May 27th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “bow”

  1. I will never ever bow to the corporate sharks who surround the horizon of my mind and infiltrate my future and wish me to bow. They will never win.

    By Wes Bales URL on 05.27.2010

  2. and arrow is where you go and your heart goes and all the rest of you goes with it, just you and the bow and your heart and all of you into the west, where you’ll stay where we’ll stay and all the rest of us will stay, and we’ll all be happy I promise you’ll be happy I promise.

    By J. Duke URL on 05.27.2010

  3. Bow? like bow and arrow. hair bow. bow down after a performance. makes me think of ouch. bow makes me think of fancy. like the time i use to actually put bows in my hair.

    By Your Kidd Sister on 05.27.2010

  4. when i went to japan, i was walking along a street with my mom and her friend. i saw a guard standing by a wall, and i bowed to him. he saw me and bowed extremely low, and i felt really, really awesome.

    By Laura URL on 05.27.2010

  5. to bow down to someone is to lsoe yourself entriely. I would never want to bow down to someone again in my life. My life to me means to hold myself, that is what my life goals are. I wouldn’t want to spend my self kneeling. I would rahter keep myself up. my thoughts tend to follow the idea that if

    By Jessica on 05.27.2010

  6. I bow befire you because you have power and wealth my dear. power that cant bemeasured and welath of those of 10 kingdoms combined. yes.

    By Marcela on 05.27.2010

  7. we need to bow in church?

    By Yesenia URL on 05.27.2010

  8. lights on stage
    sweat on my forehead
    as my heat beats
    time goes faster
    my blood is rushing
    on stage….
    just bow

    By Eneri Torres on 05.27.2010

  9. He bowed down to him unwillingly, knowing that he had taken the only woman he’d ever love. One day the tables would turn and the king would be bowing down to Marcus.

    By Monique F URL on 05.27.2010

  10. knot

    By jm on 05.27.2010

  11. Bow reminds me of that song Layla. You’ve got me on my knees, said Clapton. Then there’s that entire other idea of bowing in deference. We in our country, have done it before kings and super-kings. Japanese people engage in the act of bowing to this day.
    Then there’s the bow and arrow pursuit that’s been hanging fire with me for a long long time now. I want to make a bow and arrow. Why? Do I love archery? No. Its just that I want to do something different. I want to break out. There’s also the social impressions bit involved wherein I can go out and boast understatedly about how I have made a real bow and arrow!

    By Mohit on 05.27.2010

  12. i bow to you resigned. my hand outstretched in a platitude. forgiveness, you will never know. my hands outstretched will never be enough for the world’s mystery to take me in under the wings.

    By Heidi URL on 05.27.2010

  13. To bow. He bowed after his performance. After all was set and the lights dimmed. He bowed and looked straight ahead of the crowd only to see a face bowed down directly back at him, except, her face was down, and she was not enthusiastic.

    By Fluorescent Flower, Quiescent Child on 05.27.2010

  14. Did you know that after the 60 seconds, you can still type as much as you want!

    By Internet URL on 05.27.2010

  15. bow the lonely the synergy less weapon. the thing stuck between a heart valve and love place.

    By Chris Gutierrez URL on 05.27.2010

  16. Will you bow? Will you submit? Will you let the world continue as it is; unjust, hopeless, and ruled by greed? I certainly hope not.

    By dros URL on 05.27.2010

  17. I can’t move my legs, and it’s rather scary up here. I can’t breathe, and I don’t see her anywhere. Not even the claps of approval will guide me through this bow, this moral of them all.

    By Kare. URL on 05.28.2010

  18. two ways i interpret this.

    i will not bow to you, you are not my creator.

    i love this new bow, looks perfect in my hair :)

    By bellabutton URL on 05.28.2010

  19. I bowed. He bowed, it was the act of courtesy that mattered the acknoeldgement that the other needed to show and be shown politeness. So they bowed and continued with the event that they were there for: a duel.

