October 28th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “brisk”

  1. Fuming, I went for a brisk walk. I could barely handle myself anymore, let alone that room full of assholes. I was stupid to expect a peaceful day, and even stupider not to bring a jacket.

    By china URL on 10.28.2013

  2. Brisk. The air, the cold cold wind of winter. Walking. All that fun stuff. Clipped, but why? It’s a funny word too. But it fits so well. Right now, for our lives. Brisk. I like that. You would too if you were here. But you aren’t.

    By Michelle URL on 10.28.2013

  3. Her gaze was cursory and her tone brisk. “Come back tomorrow and we’ll see if there’s any improvement.”
    After all, there was an entire war going on out there. She didn’t have enough time to invest in any one person.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.28.2013

  4. The cardigan wasn’t a barrier against the brisk Autumn wind assaulting her. But the wind only confirmed to her that she was alone. As she always would be.

    By Sharese URL on 10.28.2013

  5. Oh my god. I have no idea how to write about brisk. I give up. Time, please run fast. This is the first time I feel the clock is very slowly.

    By Pearl on 10.28.2013

  6. i like to take brisk walks. It doesn’t much matter where as long as it isn’t by smelly cars. I’m not a runner though, too much bouncing around. I just like nice brisk walks.

    By just a girl on 10.28.2013

  7. Brisk. Well, what can I say? When I hear or read the word brisk, it reminds me of something clean cut and short. The word makes me think about quick walks from one warm building to the next on a cold winter day. Why? I don’t know. I just get reminded of the days when I was around six or seven in New York City, when my mom would bundle me up in layers of sweaters, jackets, hats, and scarves just so we can take a quick, fast paced walk from one building to the next. Maybe it’s because she always told me, “We’re going to take a brisk walk over to the other office now, okay?” The word just reminds me of cold noses, fast hobbling in layers of clothes, and the warmth of the destination.

    By Elizabeth Becz on 10.28.2013

  8. his steps were faster than mine, and i struggled to catch up with him…
    the air was cold,
    though, so it warmed me when i took two shorter steps to fill his one.
    the leaves fell and i was safe under his arm when we paused,
    and he kissed me

    By Rachael on 10.28.2013

  9. Yes, that’s exactly the word. The morning was brisk. Or perhaps it was a little colder than that. My breath swirled around itself as I exhaled. The grass crunched as I walked. My nose smarted and my ears turned pink. Yes, it was much colder than “brisk.”

    By Mary on 10.28.2013

  10. the brisk air of fall, the smell of apples and tea
    the season of beauty, shed by a tree
    children laughing and playing in piles of dry leaves
    dancing on skeletons for which no one grieves.

    By Carly URL on 10.28.2013

  11. the brisk basilisk
    catch you with single scratch
    no doubt you’ll dragged out
    an end along can’t fend

    By Eligia V. A. on 10.28.2013

  12. There was a brisk increase in business after George hired the new girl, it wasn’t so much that she was a good salesperson, but she was so bad at explaining how computers work that the nerds would end up showing her how to use them, and once they had logged in to one of the apps, she would frown at them and say “Now you have to buy it, or I won’t be able to change it back!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.28.2013

  13. After a brisk, clean aired walk, I returned to my house only to find that my microwave was missing. The television set had not been touched. Nor had my laptop been swiped or my music players confiscated. No, out of all the things to steal – jewelry, clothes, even spare change – some bastard swiped the thing responsible for making me hot pockets every night.

    I went to the thrift store just on a whim and, lo and behold, a scraggly looking teenager was standing by the counter, trying to sell the microwave. He went white when I approached him and asked, “Really? That’s the best you can do to make money off my appliances?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.28.2013

  14. I could hear her brisk steps on the pavement, the sound fading quickly as she left me alone in the dark. Panicking, I felt the walls around me in an attempt to discern my location. “Am I in the doghouse again? No, but I didn’t do anything wrong this time, did I? I can’t be in the doghouse. I can’t be in the doghouse. I’ve been very good. Haven’t I? Have I? What did I do? What? Did I make a mistake? What could I have done? Whatever it is, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I’ll be good, I promise! Let me out out – please – let me out! No…I can’t be in the doghouse…can’t…I was good…let me out!”

    By aura.rayne on 10.28.2013

  15. The cold air was a bit brisk for my taste, and biting. It ripped through my coat and my shirt and my skin, right down to my bones. This is the winter that I ought to be used to, but it’s still too bloody cold. 5 years I have spent fighting the ever cooling falls and winters and I still can’t help but complain. The weather never satisfies me.

    By Katie Wright on 10.28.2013

  16. brrrrrrrrrr

    By bob licker on 10.28.2013

  17. They moved along at a brisk pace. They are on a mission. There’s no stopping them now. They’ve spent months and months preparing for this one moment. Everyone is expecting them. There is no time to stop and sight see. There is only go go go. They’ve prepared well, they know exactly where they are going. They have walked each step hundreds of times. They don’t need to sight see. Here they come.

    By Leah on 10.28.2013

  18. She wanted him but she didn’t want to want him. She wanted to be held at night. She wanted to be looked at. She didn’t want to deal with the reminders of her own emotional incompetence.

