December 3rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “both”

  1. we both is a working relationship you work together no matter what you try and make things work. you don’t allow each other to lose sight of whats important. expectaly when it comes to a friendship. never think to big of yourself and never live your life blind it takes to and both of each other to make it work.

    By Hannah URL on 12.03.2012

  2. Both of us are serious. We have defined ideas of right and wrong and how the world should work. We both want to be successful at what we do and strive to find passion in our lives. Both of us get mad when the other seems not to be taking this as seriously as we wish. Both of us have goals and dreams that n

    By LG on 12.03.2012

  3. Both of us had a stake in the outcome, but neither of us was willing to make the investment necessary. In the end, we both lost.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.03.2012

  4. both of them beautiful in their own way.
    neither of them criticizing angrily.
    both of them loving faithfully.

    By ardent bowel URL on 12.03.2012

  5. Both of us are happy and warm, in front of the fire. The walk was cold and rainy but he held the umbrella and we sat under the big oak tree on the top of the hill and cuddled. We were warm there, too. I’m warm when I’m with him.

    By M URL on 12.03.2012

  6. both. The couple sitting in the booth. both slightly leaning away from each other, both looking uncomfortable. not wanting to be their. alone in their misery. they are not “Both”.

    By Maggie on 12.03.2012

  7. We are not the same
    We are not the same
    We are the same kind of
    Maybe we are different
    We can fill the same tub can we
    Bathe in the same water
    Rinse our hair of all the yells
    Fingernails dig into the scalps
    I’d like that a lot sister

    By K.B. on 12.03.2012

  8. i think of two people together holding hands looking away from one another sitting on a bench or something staring into bright light. I can’t see their faces, I can just see their hands entwined old and worn illuminated by the light in front of them.

    By derek on 12.03.2012

  9. We need love. We need hugs and we need to be with people. But then we need to be alone. We drink coffee and fall in love with words. We find ourselves in music. Walk the city streets.

    By Nastya on 12.03.2012

  10. of us? it’s been to long. There’s less than one less without you, my dear.

    By Dinah B =] URL on 12.03.2012

  11. Both of us can make our own choices and still come out on the same path. I need time to find where I need to be. If we ever want more “both of us” then we both need more time alone to find that ourselves.

    By Lacy URL on 12.03.2012

  12. Both my mind and body were frozen with fear.
    “You lay one finger on her…”
    The man cocked the gun.
    Without my even being aware of it, I was already there. My arm threw his chest, or what should have been my arm, but was now a two foot bone blade where it should have been.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 12.03.2012

  13. Both he and i, both her and me. Along for the ride we go. Both here and there, near or far the way you can not know.

    By garrison on 12.03.2012

  14. You and I. We are both. The word itself has no real meaning, but when the two of us are placed aside one another, nothing is impossible. The world is ours for the taking, and we mean to do just that. You and I, we are both everything and nothing at the same time.

    By Alex Joseph on 12.03.2012

  15. Both of them were tall and graceless. They stood stiff and rigid as a ships board, creaking in the sullen wind. One said to the other, why that we might up root our feet and wander about this land. This is not a land worth proceeding upon brother, the pink ones have sodomized her.

    By Roddy URL on 12.03.2012

  16. both of us will go there together and be happy with the life we’ll work to have and to maintain there. Here is alright and good but we can do better and we should. Come with me to this place my love. I will never leave you

    By Patrick Hastings on 12.04.2012

  17. They both ran to the end of the railing, and looked down the long mining shaft.It was dark, and bottomless. A fear tears slid down their cheeks to search the depths of the chasm below them

    By Emily on 12.04.2012

  18. we are both one, in this world. who is to say that we need to have individual desires. our passions should be shared, not only with oursevles but those we love and those we cherish. we both enjoy the sun setting, and the enjoyment of seeing other people happy. why are we not sharing that desire with everyone, instead of living in our selfish world, let us live as both.

    By Melissa on 12.04.2012

  19. both people can be good to each other or both can make one hate the other! at the end of the day, both have a chance to have their sins washed away. Redemption is possible For one, all and both.

    By Grace Crosby on 12.04.2012

  20. we are both one, in this world. who is to say that we need to have individual desires. our passions should be shared, not only with ourselves but those we love and those we cherish. we both enjoy the sun setting, and seeing other people happy. why are we not sharing that desire with everyone, instead of living in our selfish world, let us live as both.

    By happinessisawarmgun URL on 12.04.2012

  21. there was a smoking young man at the vestibule. wishing sadness in his eyes. both of us wondered why we were here. but of us soft of tried.

    that’s when we knew. that’s when she didn’t come. as long as we were there. she never did. both but alone.

