theresa Goh URL on 03.09.2012

  3. I like eating, but I’m very lazy when it comes to preparing meals. When I wake up hungry and I have to eat, I whip something for breakfast, but when my tummy’s well and can do with anything, I do brunch instead. At least I won’t have to prepare two meals for myself–I can save the pain of washing the dishes and all.

    By Mikey Flores URL on 03.09.2012

  4. I went to the brunch and found that they served spinach quiche. I tried to like it but that was something that was not going to happen. I won’t have to eat spinach again to be polite. I will avoid it.

    By valerie URL on 03.09.2012

  5. my dad told me about brunch when i was little i think its just an exuse to skip a meal

    By Trystan URL on 03.09.2012

  6. viskas ka pasako pusryciai, prisivalgai daug o paskui net negalvoji kad gali ateiti eile priespieciams. arba sedeti su draugem kavinej ar dar geriau namie ir valgyti bruncha… kvepia kazkokiais kepiniais, arbata, medum ir gal net sampanu. taip, truputi sampanu..

    By gintare on 03.09.2012

  7. brunch is breakfast and lunch at the same time.I love brunch. it is really good.

    By Daymon on 03.09.2012

  8. Brunch is Like Lunch And Breakfast Together Like A Meal Together.

    By Tyla URL on 03.09.2012

  9. Brunch is a meal between breakfast and lunch. Which is why it’s called, “brunch.”

    By aiyana URL on 03.09.2012

  10. every morning i wake up and dont think about brunch so huh gosh i eat alot.. and then that mistery time of brunch. it smells like tea, like brown sugar and a little bit like chamagne.yes a little bit shampagne..

    By gintare on 03.09.2012

  11. A lot of people have brunch but I don’t. I think that brunch is weird.

    By umberto URL on 03.09.2012

  12. I dont know what is brunch :b

    By rogelio URL on 03.09.2012

  13. i think the word brunch,ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm????????????

    By wes URL on 03.09.2012

  14. when i hear the word brunch i think of someone that who forgot to eat breakfast and ate lunch mixed with breakfast.

    By frankie URL on 03.09.2012

  15. I don’t really know what this word means, but I think it might mean something like smashing things together. Like sticks and piles of grass.

    By Laurie URL on 03.09.2012

  16. Brunch was a strange thing for Steven. He had a very simple idea of food: there was breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For Aleah to suggest brunch wasn’t comforting. He didn’t know what to do with brunch. But there was something about Aleah that pulled him out of his comfort zone anyways. Steven shrugged to himself. Maybe it was good for him.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 03.09.2012

  17. dont know what it means…. my native language is not english Im Albanian… and we speak Albanian language…. so try another simpler world next time…. not all the people viitin

    By urian on 03.09.2012

  18. It’s not breakfast. It’s not lunch. It’s fun on a Sunday. To meet up and munch. I have a hunch we’re talkin’ bout…

    By rsmithing URL on 03.09.2012

  19. I sat down at the table. It was a bright sunny morning the cool air brushed against my bare skin. Spring had just begun and the lowers at my favorite cafe had just begun to bloom. It was a wondrous sight all the beautiful colors and smells filling the area around me.
    I then saw him walking towards me, Jared. He was the love of my life and today he invited me to meet him at this cafe, the cafe where we first met! It was so wondrous to think on this day we had been married for one year! Everything about this day was going to be magical. I knew it as soon as I saw him.
    “You ready for brunch?”

    By Gabby Johnson on 03.09.2012

  20. Basic meals take preparation and a modicum of elegance. Whatever’s known in time will eventually prevail, let there be a reorganization of militant proportion. We can discuss this more between breakfast and lunch.

    By rsmithing URL on 03.09.2012

  21. He had never much liked brunch. He had never understood why people decided to combine two perfectly good meals, into one. He also didn’t much care for family reunions. Eli had always been a bit of the black sheep in the Carmichael family, and being in such a close vicinity with all of them at once certainly seemed to make this even more obvious. So there he stood alone, in the middle of the room, hating brunch, and hating his family. All the little cousins stayed as far from him as possible, while the elders chattered in not-so-quiet whispers about his odd behaviour and “oh did you hear what happened to him last winter?” Some would walk by and politely ask him how his year had been (“fine,” or sometimes, no response at all), and his parents would try to offer him fruit or bacon (which he would always politely decline). Molly, Celeste and Emerson; all my age, give or take a few years, would sit with me at the table, making fun of his behaviour.
    “Lookit his hair! When’s the last time you think he cut it? Or- oh god- washed it?”
    “I heard he has panic attacks all the time at school! What a knob.”
    “Why’s he stand over there like that? Too good for us, eh?”
    They’d go on like this for ages, or so it seemed. I never said anything, just nodded or faked a laugh at something I supposed was meant to be funny. But truth be told, I liked Eli, despite his oddities. Or perhaps I just wanted to know his secrets; why he was so quiet and what did happen to him last winter.

