February 2nd, 2011 | 188 Entries

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188 Entries for “boost”

  1. I had a week to go with treatment. When the doctor’s assistant asked me what I thought my treatment was all about, I told her it is the physical boost to match my emotional height.

    By Bryan Hollister URL on 02.02.2011

  2. Boost mobile. booster seats. i worked in a restaurant where we had to bring out booster seats. they were from the 70’s and i always had to joke about how they were ‘brand new’ . they were obviously old. and a chocolate colored thick plastic. yea. never got old.

    By anna on 02.02.2011

  3. I remember when I was a little girl and too short to see over anything. Crowds and tables alike were enemies to my vertically challenged-self. My father would sometimes pick me up and put me on his shoulders to see over the crowds, and my mother would always make sure I had a booster seat ready at whichever restaurant we ventured to.
    Today, I am tall, and I am able to stand on my own feet. But I’m still thankful to my parents for the boost.

    By Annie URL on 02.02.2011

  4. I cannot believe she wouldn’t lift her daughter to the fence line so she could see the elephants. With a little boost, very little effort at all really, her precious little bundle could have had a glimpse, but no. That bitch refused to lift her daughter because she’s afraid she might break a nail. You must be willing to give if you’re going to be a parent.

    By Mark on 02.02.2011

  5. boost, I think of confidence. I think of how when someone gives me a compliment it puts a smile on my face, brightens my day. I also think of a rocket, shooting in to the sky, aiming for the moon, seeing the stars so close that you could reach out and touch one. What would it feel like? I would hope that it would be glittery and cold.

    By sara edminsten URL on 02.02.2011

  6. The moral of the men got a boost from the luscious woman. Her hard nipples protruding from her tight (yet thick) woolen, white sweater. There was a cat-call in the crowd. It was erroneous, but not unexpected.

    By kevin on 02.02.2011

  7. is the secret of my energy. Cant help but think about the brand

    By Balendu on 02.02.2011

  8. boost me up on top in the rain, hard crack of drops falling down with the pain, yellow rubber ducky’s swimming again in my head laughing at the boost

    By goodbeebuzz URL on 02.02.2011

  9. Holy shit. What gave me the boost to start talking to you again, damn, I don’t fucking know. But let’s hope my head doesn’t get in the way this time. And that my heart doesn’t get broken in the end?

    By Mei#1 URL on 02.03.2011

  10. I couldn’t reach the rock. I reached at far as I could, but could not grab hold of the rock. I was getting tired. I needed to find another rock to give me a boost, or I will certainly fall.

    By Luke URL on 02.03.2011

  11. I think the boost she needed was blue. In fact it was the only kind of boost you could buy any more – the red ones long out of production. But down to the newsagents she went, ignoring the twixes and crunchies, and in a rich Yorkshire accent asked for “a blue Boost please”.

    By richard c URL on 02.03.2011

  12. Words of praise boosted her confidence and bumped her higher and higher in the ranks of esteem, higher, higher, so high that she feared the height. There comes a point when confidence becomes arrogance, and she risks falling to the ground utterly bruised.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.03.2011

  13. to boost something is to make it greater than it already is. This can be either quantitative or qualitative. For example, the fee for a parking ticket can be boosted if you fail to pay it. That would be an example of a quantitative boost.

    By will on 02.03.2011

  14. well that was really a great boost to my esteem, i mean really? first tell me that my business is top of the class to just immediately turn down all my designs? really though, what does that tell me? I’m good enough for the game but not quite good enough for you?

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.03.2011

  15. boost confidence and positive energy!live so that you give life a boost. boost chances that people have by bening helpful and positive. boost bey being healthy, eating heal

    By Rama on 02.03.2011

  16. i wish i could boost my self-esteem. i wish i could realize how great i am. but i dont see it. at all. everyone always says, sydney this sydney that. however, i see nothing. i lost everything after i lost you. i have a boyfriend now. but in reality noone will compare to you.

    By sydney on 02.03.2011

  17. I could do with one of those – given that it’s early (for me – I suppose many people will have been working for hours, while I’m still reaching for the coffee, hoping that it will give me the boost I need to feel like a Thursday).

    By joey URL on 02.03.2011

  18. It’s the way to get a leg-up, to get ahead, to make something of yourself. It gets you to space, it gets you to the future, boost is the best thing you could hope for. It inspires hope, it inspires travel, it inspire happiness. Boost yourself now.

    By Nick URL on 02.03.2011

  19. boost my ego and yours all over the place roost in my perch and make me see all there is to see, the passion and life of your integrity is my only understanding live and let live the epicness of our existence is only in memory of the existence to come or yet to be.

