September 26th, 2012 | 316 Entries

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316 Entries for “help”

  1. Never wanting help. Help is what you give someone who is powerless. By making someone powerless, you make yourself powerful. Empower. Don’t help. When we do that, there will be a lot less problems in this world. Esoteric thought for the day…

    By John Komarek on 09.27.2012

  2. Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. Help, you know I need someone…
    These are not just Beatles lyrics to me, I need someone to help me get through this. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I would love it if someone could just HELP me.

    By Tatiana Worley on 09.27.2012

  3. I drag the blade across my delecite skin, and the red warm liquid rises above.
    I tell them I don’t need help. They believe me. I’ve lied to my family, my friends, myself. I tell them that I am fine. But I may not be. I don’t know when I’ll take out my blade again.

    By irock12129 URL on 09.27.2012

  4. Help is important to us as humans because there are things we cannot do by our own, probably by phisical limitations or other kind of them related to our way of thinking, but as each human being is different than each other, we can use our own advantage to hep others in things where they are probably not as good as us.

    By Mistral on 09.27.2012

  5. help is a good work because if you have an emergency you can shoud this word and peple will come to help you . buet if you use it in a bad way peple will confuse you and they will help you and when you really need help people will n ot help you because you are nt being honest.

    By jimena on 09.27.2012

  6. help is a good work because if you have an emergency you can shoud this word and peple will come to help you . buet if you use it in a bad way peple will confuse you and they will help you and when you really need help people will n ot help you because you are not being honest. and honestly is really important to keep a god relationship with the society. and you will be more confidential

    By jimena on 09.27.2012

  7. There it was, the help desk. A gigantic circular center of places where help could be received. The receptionist with her nerdy glasses, typing some numbers into her computer like a meticulous accountant, yet her prim red lipstick saying otherwise. The help desk.

    By Laura Riddle on 09.27.2012

  8. i love helping people. I thinking asking for help is important because it would help you leave to work with other and do better, than you will do alone.

    By amy on 09.27.2012

  9. Help me, cried a voice in the darkness outside the pub. The people who heard it paid it no regard, and continued inside the establishment. Because of that the crier will die within a few minutes. Does the bar visitors who ignored him have his blood on their hands?

    By Asylum URL on 09.27.2012

  10. I’m on the brink of breaking apart. Barely gripping at the edge. Help me up. Don’t make me fall to the unknown. Don’t let them take me. Don’t. Please, just don’t.

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 09.27.2012

  11. I feel like i need some kind of help. lately i’ve just been totally overwhelmed. it feel like my life is just a giant laundry list of things i need to do, but every time i finish one task, another URGENT one pops up. i know that the way i’m feeling isn’t normal or healthy but i don’t know where to turn.

    By Maggie on 09.27.2012

  12. I need somebody!
    They would always sing
    But I’d always mean

    Not just anybody!
    It’s so true!

    Can anybody find me
    Somebody to love?

    By Joshua URL on 09.27.2012

  13. We live in a small house and there is nobody to help my mother with the housework. Well, actually there’s my brother, my sister and I, but it’s her house, not ours.

    By - on 09.27.2012

  14. A word we use to ask for someone to give you a hand while you are in trouble

    By Diego Velazquez on 09.27.2012

  15. is a word that we use in a trouble or a problem in diary life

    By camila solorzano on 09.27.2012

  16. help is what I need………..

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 09.27.2012

  17. somebody come and write this for me! please.
    i need to write for school.
    i’m not getting a plot or any inspiration.
    i keep thinking of what i need to do constantly
    i’m trying.
    where is my work?

    By zztopss on 09.27.2012

  18. Help me. These are words I cannot say. Even when I struggle. Even when it’s hard. Even when I know I’m falling. Even when I fail. Even when I know what seems inevitable is actually preventable by saying two little words. Help me. I just can’t. I just can’t.

    By shae on 09.27.2012

  19. one word can make your life and break you into pieces especially when you ask others to opine about yourself and your personality. it is really a difficult thing to absorb others’ comments harsh or funny, sarcastic or soft.

    By Lubna URL on 09.27.2012

  20. help me I’m drowning in a pool of cough syrup. I need a lifesaver. Or at least a cough drop.

