October 28th, 2013 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “brisk”

  1. Kristy pulled her coat more snugly about her shoulders. She shivered, the air outside was cold today and crisp. On her normal morning walk the air was normally chilled with almost coming snow.

    By Mary on 10.28.2013

  2. briskly whisk
    the yellow yolks
    battered bowls
    decides the rest

    By katiekieran URL on 10.28.2013

  3. It was a beautiful, sunny morning but bitterly cold. Hats and coats on children and off we go for a brisk walk!

    By Alexandra on 10.28.2013

  4. She walked at a brisk pace, trying in vain to conceal the fact that she was fuming. The angrier she got, the more pointed her actions. In this case, it was a wonder her fury didn’t have her sprinting down the city block.

    By lauren on 10.28.2013

  5. Cool air surrounds her bare bones as she shuffles along the broken road.

    By Tiffany Nicole on 10.28.2013

  6. brisk means really cold like in the winter when its in the negative degrees it is super duper cold and also it could mean fast like a brisk walk and 60 seconds is actually really long lol i like the word brisk. it sounds good like she kept a brisk pace sounds better than fast pace does brisk even meen cold? i dont know my time is almost up my gandma is washing the dishes now ugh lol ok

    By Kimberly URL on 10.28.2013

  7. They set off at a brisk pace. Milo had only his late father’s shepherd’s staff for self defense. Tino would have to rely on her speed to escape trouble.

    But the two young orphans departed their razed village. The idea of adventure helped ease the pain of losing their home.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 10.28.2013

  8. Brisk. That’s what they said I should be with this project. Nevermind how it affects others. I needed to be brisk. Don’t mind the effects. Just be brisk. Be fast. Be efficient. Will it kill people? It’s not important. It’s never important. You’re a maker. That’s it. Not a decider. A maker.

    By Daniel Lewis on 10.28.2013

  9. Seeing one of the numerous, beautiful faces of my female coworkers. The feeling when I get a tip. When im close to end of the shift. When I’m going outside after a long day of work and it’s a warm night so I can walk home with my favourite tunes in my ears. When I think about it, it takes not much to get me in a brisk mood. Lucky me.

    By MrLastname on 10.28.2013

  10. I walked at a brisk pace. I am always at brisk pace – a level of speed that isn’t running, but it isn’t calm and slow. A speed that is pushed by a hovering anxiety.

    By Amanda on 10.28.2013

  11. Her walk used to be brisk as my tiny feet would stumble behind her
    She wanted to explore and I wanted to hide and stay inside
    Now she stumbles in her old age and I’m left to
    Gracefully carry myself in a lonely brisk walk the way she did

    By Sapphire on 10.28.2013

  12. Sweat ran down her face, lips salty, breath coming fast and hard. She pounded the concrete beneath her feet, pushing past her own limits. The further she went, the further she left the dreams behind. They couldn’t follow her forever, and so she kept running. To where, she had no clue.

    By joanwatsons on 10.28.2013

  13. The brisk autumn air was the first thing that greeted him when he opened the door. A slate-grey sky hung closely overhead, half heartedly threatening rain. Jacob wrapped his coat closer around him, shivering and trying to block out the chilly breeze. What he wanted more than anything was for the day to be over already and to not have to face work again. Or maybe just even a warm cup of coffee. That would do quite nicely, too.

    By Tootles. on 10.28.2013

  14. She walked through the woods on the brisk morning filling her lungs with the sweet smell of fallen leaves as they shuffled under her feet.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.28.2013

  15. We walked through the cold alley at a brisk pace, the leaves crunching underneath our feet.

    By Archori on 10.28.2013

  16. All day, the sun was shining, the waves were braking on the rocks, it was actually pretty toasty. Now, the surf has come in more with the wind that with the boats and it’s brisk. I can feel the winter chill moving in. i am not thrilled with this notion.

    By Guiltless Miss on 10.28.2013

  17. The brisk chill of the air stung like a chorus of laughter from an unforgiving crowd. I never could get used to the autumn season, the cringe inducing introspection that it called to mind from Octobers of the past.

    By asavas on 10.28.2013

  18. She pulled her coat tight bracing herself against the cold November weather. The snowflakes were floating in the air. None of them big enough to stick, of course; just hanging there being carried this way and that by the brisk fall winds.

    By Maddie on 10.28.2013

  19. brisk is the air that sharpens its wits on my cheek; brisk is the fervor with which I walk; brisk is the attitude of the bookshop owner when I decide not to buy the book

    By P J Colando URL on 10.28.2013

  20. The cool autumn air
    Hits our cheeks.
    Your lips hit mine.
    We cannot turn away
    Not any longer.
    Not now.
    Your hand slips
    In and out of mine.
    I love you still.

