July 17th, 2010 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “bronze”

  1. I smiled as I watched him in the back yard. He took off his shirt and I shuttered with excitement. His body, like a bronze statue, shimmered in the sun.

    By liltig URL on 07.18.2010

  2. I don’t know much about bronze. There must be some in my house. We had this mini bronze teapot thing.. but it smelled bad and I don’t know where it is now.
    Erm.. this is quite awkward.

    By Chelly URL on 07.18.2010

  3. oh my god, the word of all words of my life. my work, and the soft color of golden-green speckles, the beautiful surface of corroded metal, gold, red, green with just a hint of blue. forms and shapes and just what sums up my work so perfectly. And I’m really thrilled I still have such good feelings towards it.

    By Ed Tiruluvski on 07.18.2010

  4. my love for you used to be ever lasting like bronze baby it is shattered in a million pieces..i used to wonder what it was like to be so free at last i want to be..

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 07.18.2010

  5. she used to wonder why she could never win..a bronze medal was the best she could hope for…now,she knew why..she was gay…born that way..but she would not/could not accept it in would validate all that destroyed her..and soften her longings and desires

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 07.18.2010

  6. filings, statues…slowly coming into focus. dreams of you, of beingness true. leaves, falling, golden higlights twinkling in autumn’s glow

    By Karen on 07.18.2010

  7. The sun shone down on the beach on the hottest day of the year, there were girls laying out trying to get their skin a little more bronze before winter set in, hopelessly she watched them and thought about how pointless it all seemed.

    By Hannah URL on 07.18.2010

  8. Her hair shone like gleaming bronze in th esetting sun. he couldn’t help but stare.

    By gabi t. URL on 07.18.2010

  9. Walmart tries to pass itself off as gold but in reality it is bronze plated lead from China.

    By gabi t. URL on 07.18.2010

  10. It makes shields which are pretty cool in a historical and nerdy way, as in it could refer to ‘The guy lifted up his bronze shield and kicked the guys ass’ or it could mean, ‘This bronze shield gives me +5 to dexterity.’

    By mmkay on 07.18.2010

  11. gleaming in the sun, it caught her attention at once. somehow, no one else seemed to notice it. she moved closer to the place on the sidewalk that seemed to sparkle and looked down. it was a coin. she picked it up, and put it in her pocket. “that’s lucky,” she thought.

    By Korfi URL on 07.18.2010

  12. Bronze. Bronze was the colour of wonderful art, great sculptures, class and dignity. It was strong, beautiful and powerful. Now it is the colour of wags. Ugly women.

    By JD on 07.18.2010

  13. “Intruder…sound the alarm!” The mysterious feature seemed to float through the wall and glide over the ground as it approached the village, leaving in its wake a glowing stream of bronze dust.

    By Will Creates URL on 07.18.2010

  14. bronze makes me blank.

    By NixNax URL on 07.18.2010

  15. Bronze medal is less bad than a silver medal, you know youre not the best but youre not second worst so its okay. I wouldnt mind it so much.

    By Brittany on 07.18.2010

  16. My skin was bronze. The colour of warm toffee at Christmas. I loved the sun so much back then.

    By april93 URL on 07.18.2010

  17. old, sculpture, beauty, yellow, glowing, age, science,

    By Mary on 07.18.2010

  18. The bronze statue stood in the courtyard as it had for a long time, no one knew how long, though certainly it had to have been not since the bronze age since no one knew how to make it before that. I don’t know how to make bronze myself, so I couldn’t make a bronze statue just yet. More lost technology.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 07.18.2010

  19. the bronze glow below the surface of your overcast white and fair brings despair in my glare yet, I don’t feel so all alone and all forsaken then by the pack, my pack who has denied me humane equality for the moonlight I have worn since birth.

    By Veronica URL on 07.18.2010

  20. Her shoulders were not quite bronze. More of a warm golden tone. Tan lines weren’t typically considered attractive but knowing she earned them made it sexy. It wasn’t from an artificial sun or wasting time around a pool. She got those lines from her dedication to the run. The heat and humidity didn’t deter her as laced her shoes and pulled back her hair. No, her shoulders weren’t bronze but a sun-kissed color.

    By Amiee URL on 07.18.2010

  21. i was your dirty secret, full of regret. the bronze that appeared in your eyes when you “wanted me” only makes me sick now. i miss you in the most painful, desperate of ways. please, come home. i miss seeing myself in your eyes.

    By Ashleigh URL on 07.18.2010

  22. Cally. It was her. The girl who had managed to rip away the only thing I truly desired in this place. Cally. The cheerleader–blonde with bronze skin, tall, a great body. The chest I never had. Cally with make-up and money and popularity. Cally with Kamaru. I glared.

    By Narumi L. Compson URL on 07.18.2010

  23. the third place winner at the oly,pics…..i wish i had one!!! the color bronze reminds me of my mother – she wears that color lipstick and she is always tan. bronze bombshell…oh not thats blonde bombshell…oh well……

    By Barrie on 07.18.2010

  24. Searing heat and steam sizzing from the ground. The sky was razor sharp and the sun sent daggers of pain into the sculpted bronze muscles of every athlete.

    By Willow Goodman URL on 07.18.2010

  25. Bronze is the colour of the sky when the world is sad…the time of the day when people are thinking back in time.It is a also the moment when a baby smiles at its parents,knowing that they will make its life hell.

    By Gigi on 07.18.2010

  26. The warrior was strong and tall and fast, he could kill any man he caught, protect any woman under his arms, and he was the greatest of all with a bronze soward and shield. He was powerful and mighty, but didn’t quite know what he was getting into when he accepted the challange to take on the evil demons in the forests beyond the valley.

    By matt on 07.18.2010

  27. clash the shields, hammer swords of bronze
    cry charge! to the sky, with eyes aflame
    and crash in battle, you with the pot
    and I, the pan
    upon a battlefield of checkered tiles

    By Cyrus Politi URL on 07.18.2010

  28. It’s is a yellowish brown colored metal, that indicates ones place in a contest, typically the second loser, best known as third place. Shoes are kept in memories through this metal as well. Bronze.

    By Deus on 07.18.2010

  29. Bronze. He had a heart of bronze, he thought. Not gold- gold was the color of pure altruism, which, he figured, didn’t really exist. But he was a brave man and a man of integrity, and thus his heart was made of bronze. Yes, he liked that thought.

    By Elizabeth on 07.18.2010

  30. In the horizon, far in the distance is the sun, with its ultra violet rays coming down hard and the sweat falls of your arms, but you are such a beautiful bronze color.

    By Mayra URL on 07.18.2010

  31. bronze statue slowly wasting away. regina spektor. they made a statue of us and put on a mountaintop.

    By Katelyn URL on 07.18.2010

  32. bronze is a metal that contributed a lot to the developement of humans as a species. Namely the bronze age. But you guys already knew that. Also bronze is not a metal but the goddamn alloy, wow i fail at spontaneous writing.

    By A.P on 07.18.2010

  33. White people use bronzer to tan their skin. Asians use whitener to lighten their skin. People are just not happy with what they have.

    By baby powder on 07.18.2010

  34. Tanning, yeah. What’s with that anyway. Julie says her “bronze” look is going to get all the studs this season. I despise Julie and her brown wrinkled skin.

    By Karri on 07.18.2010

  35. Bronze is the colour people go from spending long days in the sun during summer

    By Beth on 07.18.2010

  36. I already wrote about bronze. Boats and trees and savoring applebees. Bronze bronze bronze. Why do they never choose yellow?

    By Karri on 07.18.2010