August 2nd, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “boiling”

  1. She could feel herself getting hotter at the sight of him, and she couldn’t help but wonder when he’d got so good looking. This attraction she had to him, was reaching boiling point.

    By Emily Beth URL on 08.03.2011

  2. boiling is word that describes mostly water stages.if you heat water it can eat egg by boiling.boiling is so hot tha

    By serkan on 08.03.2011

  3. hot water noodles london bitches bitches get stitches i hate people that make me mad because so many are conceded and irritating i don’t want to be so pessimistic but i am this has nothing to do with boiling this is awfu, hot hot heat is an ok band I prentend to listen to them more than I actually do tho with

    By molly jo on 08.03.2011

  4. the boiling hot water bubbled up from the bottom of the pan. the macaroni struggled to push their way to the top. there was a loud beeping sound. the pasta was ready. but, wait, where’s the cheese? as Ashley scrambled to race to the fridge to pour the succuluent yellow cheddar, to melt onto the macaroni, she realized they were out…

    By Chelsea on 08.03.2011

  5. He is the worst guy I’ve ever known. He picks his nose, which is disgusting, he does horribly in school, and doesn’t try at all, and yet he’s still got those great looks of his, and that attitude that makes the girls swoon.
    He leaves me boiling MAD!
    But I still love him too much to care.

    By Mary URL on 08.03.2011

  6. The boiling water was a signal the doorway to a new world. The world where all of her dreams could come true. A world of fantasy and science fiction the world of the doctor. The greatest man she had ever met. The only man she had ever loved.

    Removing the boiling kettle from the stove she waited with baited breath for the man she only knew, as the doctor.

    By george on 08.03.2011

  7. is when im in the room. umadlol

    By bob on 08.03.2011

  8. Boiling


    I drove through a town with that name years ago. The directions I was given consisted of phrases like “Turn left at the cornfield,” “Turn right at the bungalows,” and “There’s no traffic light in our town, but we do have *one* stop sign!”

    – I felt like I was driving through a cross between a Stephen King movie and the Twilight Zone.

    It’s changed since then, which makes me sad in some ways. I’m not big on change. Especially when it saps a place of its charm.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 08.03.2011