    By Matty M. on 12.04.2012

  22. both parts of my mind are fighting over who will claim the power.dark and light im on the verge of going over board, but i cant handle the boring realness of tghe light.its a battle I will face forever bot are fight both are desperate, bu ti think dark is slowly creeping its way in to the lime light, but both stll have a long fight in front of them

    By sarah miller on 12.04.2012

  23. They both felt ready. They’d been wanting this for so long. Today just seemed like the right day. It was as if the planets had all aligned, and the odds were in their favor. They’d been trying for months to have a baby, but they’d had no luck so far. The doctors said that it would be impossible for them to have any children, but that didn’t deter them. They traveled all over the world in search of hope. They met with midwives, shamans, sorcerers, and anyone else whom they thought could help. Finally on a journey to Africa they met with an old woman who was running a little sweet shop overheard their woes, and told them that she could be of help to them. She had special baked goods that when consumed would make the woman fertile to bear children. Most would consider this ridiculous, and an act of trickery, but not them. They were desperate, and after everything they’d seen this seemed pretty normal. So, they followed her into the back room, and she said it was a recipe that had been passed down from woman to woman in her family. When a woman pure of heart who truly desires children consumes the pastries, then she’ll become fertile. The old woman warned the anxious wife to only consume one during a full moon, for if she consumed any more, then chaos would occur. So, now she was finally ready. It was the first full moon of the month, and she took a bite from the cake, and another. She couldn’t stop herself. She’d never tasted anything so incredibly delicious in her mouth before. It was an ecstasy of pleasure, and before she realized it she’d eaten the dozen cakes. Panic-stricken, she didn’t know what to do. Why did the old woman give her more cakes if she knew she could only have just one? She decided not to tell her husband, so that he wouldn’t worry. Maybe the old lady made everything up, and it was all just a big superstition. She probably wasn’t even going to get pregnant at this point. Days passed, and soon she realized she’d gotten pregnant. With all the joy, and commotion going on, she never stopped to think about the magical pastries she’d eaten until the day the baby was born. The baby seemed normal, but there was something different about him; you could feel it. Then later as the weeks drew closer, and closer to the full moon it was clear that this was no ordinary baby. The mother horrified, and in shock saw her tiny baby turn into a furry werewolf cub. Her husband abandoned them, and the future looked grim for mother, and cub, yet somehow the werewolf managed to weave himself into human mythology, and is a creature never forgotten. So, that is how the werewolf came to be.

    By Romina on 12.04.2012

  24. there was a soft kindness in her sad sighs. she called to me. i came as fast as i could.

    a summer’s day. a sky grounded in cloudy thoughts. we wished that day. we wished we were apart.

    but both of us sat. together. cloudy day. just like us.

    By Matty M. on 12.04.2012

  25. Both is a simple word but it has so much meaning; togetherness, unity, strength, a bond. When someone uses the word both, they include another in their plans, hopes, dreams and lives. It is a reassuring word to hear.

    By Alyse on 12.04.2012

  26. two people both of them are wearing red clothes. both have glasses.both their glasses are geeky. both is a term to denote two individuals /places or blah. both of

    By Anindita on 12.04.2012

  27. Both of us deserve better and it is only the both of us that can give it to each other. There is no one of us in ‘both’. We are together , incomplete without each other and all we need is each other to be complete.

    By hazel on 12.04.2012

  28. Both of us. Both of them. The word really means and emulates the state of being with. The state of not being alone. Of being part of a single entity consisting of two people. Two creatures that have, for some cosmic reason, come together to form one.

    By Lara on 12.04.2012

  29. Both you and I have blue eyes, which resemble the skies at its sunniest days. We both have the same apetite for pineapple pizza, resembling both our unique tastes in delicious foods. Oh, what a great pair we are, and how much greater we must be in the future.

    By Danielle on 12.04.2012

  30. Twixt the two of us, we sit. Every one of each of both of us is here. The noise of space between a pair is exquisite. Even twins don’t see it. Why the two, when one is once?

    By Narjas Carrington-Windo URL on 12.04.2012

  31. Everything was perfect, Both of us could go one forever. Both of us failed to love as we knew we could and ended in horror

    By Samantha on 12.04.2012

  32. If both of us will work together, we can accomplish many things that you’ve never imagine.Hand in long as it’s you…

    By Ces on 12.04.2012

  33. They both looked sad as they left the house. He entered into his car as she walked down the street. They could not resolve their differences. They did not know how to fix the problem. She believed her feelings trumped his request. He wished she would listen more to his simple question. She was treating him like the enemy when in fact he was her hero.

    By Crisnole URL on 12.04.2012

  34. its not yours its not mine, its us both. We decided to do this we both needed it, wanted it craved it. Yes it was destined to happen, when you walked in the room I instantly felt you, when I danced with anyone else you r body begged to claim me as your own. It was only a matter of time, but baby it was always us both.

    By Jen URL on 12.04.2012

  35. We are both kids. He’s 2 years older than me. He’s 12 years younger than me.

    By Offrampq URL on 12.04.2012

  36. They both fell asleep crying. Separate reasons, of course, the reasons were always separate. They hadn’t shared a specific emotion in years. Shame.

    By StylesJe URL on 12.04.2012

  37. They sat in the head teacher’s office, Frankie in tears, Charlie nonchalant and uncaring. Frankie hadn’t been there before, it was big, scary and smelt ever so softly of coffee. He didn’t like coffee.

    By StylesJe URL on 12.04.2012

  38. I wanted both. Both lives of security and freedom. As time is getting away from me…

    By pow on 12.04.2012

  39. and at the end of the night, they left. like two birds in the night. laughing and dreaming of what could be. but they knew. that even together. no matter how much they felt, could never be together. for 3 months is all they had. and 3 months is all they will have.

    By ann on 12.04.2012

  40. Both – is for you and I “together”
    Both make a b’ful world
    Both make life exciting and full of fun
    Both rely, care, trust each other. That trust maket you and I – Both!

    By Ketaky on 12.04.2012