    By Eleanor on 10.28.2013

  19. It started slow but then after a few days I was consumed by it. It took over my entire body. I was miserable but I could not escape it. Is it possible? I became consumed on how to get rid of it and prevent it so that I was spending all of my time reading about it as it ate me alive. I could not go on any longer. I was finished.

    By sturmzie on 10.28.2013

  20. It was a brisk morning. Snow crunched under her bare feet as she made her way to the river. It was all she had anymore, just a torn dress, and the snow under her toes. Almost like sand. The edge gave her courage. The air gave her a push.

    By Lisa A. on 10.28.2013

  21. It numbed her skin, the brisk air. But it would not touch her now. Not the numbness, the cold, the wind. It was all behind her.

    By Lisa A. on 10.28.2013

  22. How can things be expected to be brisk when the best is expected? It seems contrary to think this way. Really what you seek is the best possible product or project given the time allotted. Wouldn’t that support cutting corners? Efficiency is now the most efficient appearance of the best possible product.

    – This is a journal entry from a frustrated layman.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.28.2013

  23. I’ll take a walk around my mind
    see what I find.
    what there is to see
    in the dark
    is me

    A candle in the breeze
    goes out.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 10.28.2013

  24. brisk is clear
    leaves falling
    trees withering
    dying around me
    bringing winter
    and its chilling embrace
    its lovely face

    By m on 10.28.2013

  25. Still in her wetsuit suit, Olivia raced up Campbell Street past the fish shop and the pub. There were a few heads poking about but in Bondi, even during a brisk autumn she had no fear of standing out. She made a left three blocks up from the beach and threw her board into the back of her car which was parked inconspicuously in the visitors area of a 1950s high-rise apartment block.

    By pip333 on 10.29.2013

  26. the fuckin air
    sleeves are pulled down over my palms
    Christmas lights a string against

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 10.29.2013

  27. the wind was sharp. the colours of autumn were strong in the air, as the red and gold leaves swirled through yards and streets, crunching underfoot. the chill was penetrating, whispering promises of the coming snow. winter tugging at the atmosphere, drawing the world closer to its icy breath.

    By firelight on 10.29.2013

  28. Landon was briskly walking towards the office, trying not to be even late than he already was. His brisk pace was not really helping him though since he had hurt his leg a few days prior and his walking was more of a limp. He was trying his best to make it though.

    By Kristina on 10.29.2013

  29. quick and speedy, pacey, never letting things slow down so that you are moving with haste, lively, engaged and full of energy, a ball of potential…

    By Stephen Peet on 10.29.2013

  30. What up? Said the lunatic, cradling a hundred granades.
    Jimmy had just enough time to finally remember what bistro meant.

    By Jan on 10.29.2013

  31. strength, life, pain, heart

    By noe on 10.29.2013

  32. Goku doesn’t know many things, and he’s made it alright to accept that small fact about himself, regardless of what certain stinking jerk or all too complacent mother hen tells him otherwise. He takes the stretch of days under his foot and grounds them under his heel, savors the dirt and sand between his toes. Some ought to do the same thing.

    “Leavin’ already?” Hazel reminds him a lot of a water crane…or maybe cat in waiting and Goku won’t readily admit to something like that. “You get up awful early for a youngster like yourself.”

    “Yeah.” One of the many things Goku doesn’t understand is the parable that Hazel surrounds himself in and makes him hard to look at. It’s a slow, tantalizing thing- like when a snake bobs it’s head before striking. “Um, yeah. I’m gonna go play with Gat.”

    Goku takes off in a gust of dirt and does not contemplate the things he doesn’t understand.

    By kristen on 10.29.2013

  33. A walk in the clouds, a path through a beating heart. You always look at me and smile. Every morning we meet, you serve my morning cup of coffee, and smile. A brisk moment to love.

    By Sisu on 10.29.2013

  34. The weight of the liquor hit my throat with a gigantic burst of alcoholic flavor. It was quite simply the most refreshing drink that I ever had the chance to consume.

    By Zach Pauly on 10.29.2013

  35. brisk
    i am writing this briskly
    cuz im sure people see me
    i gotta go
    science class

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 10.29.2013

  36. brisk

    By Kitti on 10.29.2013

  37. Brisk is the wind that blows through my soul and catches my dreams by surprise. This is the feeling that makes me sit up and take notice of things that burden my mind and my heart, weighing me down in ways that I can’t convey in words. You need to feel the briskness.

    By David B on 10.29.2013

  38. run quickly. the air is chilly and we need to build up some heat. one, two, one, two. move your arms more, we gotta keep going, pick up your feet, we can’t stumble, if we head into the wind now…

    By Lee on 10.29.2013

  39. The air hit my body with a painful, brisk chill. It was so cold it felt suffocating. I wasn’t used to this type of corse weather. I wanted the California sun; instead I was suffering the from Melbourne’s intolerable sheets of rain.

    By Simone URL on 10.29.2013

  40. The short squat now balding ex political leader walked briskly down the street, his grey cotton tracksuit pants billowing in the breeze behind him, hordes of paparazzi swarming around as if the pope were in town.

    By a URL on 10.29.2013