    By Jolene on 02.03.2011

  20. i wish i had more things to boost my confidence. i don’t really have much. i mean.. people say that i’m great, but so what. enh. fuck confidence boosts. what i really think of when i hear the world boost is those protein boost thingies they offer at Jamba Juice. don’t ask why.

    By starcrosser URL on 02.03.2011

  21. you need help the help to lift you up from your misery. not the type of “boost” physically, you can get that from your mother. a boost from your lover, your best friend. because that’s all that matters.

    By Hannah on 02.03.2011

  22. She boosted me up, wrapping her thin arms around my legs and hoisting me up the icy granite wall. Even through my thick winter clothes, I could feel her face pressed behind my kneecaps.

    By Sophie URL on 02.03.2011

  23. “Give me a boost,” James told Margrave. “Come on. Let’s see what’s up here.”
    “What will you see?” asked Margrave.
    “Does it really matter?”

    By DJ Pollard on 02.03.2011

  24. boost is the sound trumpets make in the dark. you dont know what is going on but you do so anyway. Hey give me a boost. Now were inside. TAKE EVERYTHING. run+ hide. !!!

    By molly on 02.03.2011

  25. Ooh a new word today, thought it was going to be darkroom again and I was going to have to satirise oneword for only seeming to have one word. But no, we have a new word. That’ll give us a create …

    By Maria URL on 02.03.2011

  26. goes up
    higher energy
    a word with double o
    word with two eyes

    By Kashif on 02.03.2011

  27. damn! I have to check the dictionary, if it’s not a quick increase in smth. I’m thinking of 60s

    By Fedor URL on 02.03.2011

  28. It’s elegance and poise we think of when it comes to ballerinas, of grace and delicacy. No one considers that, though they appear to float, they take off like rockets and shake the stage like thunder as they land.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 02.03.2011

  29. ‘Boost !’ she said, ‘ a bit of boost is what we all need at our age.’ Proffering bras big enough to swing two melons in she smiled her perfect smile, demolished the remains of my self-confidence.

    By montydog46 URL on 02.03.2011

  30. At the end of it all, at the end of every day and the beginning of every night, the one thought is-have I done anything to change the world in any small way? Have a even been able to boost the confidence of one person? A small thought, a big action, a lifelong commitment to every individual we meet

    By lorna campbell on 02.03.2011

  31. Boosting a rocket is tough business. The rocket doesnt boost itself, you gotta put stuff in it (the fuel) and then let it expand and push it out the other side. Because of newtons law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so the force of the booster pushes the rocket upwards by dropping expanded gas downwards. Interesting huh?

    By Ian URL on 02.03.2011

  32. The lady had the biggest breasts I had ever seen — they loomed over me like two giant pigs on a balcony. I felt giddy –she bent over me — are you okay she said in a concerned voice — I gargled — she bent further – I passed out, her words sighing in my ears -do you suffer from vertigo, dear?

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 02.03.2011

  33. The jet engines strapped to the sides of the car looked so big that they were almost in danger of falling off. They revved, they roared, their backsides puckered with flame, and as he got into the driver’s seat, he thought, Yeah, yeah, just what I need.

    By rtperson URL on 02.03.2011

  34. Boost.

    Faster… faster… faster…

    We feel like we’re reaching heights we’ve never reached before.

    We feel our hearts racing…

    RACING… faster…. faster…

    Your kiss is like a boost to my emotion.

    Making our hearts race faster…

    Giving me that boost to reach my dreams.

    By Christopher URL on 02.03.2011

  35. i could do with a boost, i think there used to be a chocolate bar of the same name ,you ate it thinking that afterwards you woud really have felt like you had a good boost

    By write one URL on 02.03.2011

  36. boost makes me think a drink it makes me think of have a good day is also like someone helping you have the beest day u can ifu dont ferel well u might need a boost si u can feel well jhheeezzzzzz its like ta drink

    By faruq on 02.03.2011

  37. boost duk out Dont come round errr =uss mandem will kill round errr Duunoooeeeee

    By faruq on 02.03.2011

  38. He held onto her foot as she scrambled up the ledge giving her the final push she needed to make it over the edge.

    By latenac URL on 02.03.2011

  39. Sometimes I need a little boost whenever I feel down. I’ll boost you up, no matter what, and turn your day around.

    By Caitlin URL on 02.03.2011

  40. i need a boost to reach teh higest shelves in my house. I am short , i was born this way and i caanot helpit. DOnt laught ame jsut because im short and i need a boost, everyone needs a boost at some point in their life

    By Lucy on 02.03.2011