August 1st, 2011 | 430 Entries

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430 Entries for “root”

  1. The root of all evil is money. Thats the first thing that comes to mind when I see the word ‘root’. But the word ‘root’ means so much in so many different ways. It can symolize family and life. When I sit and think about the word ‘root’ its evident to me that family, friends, music, money, and God are deep in my roots. Yes, it seems contradictory to have money and God in the same sentence and breath, but money solves a lot of issues, in a good sense. I am the type of person who is always thinking about his future and wondering how I am going to achieve something. So make no mistak that even though I am on 20 years old (21 in 13 days), I have already started putting myself in position to make sure my future family is in good standing and wont have to worry about having food on the table.

    By Doh on 08.02.2011

  2. about a boar who snuffles for truffles and sneaks his nose beneath the tree, and lives for the scent that pays his master’s rent and feasts when he can on the sweet fungal meat of the root.

    By kneel on 08.02.2011

  3. I wish I knew all the answers to the problems to our world troubles. Then maybe we could get down to the root of the evils in this world.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.02.2011

  4. “see here, the root of the problem is you. without your choice to leave, everyone would have been alright. this family tree might have stayed together, but you twisted it and shriveled it, drawing up poison from the soil and killing the entire beautiful tree. now our brother hates you, our father cheated on mom, and no one wants to live within two thousand miles of each other. it’s all your fault.”

    or so I’ve been told. that’s what my sister said to me two years ago. that I was the root of the problem.

    By kelly on 08.02.2011

  5. Everything has it’s root. A thought, stems from something else, that stems from another, that stems from another. When you have an issue, you need to find the root, so you can get rid of it. But you have to remember, some roots grow as weeds, others blossom as flowers.

    By Ana on 08.02.2011

  6. roots deeply in the ground
    never revealing what is above it
    keeping us grounded
    but eventually coming up
    and showing us that everything
    comes to an end
    but always growing down

    By Erin on 08.02.2011

  7. the root of the root, the bud of the bud.
    we all stem from somewhere.
    And what we take up it cleanses our soul
    or it condemns us to wither to rot and to perish

    By annie on 08.02.2011

  8. the root of the plant goes deep into the ground anchoring it in place against the winds of time. It nourishes it with water gathered deep and stores food for times of scarcity. The roots a of a plant, deep beneath the surface, are the very essence of what it is we see .

    By Christi McCully on 08.02.2011

  9. roots the strong hold of the forest giants. the under belly of the under ground world. with out them there would be no structure to the earth around us.

    By Lydia on 08.02.2011

  10. Roots are what makes your life what it is. loose your roots and loose your sense of wonder. Roots can be a family or a group of friends, but never loose them. Keep true to your roots and you will remain true to yourself.

    By Sydney Albrecht URL on 08.02.2011

  11. My roots are Chinese roots that came allllll the way from China and I’m proud of having such a long history and actually have a whole book back there where they recorded the entire family history! :) Since we are on the topic, we were also the ones that founded a very valuable and expensive and nutritious roots called the Ginseng. Lol.

    By moonlite_forest on 08.02.2011

  12. vegetables and trees. Underground. Putting down roots. Staying in one place. Not moveable. Sends a message of permanence. The deepest cause of something; its core. The name of a character in a book I’ve been trying to finish for years. Something a baby does when it’s hungry. Somehow a beginning word; a staple in biological behaviouriour

    By Jenn URL on 08.02.2011

  13. The root of a tree is the source of it’s life. It allows the tree to absorb nutrients and water without this the tree would die and thus is the source of life for the tree

    could also relate to the beginning of a problem

    By Jo on 08.02.2011

  14. The root of all evil. Getting to the root of the problem. Root vegetables. Root around. Putting down roots. Spreading your roots.

    By Patty URL on 08.02.2011

  15. root. something that is meant to hold steady, hold fast. root. a piece of past, maybe? for a person anyways. where theyre from, their background. a source of identity. root. digs deep and secure. something that stays and doesnt change except to become more significant. root.

