December 3rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “both”

  1. we sat there, staring at each other in silence. Both of us knew what point we were at. I don’t know if either one of us could say how we got here. But it was over and there was no confusion anymore. He had made sure of that.

    By Danielle on 12.03.2012

  2. Both. Two. Both of you together look lovely. Both of those things look splendid together. Is both together? B O T H. A pair.

    By Emily on 12.03.2012

  3. Both of the options were unfortunate: piss in the cup or piss in my pants.

    By Hannah on 12.03.2012

  4. of us will be in blue or sweet or okay
    in blue in blue in magnifies
    here you and i both

    By olalalainabox on 12.03.2012

  5. Two of alike. Me and you. Together. Never alone. Two of the same thing. Alive and dead. Both here and there. Both of us.

    By kira on 12.03.2012

  6. both of us – sounds nice. i wish it can come sooner that phrase… both of us attended the party. both of us went to that restaurant. both of us drank tea. when will that come i wonder….

    By Lunais on 12.03.2012

  7. both of us stroll down the same path, but we walk in opposite directions. i go down the road to redemption. you follow the path to enlightenment.

    By Haley Kuhlmann on 12.03.2012

  8. the two of them decided that their love was real, it was both of them against the world and that’s just they way they liked it. Someday they’d live happily, even if they had to struggle for now.

    By Kristina on 12.03.2012

  9. of us will be in blue or sweet or okay
    in blue in blue in blue magnifies
    here you and i both

    By olala on 12.03.2012

  10. Both of us could only stare at the horror before us. No one, not even the worst of people, should have to go through what all these people did. Most were dead; those who were still alive looked lifeless, as if they had no reason to live anymore anyway. We could not believe the suffering these people had gone through just for one man’s tyranny.

    By Rena on 12.03.2012

  11. together , united , they complete each other and make each other happy. they have similarities and differences. romantic

    By Maria fe on 12.03.2012

  12. We both met in the misty times of wilderness, when the past had stood there waiting for the frozen memories that made the soul real cold. Holding each-other we both looked…

    By jk on 12.03.2012

  13. Both of us had heard the song before. We didn’t want to say anything for fear the instructor would be disappointed.

    By anthony URL on 12.03.2012

  14. Both were looking for the answer. Secretly neither of them had the words for what needed to be said to fix the brokenness of what used to be a relationship. Each day was a struggle—a back and forth of emotions fused with hateful words. Both wanted it back, both wanted the spark to still exist, but there came a day when both realized their love could not be rekindled…

    By T on 12.03.2012

  15. both of us were young.
    too young to know what we had gotten into.
    friends were simply friends
    not boys or girls,
    just friends
    when you’re that young.
    play and laugh and yell,
    mud fights, and tree forts,
    everything seemed right.

    never one to embrace the dollies,
    I would always play sports
    whith you and others at recess, and
    as years passed,
    you and I grew closer;
    ‘best friends. Forever!’
    we would proclaim,
    as our friends fell in love and
    had their hearts broken.
    life has a way of throwing curveballs

    I don’t know when it started,
    my stomach flip-flopping
    when I heard your voice;
    your distinct step;
    your smile.
    when you kissed her,
    my heart shattered
    rebuilding when you called to me.
    I hid it well thugh,
    keeping our friendship intact,
    if not strained by a jealous girl.

    ‘this isn’t how things should have gone’
    I think and thik and think,
    turning over in my bed.

    I’d ask you why you broke up,
    but you already told me.
    You fell in love with someone else,
    not your gilfriend,
    just a friend,
    that happens to be
    a girl.
    She stole your heart long ago.
    and then you make me guess.

    you know how to drive the knife deeper.
    but I’ll play.
    because you need me to,
    just a little fun,
    before my heart snaps in two.

    we play,
    and I learn about this girl,
    you love so much.
    You’ve known her for what seems like
    she plays by her own rules,
    having mud fights, climbing trees,
    sneaking about when she thinks no one is looking,
    but you were;
    she can stop your heart with a single smile;
    she’s as laid back as can be,
    and will take an old T-shirt and jeans
    over the most fabulous dress in the world,
    any day of the week.
    She loves to daydream,
    and will never say no to a good gost story.

    I’m not stupid,
    just misrable,
    somewhere in my mind
    a flicker of hope ignites,
    only to be snuffed out by your next answer

    ‘I’ve loved her forever,
    but I she’s only seen me as a friend.’
    you’ll always have
    a chance with me.
    you swing upside-down from the branch.
    somehow we wandered into the woods
    during our little
    heart-wrenching game.
    ‘what would you do? if you liked a guy
    you’ve know your whole life,
    would you tell him?’

    I don’t know if my voice will work.
    ‘I-I think that until you tell her, you’ll never know.
    you have to leap.’
    that wasn’t bad.

    you laugh
    ‘Even if I ever stood a chance,
    I blew it the moment I went out with the girl she hates.’
    I hated your ex.
    she was terrible,
    and cheated.
    I didn’t want you to get hurt.
    ‘We had a huge fight over it and everything.’

    this isn’t right.
    you can’t like me.

    you flip down and sit
    with your knees up,
    running a hand through your hair.
    I so totally blew it.
    You don’t have to say anything.’
    you smile,
    like you would remembering
    a good pet that died.
    ‘that last clue was a dead give away’
    you say.

    By all4imagination on 12.03.2012

  16. both
    and together they are,
    every single one of them both together.
    Together and never apart from each other they are.
    not alone.