    By Taylor K URL on 03.09.2012

  22. I met him at brunch, where he told me his life story. A couple of wars, a couple of wives, a few drinks too many, for sure. And I could tell in his wrinkled gaze, as he took the last bite of his western omelet, that he was not proud of what he’d done in his seventy-some-odd years. Not proud of a thing. Not even his children would talk to him. And he would consistently hark back to that one day, at eighteen, gun-toting, standing over the first person he’d kill in his lifetime. The first of many.

    By MFIII URL on 03.09.2012

  23. We were having brunch that day. You know, the compound of breakfast and lunch and an event usually held on a Sunday as well. Today was Wednesday and I had the day off, so he suggested I came visit him at work during break. Why did I agree to this again? Opening the door, the bell jingled and I was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of old folks whose teeth were close to staying stuck in their syrupy biscuits and by Beatles music. Hey Jude, they said. Hey Morgan, he said. Glad you could make it. I’m sure it was, I thought to myself, imagining a life in the day of Tom. I was suddenly glad it was the brunch variant we were doing for a date. Breakfast and lunch sounded like marriage today.

    By Lieselot on 03.09.2012

  24. Oh My! I love brunch. Never really get to eat it since I have a 5 and 3/4 year old and there is no way he’s giving up cartoons for breakfast. However, now that I think about it, who doesn’t love bacon & pancakes….well except for vegetarians…but even then, they miss the bacon and love the pancakes.

    By mamafeelgood URL on 03.09.2012

  25. I met him at brunch, where he told me his life story. A couple of wars, a couple of wives, a few drinks too many, for sure. And I could tell in his wrinkled gaze, as he took the last bite of his western omelet, that he was not proud of what he’d done in his seventy-some-odd years. Not proud of a thing. Not even his children would talk to him. And he would consistently harp back to that one day, at eighteen, gun-toting, standing over the first person he’d kill in his lifetime. The first of many.

    By MFIII URL on 03.09.2012

  26. I haven’t been to brunch for a long time, but every Christmas, I host a brunch at my house. It’s a special time with lots of delicous food. It’s tradition that I always make a fruit salad, blueberry french toast and bacon. I hate cooking the bacon. Each year, I try

    By Kim on 03.09.2012

  27. A brunch has lots of food. it’s happy and stuffed. Means relaxation as everybody has slept in. Saturdays, full of fun. Family and friends time. The day starts with a brunch and continues with laughter. It has all the best things about a meal and about a saturday.

    By Charlie on 03.09.2012

  28. Gloria and Gretchin went through the usual brunch routine. Ex-cons from the Chicago ghettos, these ladies liked their eggs and ham with extra peppa’.

    By mr.dylan URL on 03.09.2012

  29. I taken the salt out of the sea
    The crisp from the white snow
    The edge from the stone
    All that is left is loss
    like a bullet with no point

    By gsk URL on 03.09.2012

  30. Friends food hungry fashion restaurant, juice, coffee, talk, sunny, table,

    By Constance on 03.09.2012

  31. a brunch is like a bunch. imagine a bunch of brunches or a brunch with a lot of bunches on it.

    By Anya on 03.09.2012

  32. Eggs Benedict is the best brunch I think, parma ham, bagel, yum. Anything involving eggs really. It is a nice thing for couples to do, on a Saturday morning. There is a nice place in Liverpool called Moose where me and my boyfriend like to go, then stroll and do something nice together. Brunch is made for weekends.

    By christie on 03.09.2012

  33. warmth, relaxation, yellow flowers, table, people, family and friends, lovers after having sex, ham and french bread and juice and coffee and newspapers and conversation and joy and feeling good about life, sunshine and joy

    By wandaface URL on 03.09.2012

  34. brunch is a a blend of lunch and breakfast. it is so delightful i love it. yum it swells and feels great in my fa stoma

    By Liza on 03.09.2012

  35. something that you chew.

    By colby on 03.09.2012

  36. reminds me of two days ago when i had breakfeast at 1:30 and went to dennys.

    By Mrman2000 URL on 03.09.2012

  37. brunch is the time of day that is in between breakfast and lunch. I like eating brunch usually don’t eat breakfast… i like pancakes!!!!!

    By embell URL on 03.09.2012

  38. Brunch is a meal mixed as breakfast and lunch. it can also be known as having breakfast al the the way to hold you thru lunch then just have dinner.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 03.09.2012

  39. Brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch.

    By connor URL on 03.09.2012

  40. jake loves to eat brunch. he loves to eat after breakfast in the morning.

    By jdogg URL on 03.09.2012