October 27th, 2013 | 83 Entries

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83 Entries for “suicidal”

  1. i have always been bleeding from every orifice

    the only thing that’s changed

    is that i don’t feel

    like stopping it anymore.

    By h. b. on 10.28.2013

  2. I had never been a suicidal person. Even after all the bad things that had happened to me in my life time, not once did I ever consider taking my own life.
    But now that the love of my life is gone, suicide sounds like a great idea. He was all that I had left. He is all that I ever wanted and could ever imagine, and now he was gone too. Taken from me. Yes, I am suicidal.

    By Cheese on 10.28.2013

  3. I don’t know if I should do it. Really, I probably should. What if I don’t?
    Nothing would change, not in time at least. I should do it. The knife is heavy. But I should. Yeah. Probably.

    By Miriam URL on 10.28.2013