January 15th, 2015 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “boyfriend”

  1. Nowhere in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she would introduce Dan as her boyfriend. At their age, it would be more likely to refer to him as her deceased husband.

    By Valerie Bologoff on 01.15.2015

  2. ‘If only I had a boyfriend’ seems to be a common sentiment among my mind since I turned 26. I want desperately to get married and have a family, so finding someone to date seems to be of great importance. But then, it also is great burden, to cut out time, get to know someone.

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 01.15.2015

  3. Boyfriends are stupid sometimes, but can also be a beautiful person. They can be mean and selfish, self-centered, or they can be kind and warmhearted. But love can be tragic, with two extremely close people becoming worst enemies because of a disagreement or event. Its quite sad how things can take a wrong turn in a split second.

    By Jacob on 01.15.2015

  4. He’s mine.

    No really, he’s my property. He signed himself over, full contract, it’s not actually legal of course but for the law of our souls, it’s irrefutable. For life, until the day he dies and even past, his body, his heart, his mind, belong to me. To do with or do away with as I wish.


    Love always makes me weepy.

    By Benjie on 01.15.2015

  5. “He’s like fresh sheets still warm from the dryer, I want to wrap myself up in him like a ghost and haunt his thoughts like he possesses my senses.”

    I looked at my interviewee and suppressed the urge to roll my eyes. “New love is quite absorbing, clearly.”

    By Intuition on 01.15.2015

  6. He was a boyfriend. He couldn’t believe it. He was finally what he thought he could never be. He was her boyfriend, and that astonished him so much.
    For years he thought he would never be able to become her boyfriend and now that he finally was it warped his entire mind and blew him away.

    By Eunice 8) URL on 01.15.2015

  7. Elisabeth felt that she would never have anything even close to a boyfriend. She had a lot of friends that were boys, but it just not the same thing. She thought that because she liked to do things that most girls hated, she loved to play and watch football, to go hunting, didn’t mind getting messy, or if she got grass stains, mud, or something on her clothes, didn’t care if she went out without makeup or if she didn’t have her hair perfect every time she went out or if it got mess up when she was out. You would think that a guy would like someone who love the things that they love more then someone that hated the things that they love.

    By Hope Strubs on 01.15.2015

  8. Boyfriend. Why do I care? she thought. she drew the brush across her little toe applying a deep red color. “It makes me feel pretty” she said when she bought it.

    By Daniel on 01.15.2015

  9. My boyfriend is an odd fellow. He’s one-legged, pink and has a beak. My boyfriend is a crippled flamingo.

    By Megan on 01.15.2015

  10. Calling Levi as his boyfriend was weird. It wasn’t exactly like that, really, Jesse always thought, but Levi wasn’t exactly just a friend either. Friends didn’t go around sleeping in the same bed and kissing each other in the morning when they wake up, and friends didn’t cuddle like there was no tomorrow and friends didn’t get frisky when the sun went down. When Jesse said “I love you,” there was always a weight behind it, and if they were friends, that wouldn’t exist. But boyfriend was a weird thing to say. And he couldn’t figure out why.

    By Jem on 01.15.2015

  11. “I don’t have a girlfriend,” said Frankie.

    “Oh.” Sara cocked her head. “Boyfriend?”


    “Hmmm.” She took a long sip of tea. “Do you even want one?”

    “Not really,” Frankie replied. “I guess I’m one of those…what do you call them…ace people? Asexual, aromantic. I just like to be on my own.”

    “Makes sense to me,” Sara said with mint on our tongue

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.15.2015

  12. My boyfriend is magnificent, and I knew that he was worth the wait because he has made my world beautiful and I feel young again.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.15.2015

  13. And it’s such a strange phenomenon. A boyfriend. A friendboy, boy of friend material, boy of intimate material. A comrade of the masculine set–but he could be feminine, as well. To each their own.

    By Desiree J on 01.15.2015

  14. My first boyfriend was such a disappointment I no longer list him when I tell people about my previous relationships. My second was quite suave, but also pretty full of himself, although it took me two years to realize that and get over him. My third was the best one yet, which scares me, because I’m afraid I’ll never do better. Here’s hoping that it only gets better from here.

    By Rosie on 01.15.2015

  15. Eh, who needs em?
    A thought, and then a whisper of a thought quickly brushed away
    Maybe I do
    Or at least a warm body
    Cold empty beds

    By Gaia Serene on 01.15.2015

  16. Another family gathering full of that one question. “Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?”. Well, what Alana didn’t want a boyfriend? What if she didn’t want anyone? What if she was perfectly happy with being single forever?