    By Julia Anastasia URL on 08.02.2011

  16. yo no se que es root pero lo puedo buscar en el diccionario, como es ingles pues ni idea pero eso no es un problema porque estoy probando esta herramienta para mis alumnos en verano, lo que ya tiene merito esto no tiene acentos asi que no se puede hacer nada a derechas pero todo este tiempo tiene un minuto por dios que acabe ya que no

    By blogma on 08.02.2011

  17. I can’t believe i trippe dover it. I didn’t see that tree root sticking u out of hte ground, so that was probably how i managed to get my foot caught underneath it and topple to the ground. “Stupid root.” i grumbled as i picked myself u and brushed myself off. The forest floor was covered with these things.

    By Brittany on 08.02.2011

  18. i am in the process of trying to find my roots again. who i am deep down… what i am suppose to do… so on… i feel further away from know this than the east is from the west.

    By lindsey URL on 08.02.2011

  19. going back to your roots
    it can be an adventure
    maybe a mystery
    you can discover many things
    where you came from
    who you are
    going back to your roots

    By emily URL on 08.02.2011

  20. i think it is something with a tree? is it? yes it is a small ‘tak’ coming out a bigger one. it’s also a bible verse about the birth of the king. in jesajah.

    By anna on 08.02.2011

  21. The roots of his bones plunged into the dark tumble of the earth and he felt himself go limp with complete peace. His mind dissolved through the cracks in the cobblestones of his head, dripping into the foliage growing hungry from within him.

    By NeptunianKraken URL on 08.02.2011

  22. roots can hold down a tree from blowing away
    or can make you trip and fall on your head
    they are big and thick
    and provide the plant nutrients and water
    they store many things
    roots are the foundation for life

    By emily URL on 08.02.2011

  23. The root of all evil is not what people think it is. In fact, it is a small piece of chocolate that sits on a table in the middle of a desert somewhere outside of Cairo, in Egypt. It never melts, of course, because it’s the root of all evil.

    By Heather on 08.02.2011

  24. This makes me think of Winnie The Pooh for some reason. I have no clue why. Oh and root beer floats.

    By Sensei on 08.02.2011

  25. I tugged at it and it came out easily. “Damn plant,” I muttered. “Didn’t have to be so resistant, did ya?”

    She stared at it for a long moment, then at me. “What do you do with it?”

    I grinned. “Eat it!” And threw it at her. She caught it without batting an eyelash and held it at a distance, still appraising the sweet spud in her hands.

    By Annie P URL on 08.02.2011

  26. of a tree.. is like a new beginning of something that will be great. it’s inspiring that something so insignificant, like a root rising from the sidewalk that people may trip over, will grow to be something so beautiful, big and meaningful.

    By maggiiewhiite URL on 08.02.2011

  27. my grandmother used to tell me about her childhood; the first car, the streets being light up by men wit torches, the first time she saw a tv, and color tv. these images had huge impact on me.

    By martianegg URL on 08.02.2011

  28. My roots are strange…they flow into soil I love, nurturing and soft…but also into soil that is hard and unforgiving. I can work at it…till and sow to make growth easier…or I can sit and do nothing and let the earth dry up and die.

    By Daisy Fields on 08.02.2011

  29. the trees roots had ruined the pavement. I stared at the big lump in the side walk and cautiously walked over it. Soon another passerby walked near the root and the sidewalk but tripped over it. Was it wrong to sit there and watch him fall, or had I learned a lesson, far too deep than I had realized. He got back up to his feet and walked away.

    By Karen on 08.02.2011

  30. the root of a tooth. the root of a plant providing much needed water. root canal- ouch! aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ouchy wouchy woo woo. mmmm edible root. roots rhymes with boots and shoots

    By zoe on 08.02.2011