    By awayday URL on 05.28.2010

  20. to fall upon your knees. the man fell before the woman with sincerest please, that she would indeed save his life. The queen of england swiftly rejected his requests and sent him to his death. His bowing requests were never met as he hung on the gallows.

    By thatonegirlinhawaii on 05.28.2010

  21. tonight i’m tired but restless. i’m single, gay and in my late thirties…which means i’m invisible to the outside world. i’ll just sit here with sigur ros, enjoy my artisan beer and clip my toenails…and bow out of the rat race…

    By sometimesboy on 05.28.2010

  22. Bow ties are vintage-esque. I think that guys are good-looking in them.

    By Minji Lee on 05.28.2010

  23. A simple command that emanates through the halls of once great strongholds.. or at least those that have been created at the tip of a pin.

    By JKBradley on 05.28.2010

  24. He bows his head in dejection and tears roll down his cheeks. This was his only son. As the sound of soil hits the coffin, he slowly turns around and walks away, thrusting his hands deeply into his coat pockets.

    By Evesreflections URL on 05.28.2010

  25. we rafted down the elbow, speaking silent words. he sat by, first far, and gradually closer, but still we held each other at the elbow.

    By greensmoke on 05.28.2010

  26. a tie that a man wears with a collar shirt and a nice suit or something a girl wears on the top of her head with a nice dress. a bow is also on top of gifts that you give to people during christmas

    By Kate on 05.28.2010

  27. I will always stand upright, confident of myself and never bow to anyone.

    By misstyrious URL on 05.28.2010

  28. bow. she said. but i couldn’t. bowing was a sign of weakness. so i didn’t bow. i refused. absolutely refused! she couldn’t put me down like this.

    By kestle on 05.28.2010

  29. Bow and arrow. One piece of string and one piece of stick. Stuck together until their bonds break. Forever lost. Until a new bond forms.

    By Ed on 05.28.2010

  30. It was a black bow. On one of the most prestigious men in the south with a swagger about him that said “go ahead, think what you want. I’m richer than you and I don’t give a fuck”. The swagger could be seen for miles and it was apparent on his face. He wore a white tuxedo and carried a glass suitcase.

    By Tyler Keeton on 05.28.2010

  31. i don’t know if this word is bow like in your hair or bow like something you do out of respect or like part of a boat but somehow i’m still able to write this much about one word while thoughts are going through my head…i’m confused

    By marissa on 05.28.2010

  32. bow. Rainbow. Der Regen beugt sich. Nein, falsch, der Regen beugt das Licht. Manches Licht lässt sich mehr beugen. Manches weniger. Und das sieht man dann. Denn es wird vereinzelt.

    By Eli URL on 05.28.2010

  33. He’d had a bow and arrow set as a boy that he’d had no interest in–the arrow tip a mere suction cup and not the sharp tipped, poison dunked weapon he’d envisioned when he saw it on the toy store shelf.

    By gino on 05.28.2010

  34. I never wore these in my hair but i think they could look cute. guys wear them often when in suits, and i guess you can bow to people. this word means more than one thing and I would like to try and use it in all its uses.

    By Kayli on 05.28.2010

  35. the bow was tied to tightly. it suffocated my head from the thoughts circulating constantly. i tried to untie it but it was glue there. now i walk around looking like a fool.

    By rachelk. URL on 05.28.2010

  36. When he bowed, he noticed his shoes were untied. He checked his fly. It was open. He straightened and looked her in the eye. Tried to, at least. She was gone.

    By Rian van Spaandonk on 05.28.2010

  37. It was sharp, accurate and peeled the air apart like a knife through hot butter. It was Bow!

    By Matthew on 05.28.2010

  38. Bow, a weapon, a real scary weapon. It hurts, it hurts, it really, really hurts.

    By Matthew on 05.28.2010

  39. a bow can be two things: you can bow down to somebody and you can also hold a bow and arrow, like robin hood. it all depends on the context of the sentence. .

    By dan on 05.28.2010

  40. take a bow. lets go bow hunting. weeble wobble bibble bobble.

    By melissa p URL on 05.28.2010