July 18th, 2010 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “lens”

  1. lens is something to view the world through. you touch your eyes putting the lens on top. the lens of a camera captures the world, artificial lens. is it really one, at the end of the day your lense does all the looking.

    By Issel URL on 07.19.2010

  2. Like my contact lenses, atheism helped me view the world in crystal clear color. Before I took it all as granted. Now…I can’t walk outside without appreciating the beauty of life, and the sadness of murder is amplified because I know longer have faith in an afterlife.

    Some people call Christianity their second chance. I call atheism mine.

    By Jayden URL on 07.19.2010

  3. like life…can you see or is it blurred

    By Pamela URL on 07.19.2010

  4. The lens of the camera glinted brightly in the sun. Megan squinted and shielded her brown eyes from its glare, all the time trying to stay smiling for John as he clicked away. He loved photography, and as his best friend, he claimed it was her duty to act as his muse until a replacement could be found.

    By april93 URL on 07.19.2010

  5. Lens which used to see things big, od it help to see the world as big,human mind as big.

    By Abhina on 07.19.2010

  6. We were so close i was afraid that he could see right through me. But i had another thing coming for him. I moved my queen out and had him in check mate less than 2 minutes later.
    “wow” he said, the scowel lost from his face. “How the hell did you do that?”
    I smiled triumphantly. I had just beat the king of chess at his own game.
    “So what’s that about girls not being able to play chess?”
    “Yeah, yeah, we’ll see how high and mighty you are next time. This time you were lucky my lens was acting up.”

    By Jackelyn URL on 07.19.2010

  7. Through the lens, a world is created, a world only you know, but can share with others. A world you can call your own…

    By Mayra URL on 07.19.2010

  8. What a remarkable insight we gain when we take off the cover and look. And then we click, through the lens comes the image and captures a moment in time. Forever still, forever remembered.

    By Mark on 07.19.2010

  9. it’s that moment you
    look through
    the looking glass.
    the moment when things
    become drenched in clarity.
    when it’s time to wipe away the
    rosy tint that
    fooled you into thinking
    that you were in love.

    By NuSol URL on 07.19.2010

  10. Through a lens beauty can really be captured. Whether it’s a camera lens or your glasses. It lies through the eye of the beholder.

    By Stephanie on 07.19.2010

  11. The lens was shining, the light glancing off the smooth, rounded surface like pure gold. I wondered what could be seen through this magnificent machine–the stars, the planets, everything out there of which I had never dreamed.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.19.2010

  12. Whenever something exciting happens, I see it through a camera lens. I want to capture it forever so that I never forget it, but would it mean more if I saw it through my own eyes instead?

    By Brianna on 07.19.2010

  13. He looked through his lens and tried to hold back his emotions as well as his vomit. As yet another student fell to the ground, blood gushing from her forehead and her palms, Steve couldn’t help but wonder if it was all worth it.

    By LManns URL on 07.19.2010

  14. my glasses lens are scratched and dirty. i breath on them, fog them up like a merida morning, and wipe them clean.
    but they are still scratched. they are still dirty. mistakes accumulating and making the way i see it all aged

    By toot on 07.19.2010

  15. He sprinted down the street, his camera in one hand and nothing in the other. He could see the elephant ahead, stopped in the middle of the street. He came to a stop, crouched and started taking photos.

    By Trish on 07.19.2010

  16. It’s a fractured, bubbled thing, curved with such a perfect curve, shattering light and putting it back together in a form that makes sense to the rods and cones within our eyes – incidentally, behind another lens.

    By Walcott Walcott URL on 07.19.2010

  17. One of the things that I enjoy is writing the word lens.

    By sheri on 07.19.2010

  18. A lens is something you can see through. You see through the lenses on your glasses. What do you see, though? Do you see yourself? Do you see others? How does it make you feel? Lenses help you see. But what you see… That’s up to you.

    By Zoe on 07.19.2010

  19. Lens makes me think about lentils. She didn’t like lentils that much, they hurt her stomach. But in Stuttgart people would eat green lentils with Spätzle, which is weird but very tasty …

    By sam URL on 07.19.2010

  20. It never occurred to her to view life that way. To wipe away the grime of her past experience, to forgive all that had been done and just choose a different way. She thought over the choices she had made and realized despite the changes that she would make and the new path she would set herself on, a new lens would never make her forget.

    By Misty URL on 07.19.2010

  21. Lens can help people improve there sight, protect their sight. They help things seems closer and farther. They are an extension to our naked eye.

    By Lauren on 07.19.2010

  22. Don’t let your internal lens get distorted scratched foggy dirty. It will ruin your life forever.

    By deedee URL on 07.19.2010

  23. Through the lens of my sunglasses I see the sun. Wearing sunglasses makes it okay to look at the sun. In fact I do it for hours at a time just to see if I can notice any solar flares. I can never see any solar flares but my eyes do burn when I go back inside.

    By rahostetler URL on 07.19.2010

  24. I fogged up the lens of my battered old camera with my breath, as per usual. I didnt want to take a photo in perfect clarity because i think, if you look to close at the world, you can see all the little cracks breaking it up, all the lies and the terrible things that people do in the night while you’re sleeping, slowly cracking up the ‘beauty’ that is the world. Breaking it up bit by bit…
    That’s why I fog my camera lens, I don’t want to be reminded.

    By Sinead URL on 07.19.2010

  25. i think i already wrote about a pari of lens. but this new pair takes me anywhere in the world. all i have to do is put on the glasses and imagine my paridise. my world will be created right before my very lens.

    By abra URL on 07.19.2010

  26. The lens of the telescope had a smear on it that looked somewhat like a squashed bug. Sighing, the woman sprayed some water and vinegar on it, and wiped the surface with a soft cloth. Peering back through, she was stunned to discover that the smear was still present – on the inside part of the curved glass.

    By witchelemental URL on 07.19.2010

  27. I have contact lenses. But the prescription is bad. I have no doctor because my ex-boyfriend’s dad used to be my doctor. Now my ex is married, so that really sucks for me and my out of date contacts.

    By emkay on 07.19.2010

  28. He didn’t know which one to use. A wide angle to catch the scope? A telephoto to show the depth? He thought and thought and thought until it was too late. The crowd had dispersed and his SD card remained empty.

    By Martin URL on 07.19.2010