May 27th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “bow”

  1. she bowed low at the seat of the queen of hearts cursing formality

    By martha on 05.28.2010

  2. i went down the road until i came to a bow, slowed down looked in the mirror and thought, what am i doing here. do i belong to some sort of horror filled land just for people who feel alone and sad or is this just temporary fixing for me.

    By stephanie lafrance URL on 05.28.2010

  3. a bow is a sign of respect, but most young people these days, except me, know anything about respecting older people. they are always rude and it can get very annoying. we might not have to bow, but it wouldn’t kill these people to show a little respect.

    By Ellie URL on 05.28.2010

  4. i bowed my head and ran down the road, pushing harder and harder for that last bit of strength with no where but inside to turn to for it. no electricity. no gas stove. no hot water heater. this is life.

    By stephanie lafrance on 05.28.2010

  5. make myself subject to another’s will. makes me feel subjugated i don’t like it one bit though it can be gracious

    By Jen on 05.28.2010

  6. bow is a movement which means that you may try to show respect to a certain person,

    By paul URL on 05.28.2010

  7. I just did this one, signed up for this site, I bow down to stumbleupon. I will never have free time again. Ridiculous. Between one word and one sentence, it’s over for me.

    By 13chicken URL on 05.28.2010

  8. He turned to the audience and took a bow in acknowledgement of the applause. Then turning back to the target ,near the waters edge, he raised his bow , aimed and shot. Unfortunately the shot was long and wide and the arrow went flying over the water and hit the bow of the boat. OMG to bow or not to bow.. what is the question?

    By mish URL on 05.28.2010

  9. I bow before you, majesty, he said on bended knee
    his bow unstrung, he bared his heart for all the world to see
    My bow untied, kimono spread, hair down in ecstasy
    We bow together now without the courtesy

    By Kat on 05.28.2010

  10. A form of respect, used throughout history to show reverence to one in higher standing or one of the opposite sex. Females have a much more difficult time doing this. Now it has become a bit of a mockery except in the highest circles or in foreign cultures. Curtsy is more difficult.

    By Caitlin in Alabama URL on 05.28.2010

  11. The bow was in place. Beautifully, magically, the notes rang out as though they were reaching forward to hug the person in front of me. The violin sang as though it had just woken up from a long nap.

    By Jacklyn URL on 05.28.2010

  12. When my brother and I were young, we used to sail sunfish at the local yacht club. I loved those days. My brother was better at sailing than me so I just stood on the bow and pretended I was flying. It was like Titanic only better. So much better.

    By KT on 05.28.2010

  13. Madonna comes to mind. i was alone, lonely but thought i awas very happy standing in the schoolyard listening to the radio, excited she was number one, vindicated, full. I was sad though. Now i know.

    By giorgos on 05.28.2010

  14. bow take a bow
    row take a row
    bough take a bough
    dough take a dough
    brow take a brow
    bow wow wow

    By Jamie URL on 05.28.2010

  15. this performance, you’ve never seen anything like it. i have made you believe. i have made you love. i have made you. it is time for me to take a bow.

    By izzy URL on 05.28.2010

  16. the red sequins lined fabric. it shone in the sunlight bouncing it back off and on to her blond hair.

    By Heather on 05.28.2010

  17. The red bow on the top of the present signified everything good and bad in his life. He had never received a Christmas gift, but that present showed that he was ready to move on with her, and to make her happy. He handed it to her with a smile and a wink, ready to live with her forever.

    By M on 05.28.2010

  18. The red bow in her hair caught my attention.

    By John on 05.28.2010

  19. Twirling and turning floating high into the sky I touch the multi coloured bow – no pot of gold!!

    By kate URL on 05.28.2010

  20. Take a bow. shakespeare said we’re the whole worlds a stage. that was a comedy. well i think that life is a tragedy and im sick of bowing.

    By caity URL on 05.28.2010

  21. bows are for children. little girls and the women who dress them, who wish they could still be them. our culture is obsessed with youth. Its a sickness an illness. and we worship it. we turn mothers against daughters and my stomach turns at the thought.

    By caity URL on 05.28.2010

  22. She walked in.
    We bowed down to the madame as she walked into the room. With an awknoweldging nod to us, she continued to the next door; waiting paitiently for us to open it for her.
    Madame was a nice lady, except for us bowing to her, she treated us as equals. Something that a normal woman of wealth would never do.

    By Ashleigh URL on 05.28.2010

  23. I bow to the Sun each morn for I am thankful that I feel it’s warmth upon my skin and that I have risen another day.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.28.2010

  24. bow. its not little bow wow. its not bow wow. its bow. And I will do just that.

    By lisa on 05.28.2010

  25. Before a queen. Before a king. Show them your respect by simply bowing to them. It’s not that hard. Pick a spot on the floor and move your face towards it by only bending your upper torso. everything else stays the same…

    By Beesnax on 05.28.2010

  26. the bow is pink and it should be black it makes me think of all the pretty girls getting pushed back into the shadows, into the trees, always forced to beg, begging on their knees, the end.

    By spg on 05.28.2010

  27. “I won’t scrape before you like one of your obsequious little toadies,” she sneered. “I may be your wife, but I don’t have to bow before you just because our parents decided I should be your whore!”

    By Heather Jackson URL on 05.28.2010

  28. I’ve always wanted to try my skills at firing a bow and arrow. Robin Hood made
    it seem such fun. Of course, I’m talking about the cartoon Robin, not the lame big screen adaptations like the most recent one. Also, it just seems like a finese weapon. Not something cheap like a gun.

    By Zidan on 05.28.2010

  29. to lean forward to show your respect.
    a form of hair accessory.

    By Madeleine on 05.28.2010

  30. Take a bow you deserve it there on center stage
    Hear the cheers here the applause its all the rage
    Take a bow my love cause now you are a star
    Take a bow because you work hard,
    and you will go far

    But please don’t forget this small town when you go towards the big city lights
    It will be a long battle for what you want so be prepared to fight
    Don’t forget sunsets and sunrises, school and the sea
    If you forget those things, you will forget me

    So embrace the crowd my love and swim in compliments
    Accept the flowers my love and take the pictures; it’s heaven sent
    I’m not angry, my love, trust me I’m not
    You deserve everything
    Don’t forget that I love you alot
    Remember what you see
    Take that bow my love, but don’t forget about me

    ((yes it was longer then 60 seconds, sorry))

    By Caitlin URL on 05.28.2010

  31. down to peace. submit. do not think. bow and love. love. love. love. you think that it is a mistake to give in to your surrounding, but it is not. do not fear death or pain, injury, for you are more than this body.

    By Anderson Reinkordt URL on 05.28.2010

  32. bow. Darüber habe ich heute schon mal geschrieben. Über Regenbögen und Rundbögen, bogenförmige Straßen und Pfeile, die vom Bogen abgeschossen werden. Na da hab ich den Bogen gerade nochmal gekriegt.

    By Lisa URL on 05.28.2010

  33. wooden tool used for shooting arrows. also the stance one takes when adressing an audience. the front of a vessel. a rainbow. a male name.

    By justin on 05.28.2010

  34. You can bow to the Queen of England or to an audience after a good performance. Bows are also found on dogs necks and on Minnie Mouses head.

    By Juliet on 05.28.2010

  35. this is the most amazing think ever happens to me this crazy little shit is totaly owfull and i dont know why,is it about the smell?? about the taste?

    By manolioC on 05.28.2010

  36. How could she bow before him knowing what he had done. Her heart began to thump wildly in her chest as she began her journey towards the floor. Her hand began to clench

    By nicola on 05.28.2010