    By Emma on 10.28.2013

  21. She walked briskly through the park trying to match speed with the wind as if she, like the wind, could outrun any and all that had the audacity to follow her. Alas, she was not the wind, nor was she as elusive and invisible as she had hoped to be. She would be found.

    By Olivia on 10.28.2013

  22. It was a cold brisk morning and Kyle had woken up early to walk slowly to school ad listen to the birds and watch the kittens play at the barn

    By Rachel on 10.28.2013

  23. Winter is here.

    Sweaters and snow, hot chocolate and fires; it brings us together. The brisk walks through the forest bring smiles to our faces and pink to our cheeks. We bury our noses into the scarves around our necks as we toss packed snow at each other, giggling at how childish we’ve become. We stop, but only because we can no longer feel our fingers, and pull them up to our foggy breath, hoping the heat will revive them. When that doesn’t work, we join them, stealing the heat from one another.

    We hold onto each other as we head back inside knowing our hands may be cold, buried beneath layers of wool and fleece, but our hearts are warm and full of love.

    By Kendra on 10.28.2013

  24. The winter’s brisk air, slithering into my lungs. It hurts to breathe sometimes. The flowers shrivel and the wind howls, banging against the old shutters of the worn down farmhouse. Inside I find a warm fire, melting away the pain that I’ve held onto for so long.

    By Emily on 10.28.2013

  25. Dina pulled jacket more tightly around her. The weather had cooled off and their was a brisk wind coming up. She hurried along the beach, back toward the house. She had to tell Marshall that their marriage was over.

    By Michelle M on 10.28.2013

  26. i already got this. dont make me do it again. I feel likeim i a timewarp, stuck in a neverending reality. Pixelated hands, pixelated feet, when did the colors on my tv become discreet? oh well there is a tradgedy a tradgedy i say hello, i love the sound of hatred below

    By maegan on 10.28.2013

  27. In high school I discovered Brisk Ice Tea. Now I drink Arizonas. Now I work. Now I’ married and bored and lonely and dead inside. Now I don’t write.

    By Mary on 10.28.2013

  28. Brisk sounds fast, fast and stubborn. A brisk brick. A risk. Like going through a wall, just with an idea.

    By Miriam on 10.28.2013

  29. It was brisk. But I loved the feeling that prickled up my arms and down my neck till every bit of skin had been ghosted over by the chill. In short, it felt like being alive.

    By Intuition on 10.28.2013

  30. Brisk. The name of the ice tea brand. That is all.

    By affront on 10.28.2013

  31. The brisk fall air welcomed me as I limped out of the car.

    I stopped to look. The sun was setting over the nearby mountains. It was the first sun we’d had in a few days of rain.

    There’s something reflective about those brief moments. That sliver of sunlight fills you with a hope you didn’t realize you were missing.

    I smiled and picked up my crutches.

    By Dtnixon on 10.28.2013

  32. It is needed to have emotions, one needs to live their lives with passion. One has to be brisk and active, always curious. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it kept it alive.

    By Rafael URL on 10.28.2013

  33. Its sharp and it bites. But a soft word in its ear and it goes loose and gentle. Breeze against your hair and a soft rustle of branches flowing overhead into an unknown world.

    By Alexandra URL on 10.28.2013

  34. cold feet
    and sweating hands wrapped around a starbucks cup
    the wind is especially abrasive today
    and the sun refuses my company.

    i walk up the street looking at how people’s faces drift on the wind
    shadows in the flying hair.

    By Kairn on 10.28.2013

  35. The brisk reply didn’t necessarily add up to much since he wasn’t one to let his wall down. She still took it to heart though and thought about it for the rest of the night. It never crossed his mind however that he had done anything at all that would merit such contemplation.