    By Lisa on 01.15.2015

  17. “But I don’t WANT a new boyfriend,” she protested weakly, “Honestly, I didn’t even want the one I HAD which is why I don’t have one anymore,”
    She shushed her. “Sweetie, that’s crazy talk! Of course you want a boyfriend; just because things didn’t work out with Dylan-”
    “Or Jack or Cody or Rob,” she supplied dryly.
    Melanie offered her a smile that she supposed was meant to be reassuring, “And the reason those didn’t work out-”
    “Is because I don’t. Want. A boyfriend,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.15.2015

  18. I was never comfortable with the word boyfriend. It smacks of high school and I hated high school. I was never a boyfriend in high school either, which may explain my current disdain for the word. On the other hand, I can’t help you with a replacement either, because if boyfriend is bad, then lover is fucking awful.

    By Chris URL on 01.15.2015

  19. so maybe he’s not your boyfriend. but it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the grace of his hands when he speaks or his ability to cross his ankles and not look like a finishing schoolgirl from victorian england; it doesn’t mean you don’t know the colour of his eyes in hex code or that you’ve never gotten lost with him in the forest on purpose.

    By ari on 01.15.2015

  20. The false dream. A person we think we need but can always live without. Highly overrated. We try too hard for them, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.

    By Omega on 01.15.2015

  21. Stargirl, stargirl,
    Have you been writing.

    Stargirl. Stars, girl.
    Have your new boyfriend.

    Stars, girl, stars every morning, leftover from night.
    Have you been trying

    To move your eyes from the scarred scarlet salvation?
    Stargirl, from my radio tower hear,
    why do you only speak in tears and uncompared hatred now?
    Stargirl, stargirl, if I could tell you the self suffering,
    condemned by this neverending punishment, your tears
    could nourish the flowers carried by your shoulders’ blades.

    Yet, whatever it is that controls me, light cannot travel, and darkness
    cannot see, and all I can share about me are the Cities of Glass
    in my Mind of Stars. I took you there once, remember? A train without tracks,
    the title of a book the never existed.. just genetics. Let it draw. Draw of
    dreams and draw in awe.

    and a rape that had not happened

    By La Bête becomes Man on 01.15.2015

  22. I cannot love him anymore. This love… or whatever it is — it drains me. I would rather end it with him than to prolong the agony. I just want to thank him for his time.

    By M on 01.15.2015

  23. This is a stupid word. I feel like once the label lands on you, everything falls apart. Instead of continuing the relationship on the path it was going on, all these new expectations come about and changes everything. The whole dynamic changes and you fall in love with the concept of falling in love and in the process, destroy whatever that amazing thing you once had was.

    By Jen Danger on 01.15.2015

  24. I got one chance to be a good boyfriend.

    In this moment of second chances, I think I’m aiming a little higher.
    Like the top. Where just right writing happens. A full woman, who
    handles her own problems and expects me to handle mine.
    I want to be the boyfriend of a girl who doesn’t just teach me French
    or Spanish, but languages. Whatever language I feel like when I wake.

    (I tried different countries without every leaving home. I’m sick
    writing. I wake every day asking how long my punishment
    will be. “Hit me.. punch me if you want to”)

    I might be beast, but I don’t want a girlfriend doesn’t push me physically.
    I want to be a boyfriend for someone who doesn’t just tap into my problems.
    Bitch, I got 99 and one of those.
    I want someone that makes me better in every way womanly possible.

    (So right now, I’m going to be completely ugly. Right now, I’m so weak.
    Right now, I’m bad at everything I could ever think of.

    Because right now, I’ve never looked better. Right now, I’ve never been stronger.
    Right now, I’m learning languages of any kind and studying harder than
    I ever have. And for the woman for me, this isn’t enough.
    So when I do meet this girl, I’ll be fluent in languages she’s spoken
    since birth. When I do meet this girl, she’s hot, knows it, and just doesn’t give a fuck.
    Except when she does, she can hold herself up with her legs wrapped backwards
    around my waist. So she can be my fuck goddess. My mast.)

    And when she finds me, I’ll have worked as much as my talent has grown. Maybe then
    the ADD and the stutter will leave me.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 01.15.2015

  25. Someone that I hope to meet soon. Someone that I am open to and ready for. Boyfriend is someone I can lean on. Someone who will love me for me. Someone to share life with. Someone I can enjoy life with. My best friend. Partner in crime. Grow old together.