    By Bradley Williams on 12.03.2012

  17. at one time it was the both of us. I loved her and she loved me. We both loved each other. now we’re both alone. but no matter what happens to either of us, we both have those memories

    By Kyle Williams on 12.03.2012

  18. I wanted to go to the beach with both of my loved ones. They were both stubborn out of it though. I wish they were more active. Skating, surfing, longboarding, getting ice cream, all of it would have been fun to do with them.

    By melon on 12.03.2012

  19. I don’t like the word both. Let’s change it to the word bother. It’s kind of similar isn’t it? It’s such a bother that these words are so basic. I get that is allows people to use it in their own way, but COME ON, we need something that inspires us to write masterpieces…and the word both is definitely not it.

    By Kerry on 12.03.2012

  20. I am not strong enough today, and i doubt i will be tomorrow. but, i promise you, one day, i’ll be strong enough for the both of us.

    Will you marry me?

    By Julia Warclef on 12.03.2012

  21. Both of them were about to jump when all of a sudden they heard someone screaming. As they were locating were the scream was coming from it started

    By yani on 12.03.2012

  22. In it
    We are both
    Bothering everyone’s individuality
    We walk as one
    As we both chose to

    By Mathilde37 on 12.03.2012

  23. We were both each other. We were always together, even when we weren’t.

    By littleredowl on 12.03.2012

  24. You tied a knot on the back of your hand, and turned your skin inside out so I could see you weren’t holding back. But you’ve untied that knot, telling me i’m not worth it.

    By leah URL on 12.03.2012

  25. me and you
    all of yall
    alot nice than one
    not lonely
    you and me
    not alone
    a pair of us together
    them two
    those two objects
    those two things
    those two people
    not only one

    By maya on 12.03.2012

  26. Both the sun and the moon shared one last glance. The sun exclaimed to the moon, “Your gentle loveliness shines brighter than I ever could. You make couples dance beneath your beams, nature sings at your arrival, you wrap a blanket of security around Earth’s curves.” At this, the moon couldn’t help but whisper, “But, Sun, you’re forgetting that you bring warmth to desperate hearts, nurture vegetation, envelop smiles with your endearing rays of light.”

    By Deborah Lin on 12.03.2012

  27. Mind and body. how can we reconcile our mind and body? the body i have today is not the body i had yesterday, and every atom in my body is different from what they were ten days ago. yet i say my body is constant, granting the weight fluctuations of a teenage boy, which i wish went upward not downward.

    By kurtseph on 12.03.2012

  28. The word both makes me think of a couple, or siblings. I am now not particularly fond of the word both, because I want something more interesting to write about on this site.. However I keep getting this word… More words please.

    By Samara Ashling on 12.03.2012

  29. I can remember it all so clearly. We were just doing our thing. As we did everyday that summer. When we first starting chumming together it was a pleasant feeling. You know when you first meet somebody and you think This guys cool, I made a new friend and I’m damn glad of it. How wrong I was though.

    By Lucas101 on 12.03.2012

  30. both of we’re neither friends nor enemies we are just a bunch of strangers with great memories. that’s what they say.

    By wham on 12.03.2012

  31. we are both alone when we’re apart. we are both nothing without each other. we both grew up in the same town. I wish I could be there now. I miss you.

    By jen on 12.03.2012

  32. both. two people. we both feel the same. its an insane idea, that two peoples minds can synch up and understand one another, when most of the time i cant understand my own.

    By joan on 12.03.2012

  33. both of us wanted to speak
    wanted to make contact with
    another life form who may or may not end up being just like we thought
    someone who we could fall for maybe

    By Liz on 12.03.2012



    By TUSHAR on 12.03.2012

  35. My twin sister who died, how the both of us as children where always together, the feeling of having her in my life, the empty feeling without her, the nights spent up giggling the good times, knowing i will never be part of that again with her

    By emily URL on 12.03.2012

  36. It takes two hands to clap. It’s never just about what I’m not. It’s also about what you won’t let me be. You need both hands, because it takes two.

    By cherryade on 12.03.2012

  37. . . .Both of them gaze upon the full radiant moon as they lay in the tall dark grass. A gentle breeze rustled the tree leaves of the forest around them. The distant roar of waves came from the bottom of the steep rocky height that they were settled on. Damian turned his focus to the vibrant stars glistening in the mirror of Samara’s eyes.
    His needle-like fangs peered out as he gave a sly smirk to himself while he took in the view of paled skin, and the glimmer of her lengthy silk black hair. He seized her hand in his and pulled it up to his lips. With a peck he whispered softly ” Forever in death.”

    Twas the end of the beginning.

    By SabakuNoSamara on 12.03.2012

  38. To be both happy and sad provides contrast. This contrast in turn teaches individuals to both understand and appreciate the more positive emotion, happiness. Fret not the negative, it will pass and happiness will follow.

    By Ian Braudaway on 12.03.2012

  39. both of them are lying there, hands locked, jaws locked. Still remembering, even though it’s usually hard to recall. Recall what happens the night before, or before that. When something is left in the air between them. Both, staring – lying there

    By Kayleigh on 12.03.2012

  40. Both of us need a change.
    Both of us need space.
    Both of us are going insane.
    All this pain,
    just hurts my brain.
    Please stay.
    Both of us need to stay.
    The both of

    By Jackie on 12.03.2012