    By Patrick URL on 10.28.2013

  36. brisk
    make it brisk
    before someone sees you
    what you’re hiding
    oh wait
    you’re not hiding anything?
    well, someone will make it into something
    so make it brisk, make it effective, and make yourself stand out
    cuz that’s what matters
    peace out
    – the girl with the brisk entry today :)

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 10.28.2013

  37. Gary didn’t know how else to walk. He tried skipping, jogging, jumping. But all he could do was walk as if the seat of his pants were on fire, at so brisk a pace that he stirred up the breeze behind him, blowing over pedestrians in his wake. It was startling. It was remarkable.  And it wasn’t until he was twenty-two years old that he was able to channel this skill into something that was actually useful.
    He was at the park, simply trying to catch a breath of fresh air after a long day in his stuffy office. Walking at his usual pace, breezing past pedestrians, he didn’t notice the young man in the park bench staring at him. He was a very sophisticated looking man, his Rayban sunglasses balanced on the bridge of his nose, wearing a crisp suit and a tie that Gary’s wind had blown over his shoulder. He stood up and took a shortcut through the park’s trees, arriving at last to the end of the trail that Gary was blazing down. He waited, feet spread far apart, almost resembling a security guard. As Gary approached the end of what he thought was just a casual walk, but what to onlookers seemed like a marathon, he was startled to see this dark figure waiting for him. He tried to bring himself to a halt, but at the speed he walked, this was no easy task; he usually required about twenty feet of stopping distance. Gary’s brakes were worse than those on his 1991 Ford Altima, whose brake pads he hadn’t replaced since the Backstreet Boys were together.
    Gary was only about five feet away from the man, but tried to slow down nonetheless, digging his heels into the gravel path. Sparks flew from his sneakers. The poor man in the Raybans didn’t stand a chance; before he even knew what was coming, he was skidding along the gravel with Gary on top of him.
    Gary mumbled many profanities and apologies
    (Shit fuck man oh my god holy tits I’m so sorry goddamn it sorry man)
    and helped the poor man up to his feet, nearly expecting to be socked in the face as soon as he let go of the man’s hand. But instead, Rayban man grasped his hand firmly and gave him a handshake and a flashy smile. 
    “Wow, I’ve heard what they say about you, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw you with my own eyes.” He propped his sunglasses on top of his hand and gave Gary the elevator-eyes, scanning him from top to bottom and evaluating what kind of shape he was in. He shook Gary’s hand again, and Gary realised that Rayban man had never let go in the first place, making this the longest handshake Gary had ever partaken in: over thirty seconds. 
    “I’m Joe Sinclair, Gary. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Let me tell you, the videos don’t do you justice. You’re no speedwalker I’ve ever seen. You’re a goddamn trail blazer!”
    In fact, this was more literal than Joe had intended; Gary’s tracks had actually caught on fire and frantic pedestrians were stomping out the flames as they spoke. Neither men noticed this as they were fifty feet away from the scene now; it had been a very long skid indeed. 
    “Well, thank you, Joe, I’m flattered,” Gary said, uncomfortable with the fact that their handshake hadn’t ended yet. Thankfully, his hands were becoming very sweaty and he used this as a lubricant to slide out of Joe’s grasp. Joe was unfazed. “How exactly do you know my name, though? What do you mean by videos?”
    Joe laughed heartily and patted Gary’s shoulder. “Come with me. You’ll want to sit down for this.” 
    Joe began to walk towards town, and as Gary followed behind, he noticed that the little tumble he’d taken had taken the seat right off of Joe’s pants… and underpants. Gary decided not to say anything; he was already intimidated by this man, and it was a very nice suit otherwise.