    By Brittney on 09.27.2012

  21. help is something I always violently overate. I never need it. It’s for the week. But I do need it. Especially with spelling.

    By Brittney URL on 09.27.2012

  22. Help I’m dying, or my spirit is dying.. my hope is dying.. the little piece of me that reminds me of a long-forgotten time when I used to hope, it’s fragile as a candle and I’m sucking out the oxygen with my fucked-up choices and impurity. I’m killing my own hope, with my choices. Somebody help me, please. Please. I

    By Becky on 09.27.2012

  23. I screamed in pain in the empty room. The blood was beginning to pool on the floor beside me. I would only have a few more minutes of consciousness, if I was lucky. I was out of time. I was dead and alone.

    By Kirby on 09.27.2012

  24. Please.

    By Diana URL on 09.27.2012

  25. reminds me of someone drowning and calling for help. waving his hands. a man. in a sea. of an advertisement. of chips. of someone screaming. ghostly nights. of a movie scene where the actress helps children.

    By manjulika URL on 09.27.2012

  26. May I help you? I wish I had a dime for every time I have said that. If you need help, I’m your go to gal. 25 years of retail work, selling everything under the sun. If you don’t see it, I’ll find it for you. If you don’t know what you want, I’ll help you decide. Yup, that’s me. Need to move? I’m always available…and the list goes on and on…I can’t help myself to stop helping you!

    By paulie aragon on 09.27.2012

  27. Everyone needs help every now and then. But sometimes the help comes to late. Today my grandfather passed away despite the help that my mother and father gave him. They performed cpr but it was too late, he was already gone. Rest In Peace Sam Tyson.

    By Imagine URL on 09.27.2012

  28. 911 please send some one please! hurry! i need help! please he just came in here and took everything! he had a gun! please! please send someone! he took everything!

    By cami on 09.27.2012

  29. It wasn’t like I needed them. It was time to fly the coop and this time I’d have nothing holding me back. Not a crying mother or a worried lover. It was up to me now to save this planet, me and only me.

    By Ruben URL on 09.27.2012

  30. You know what? I need help. I’m drowning, shouting for help, but no-one’s listening. My own words are echoing off the walls of the tunnel, because no-one’s there.
    I don’t mean literally, obviously. I’m not in a river, nor a sea. I’m not drowning in water. IBut what you don’t understand is that I can drown withotut your help.
    You’re the only one that can help me. Throw me the lifebelt. You are my lifeline. Throw it. Just one little movement of your arm. It’s not much. Do it.
    You can safe someone’s life today. It’s easy.
    Go on. Help me.

    By Tiula URL on 09.27.2012

  31. “Don’t be afraid to ask for any help!” Rosie yelled down the hallway to the first years moving in around the corner. It had been hard to realize that she wasn’t the favorite second year working orientation of the new students but she would continue trying to make them feel comfortable with her, even if they preferred those people that could offer up compelling drinking stories.

    By April URL on 09.27.2012

  32. “Help! I need somebody!” exclaimed that Beatle. “Help! Not just anybody.” He said. “Heeeeeelp!”

    By Kat on 09.27.2012

  33. i wish i had help. not the kind of help i get, the enabling kind. but the self empowering type that would allow me to grow as a person. i always feel so trapped or locked in some cage and for no reason other than that i feel utterly helpless. why i feel this way? not sure. all i know is its real.

    By sarah on 09.27.2012

  34. “say you’ll need me” said he

    “say you’ll want me” said another

    she’ll never know if she chose the right one

    By h. b. URL on 09.27.2012

  35. that’s the one that I can provide. That’s the one that I need. The social fabric is made of it: helping each other. The problem is also that nobody provides it and?or nobody accepts it.
    Anyways, I was cut from the source.

    By Ramon E on 09.27.2012

  36. Help me please I’m falling into a deep and darkened hole,
    drowning in my sorrows feeling like there’s no place to go.
    losing all my faith and i’m sure i hit the ground
    waiting patiently for someone to find me
    but not sure i want to be found.
    help i need some answers and i’m not sure where to find,
    someone to help me someone to guide me
    someone who won’t leave me behind.

    By inspired URL on 09.27.2012