    By Lisa McCabe on 01.15.2015

  26. I am walking down the street with her, I need them to know we are LESBIANS, at least when were together. Still, when she’s outside, tossing, balls way up high my childhood best friend says to me quietly, “he’s pretty.” “She.” “What?” “She’s pretty.” “She’s a she..” and the stichhing on the bottom of her skirt says “fuck off transphobes” and I’ve had more boyfriends than girlfriends does that mean I’m not queer enough?

    Boyfriend. Nix it. How bout partner, lover. Boyfriend. Boy. Friend. I used to have those, now I’m cutting my hair, binding my breasts, reaading emma goldman- do these things go together> Everything she says is laughing at me.

    By RueNe on 01.15.2015

  27. there once was a time that yesterday’s lips held
    today in their curve – so promising and grim.
    a smile that departs at the wave of a hand
    wiped way with good intentions and
    heavy regard.
    now, drinking from the tap of infinite golden rules just
    to learn what it means to be finite, we
    interlace thoughts with lessons and remember not
    moments in time but time in all honesty
    our nakedness now only and what happens today has never been before
    already a fragment of story

    By stargirl on 01.16.2015

  28. Being a man, you spend a lot of time debating whether or not this is something you want to be. It can either be based off of the past, or maybe fear of the future. Sometimes you just don’t really feel that’s the title you should have for someone. That person hasn’t come along yet. But thats okay.

    By TJ Van Buskirk on 01.16.2015

  29. sometimes gettig a boyfriend is had
    a lot of girls dont have one, but they dont have a boyfriend
    even thou they want a boyfriend they cant get one
    so a lot of girls are very lonely

    By Thijmen Bakker on 01.16.2015

  30. She looked up at the crinkles around his eyes as he smiled. She felt safe. She felt happy. She was finally home.

    By Harsha on 01.16.2015

  31. My boyfriend is very special. He likes sailing and running. We like to travel together.

    By ERICA on 01.16.2015

  32. Kaylas boyfriend walked down the hall. His echoing footsteps heached her ears. She slammed her locker shut to greet him “Dannon” she called rushing through the crowds twords him. But Dannon only stared at Kayla, confused. “Who are you?”

    By Abby on 01.16.2015

  33. 12:00 pm…naptime. He scooted over to my mat when Ms. Johnson wasn’t looking. We shared jellybeans and peppermints that first day. He gave me a gold ring with a green palstic bubble on top. he kissed my cheek then scooted back to his mat before the lights came back on. We were five and he was my first boyfriend.

    By Tiawan Jackson on 01.16.2015

  34. It wasn’t like he had a boyfriend yet or anything. So he totally wasn’t gay or bisexual or anything. I mean, he looked. But everyone looks. Right?


    I mean, he couldn’t possibly… it would be too strange. But at the same time, he was starting to wonder.

    By Rumelis URL on 01.16.2015

  35. I hate that word. It sounds childish. “Boyfriend.” Pfft.

    By Yamuna on 01.16.2015

  36. Its not enough to call you my boyfriend, that word minimizes who you are to me, not as a person but as a way of life. You are my religion, my home, the place I go to sleep at night; you are my everlasting love, my forevermore best friend, my biggest critic and my world revolves around our happiness as one.

    By alexandra boscaino on 01.16.2015

  37. Why, she thought to herself, why did she need to have a boyfriend, She didn’t, she could be happy with just Jesus, that’s all she needed, Boys! they were the worst thing that had happened yet.

    By Melia on 01.16.2015

  38. My boyfriend is all of that, he’s always their for me. His name a Brian and Brian is so considerate of me, always putting me first. He have a great heart.

    His family love him also. Him and his brother have a bond out of this world.

    Brian everyday say hes love me and always give me my moring kiss. He love dogs, he could be a dog trainer and another life.

    Sport is his very thing to watch and play. He love playing playstation 3,4 all of the game that come with the game.

    Brian just brought a new car. He keeps it so clean and it smell really good. Brian have so many talents it not even funny. I love you him so much. He is my life, my world, my everything. I dont know what ill will do without him in my life. We have so much to do in life together. Can wait unil we really start traveling the world. We have so much fun together. We are meant for each other.

    One day we will get marry and have some kids. Maybe we will have five girls and five boys. A big family. Brian will be a great father, mentor for his ten kids.

    He’s my tall stallion, thats what I use to call him. Brian and i are childhood sweethearts. Love at first site. We did everything together.

    By Yaniyah on 01.16.2015

  39. Something I haven’t been, something I don’t really know I want to be. I don’t see the charm of it. Probably because I have never been one, or in a position to become one.

    By Panda on 01.16.2015

  40. I’ve almost always had a boyfriend.

    By Denene on 01.16.2015