    As it turned out, Joe was a talent scout for Grand Rapids’ Power Walking Association. Gary’s remarkable pace had caught the attention of many members of this group, who had been taking videos of him and showing them to Joe for several months now. Joe’s proposal was simple: Gary would sign a one year contract to be trained by the best Speed Walker in the midwest, and then he would try out for the 2016 Olympics. On paper, it seemed like a long shot; Gary was an untrained Olympic first-timer and would be facing hundred of pro athletes. But when Joe saw the walk in person, he was convinced that this was worth a shot. 
    Gary had nothing better to do that year, so he signed the contract almost immediately. He went home that night in a daze, not sure if the encounter had been real or if he’d cracked his back and was reliving that acid trip he’d had back in 1975. But when he woke up, he knew it wasn’t a dream, because Joe was lying in bed next to him. Joe was actually “in between jobs” right now, and therefore “needed a place to crash.” He was homeless and had been for nearly six years; talent scouting for power walkers was not a very lucrative profession. Gary wasn’t sure why he had let this strange man stay over at his house (maybe he felt he owed him a favour) but he certainly hadn’t invited him into his bed. It smelled like pee and he didn’t want to know if the urine was fresh or it was just the odour of the crusty urine that lined the bottom of Joe’s pants. He ran into the bathroom, vomited, and set off to the training facility. 
    Gary had never felt like a celebrity until he entered the Power Walker’s training facility. It seemed as though everyone recognised him immediately, and they stopped in their tracks and gaped as he took off his smoking shoes and headed to his trainer’s office. To his surprise, a beautiful woman was sitting behind the desk. He knocked on the door. “Brian?”
    The woman, startled, looked up and flashed a huge grin when she saw Gary standing there. “Yes! Yes you must be Gary! Come in, have a seat!” 
    Gary sat opposite her. “Uh, I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting, uh…” 
    “A woman, yeah I know,” the woman said. “You wouldn’t believe how much I get that. My parents just really liked the name, I guess.” 
    That wasn’t exactly what Gary was going to say. In fact, he was startled that a woman who looked so dainty and…womanly…could be the best power walker in the midwest. But he kept that thought to himself and nodded politely. 
    “So, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other this year! I’m glad you’ve decided to join our team here. We’re really hoping to send some people out to the Olympics next year, and from the looks of it, you’ve got a pretty good shot at it. I’ve seen your videos, Gary. What can I say, I’m stunned.”
    Gary thanked her quietly and maintained his eye contact with the floor. He was feeling very uncomfortable in the presence of such an intimidatingly gorgeous woman. 
    “Well, let’s get started then, shall we?” And then Brian rose from her chair, and things started to make sense for Gary. This woman had the largest thighs he had ever seen in his life- each one nearly three feet long. Her thighs were longer horizontally than he was tall.  What made it even more unusual was the size of this woman’s waist. It was like she was a barbie doll with elephant legs. More surprising still was the way she walked; one would expect somebody who looked so obese on their lower end to not be able to do much other than waddle, but this woman moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. Brian followed behind her in awe, admiring her otherworldly ass and her calf muscles that looked like they had been chiseled out of fine marble. 
    He hoped to God he wouldn’t end up looking like that after a year of training. 
    For the next several months, Joe continued to sleep in Gary’s bed, forcing Gary to eventually move into his basement. Joe didn’t seem to do much with his life other than go to the park with his sunglasses and stare at pedestrians. He claimed that this was “talent scouting” but Gary heard that Joe had been laid off about two weeks after “discovering” Gary. Gary didn’t ask. 
    During those months, Gary spent every day at the training facility, sometimes staying as long as fourteen hours in one day. He’d actually come to enjoy the sport, and it was the only thing in the world that came naturally to him. He loved the attention he got from the other athletes at the facility, and had grown so used to giving out autographs that he had, on several occasions, signed a receipt and given it back to a waiter without paying them. That didn’t go over so well. 
    Gary had a designated track outside to practice on- a circle whose circumference was constantly being increased because Gary’s feet would dig a trench if he powerwalked the same course every day. He’d found some good friends in the other powerwalkers, too; of course, it helped that they idolised him and laughed at everything he said. Every Friday night they would get together for a party at someone’s house, drink some beers, and exchange tips. Gary would light a bonfire for everyone by walking around in a very small circle. 
    The year flew by far quicker than Gary anticipated. Before he knew it, he was back in Brian’s office, meeting with Olympic recruiters. Brian’s training gave Gary just the extra edge he needed, and he blew the competition out of the water in every qualifying tournament. Exactly one year after Gary’s fateful encounter with Joe Sinclair at the park, Gary found himself on a plane to Rio to represent his country in the Olympics. 

    By Cairo on 10.28.2013

  38. As I stepped outside my apartment, I immediately felt the cold autumn air on the back of my neck. The train was leaving in 20 minutes, so I had to walk briskly if I was going to make it on time. Otherwise I’d be thirty minutes late for work, and I couldn’t be late again.

    By Matt on 10.28.2013

  39. Walking, exercise, gym, health, overall. Wellness, you doing something like exercise, slowly, gradually and precise. It is for your health as well. What kind of exercise do you like to do? Just start slow, then gradually picking up speed. Things that make you sweat.
    Walking, then pick up speed. Brisk walking, jogging, then basically, running. Everything starts slow.Motivation is needed. Positive outlook is there as well.

    By roze_princess on 10.28.2013

  40. things were going too slow,
    it felt as if everything was shattering
    around me into pieces
    in flashes of images

    i couldn’t control my scenery
    i asked what you could do for me

    you said close your eyes and wait
    you said all i had to do was sleep

    our hands met our eyes followed
    suddenly summer led to fall

    we walked through the rest of the week
    briskly lightly it didn’t really matter to me

    our focus turned from the sun to the leaves
    summer was over and autumn was more than near

    and your voice was all i could hear even
    with the colors all around us we forgot that seasons change

    and people do too

    By Lola on 10.28.2013