July 15th, 2011 | 576 Entries

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576 Entries for “cigarette”

  1. smoke a lot of smoke rising making shapes in the air

    By Ziny on 07.17.2011

  2. It dropped slowly towards the cement hitting without a sound.

    If any thing was heard during these few seconds it was the sharp exhale that he made as the cigarette dropped. Making those around glance back warily.

    By Jeshua on 07.17.2011

  3. “I’ve never tried one,” she said. “TRY! TRY IT!” said the other. She did. She threw up. Never again. Drunken nights.

    By Rachel on 07.17.2011

  4. the only reliabe friend who will never let you down,be whenever you need it with you and will always make you feel better! :)

    By Paul on 07.17.2011

  5. the cigarette is unhealthy. I actually smoke but i don`t smoke tobacco… I mix it with marihuana. The cigarettes are very expensive, so i usually buy rolling tobacco.

    By Fernando on 07.17.2011

  6. Cigarette smoking is not good for health. Yet I don’t mind smoking one or two sticks once in a while. The last time I smoked one was when I met a friend for clubbing. But getting addicted to cigarette smoking, or smoking in general, isn’t good. I can’t even imagine why someone gets addicted to it, I never gotten addicted to smoking even though I smoked many times…I think that it’s ok to smoke once in a while, for the fun of it, but never be a chain smoker.

    By Sarayoo URL on 07.17.2011

  7. H

    By brandon on 07.17.2011

  8. not healthy, but it is good to have one when stressed out. Fills your lungs for a temporary amount of time. Inhale and exhale. For a brief moment you physically feel the shit in your life go in and you exhale it out. That is how I enjoy a ciggarette.

    By Paul URL on 07.17.2011

  9. these are disgusting. they are killing people all over the word. smoking should stop. cigarettes should be illegal. it’s just my opinion. why would you waste your time and money on something so…worthless? it’s pathetic. stupid cigarettes… >.>

    By Julia on 07.17.2011

  10. Cigarettes are disgusting! They make you have yellow teeth, bad breath, dirty lungs, you could get heart failure, lung diseases! DONT DO CIGARETTES!!!!! Its not cool! its actually very unappealing! Its very trashy, and gross!

    By Juliana R. URL on 07.17.2011

  11. Ew. Smoking is gross. It does remind me of this movie with Aaron Eckhart in it, “Thank You For Smoking.” That was a really good movie. That’s what I would do with my life if I could, I’d just talk bullshit to pursuade people. Working for Marbolo might be morally incorrect, but I think something of a similar nature might be okay.

    By AsTallAsCliffs URL on 07.17.2011

  12. It’s a killer. It takes your breathe away. Thousands die from it every day. Cigarette smoke fills the air, silently choking those around the dangerous substance. The cigarette is a weapon that kills not just the smoker, but the people close to the smoker. The cigarette is nothing but a tempting weapon we all too willingly accept.

    By Airabella Grace Finch URL on 07.17.2011

  13. Cigarette lit. My plans to quit. I know I will I know I’ll soon forget them. DAVE MATTHEWS ARRRRRRGH

    By Andrew Duback on 07.17.2011

  14. A dirty disgusting thing. Kills people. Causes death. Evil. Addictive.

    By rebecca URL on 07.17.2011

  15. i just dunno why people smoke…cigarettes suck!
    they say it gives them a ‘kick’…but i’d say it kicks out the life out of them!!
    It looks good in adverts…but not when someone actually puffs it!

    By Prathamesh on 07.17.2011

  16. Smoking is active corruption. What a way to ruin perfectly good air and perfectly good lungs. It isn’t quite death on a stick, it is death as a stick. Is anyone a better business partner than the Reaper? Profit is a fine justification.

    By Jess on 07.17.2011