August 2nd, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “boiling”

  1. IT is boiling in here! she said to the man she was courting.

    I know, he said, but it’s better than it usually is.

    She agreed. And so she wept.

    By M. Conrad Benjamin on 08.03.2011

  2. The water is slowing getting hotter and hotter. The temperature rises the sun does every morning, and the moon every night. It heats up the pasta just like it’s intended to. What a good dinner this will be. The hot, spicy sauce heats up as well, while the foam begins to rise in the pasta pot.

    By Alison on 08.03.2011

  3. optimism can only go so far when your entrapped in four walls of solitude and pessimistic views. the mind is a powerful toll which is heard over and over again but have you ever overheard what your own mind needed to say? remove all thought of conscience and emotion and notice how your own mind places you against yourself and you are now amongst an audience of shadows. all your hopes and dreams easily crushed by your own self pity. the mind can boil even the toughest of minds. misplaced hate and unexplained anger boiling and steaming in the pot of thought. until its all over and theres nothing more its all been forgotten..

    By anthony URL on 08.03.2011

  4. This means that things are very hot. Water boils at one hundred degrees. Sometimes I boil water for tea. I live in South Asia where it is boiling hot and very sweaty most of the time. However, I come from England where it is much cooler. I think that being boiling hot is generally very uncomfortable.

    By anna smith on 08.03.2011

  5. He started by bringing the water to a boil. He then added his homemade pasta, which he lovingly prepared by hand. Next, he greeted his hot ass mothafuckin’ date with a big smooch and a bottle of champagne. He opened the fridge to expose some awesomely marbled kobe steaks and proclaimed, “tonight, we will fuck.”

    By Chris on 08.03.2011

  6. So, one day I was boiling some hot Kool Aid. Unfortunately Emilee poured it all over the floor and blamed it on me. What. A. Meanie. Head. Gosh! I am eating coco wheats right now and they are delicious! yum..

    By Christina on 08.03.2011

  7. In my heart you are still boiling like a volcano eruption. your liquids are slowly burning me from the inside out.

    By Aicha URL on 08.03.2011

  8. boiling. english slang? at a rolling boil, not a simmer. not so associated with actual cooking. boiling mad. i think that’s where i got the english slang from. boils as in acne. is that english? not sure

    By Tyler on 08.03.2011

  9. it is the day that i realize that you will never come back me, and as my insides are slowly boiling i am remaining the cool stone that i have always been.

    By Aicha URL on 08.03.2011

  10. his eyes were boiling with an overpowering need beyond his control. The pale skin, the thin lips, belittling his control, filling him with a desire to commit despicable things to whom those innocuous temptations belonged.

    By Lora URL on 08.03.2011

  11. My skin was boiling. My lips were melting. I felt too many things at once. It was too hard to yield to them, but too hard to resist them. This is youth.

    By Jennie URL on 08.03.2011

  12. The heat in London today is crazy. It’s a dead heat. The cool water in my glass is boiling within mere minutes. I should really turn out the heating and put out the fire. This homemade sauna idea was a bit daft on further review

    By Diarmuid on 08.03.2011

  13. My skin is boiling, hot, uncomfortable, coming off. I am molting. I can see myself from above, I’m looking at a girl stuck in a fit of youth. Her skins have fallen to the ground. Soul

    By Jennie P URL on 08.03.2011

  14. Boiling point, hot and sweet. Candy burns, over boils, sticks to the stove. Anything higher and the candy will burn. Sweet burnt caramel.

    By Kayte URL on 08.03.2011

  15. hot,hot.stay away.get burned?oh no!your fault.

    By jeremiah on 08.03.2011

  16. it is so hot today. I feel nausious and really want to go home. . I have off tomorrow yay!

    By Bianca on 08.03.2011

  17. I am stumped. Well and truly stumped. The cliché, the water on the hope. Bubbling, fizzing… effervesence… boiling from 1* to 100*, are we so narrow minded that we think only water boils. I breathe the same air as scientests, you do too, surely we think of metals, of gases and all the elements of the world, not fire,water,air but lithium, sodium, potassium.

    By overembellished on 08.03.2011

  18. They say a watched pot never boils, but the expression rarely applies to heating water. It just means that if you’re looking and waiting for something to happen, it isn’t going to happen. You must focus your attention elsewhere, and be caught off guard by the boiling water.

    By Lucille URL on 08.03.2011

  19. water is boiling on the stove it is steaming she goes to turn off the pot when a giant wolf jumps out of the pot she is then scolded by the boiling water her skin starts to melt away. she screams in agony and pain. the wolf puts her on his back and brings her to the hospital.

    By shannon henderson on 08.03.2011

  20. the water boiled in the pot. it was way to early for anyone to be up, but I could hear a rustling in the kithcen. I rose from my comfortable place on the couch and walked into the kitchen. All i could see was the pot, some potatoes and the sink was running.

    By Olivia on 08.03.2011

  21. the water was boiling hot, as i jumped into the hot tub. someone was following me, and this was the best place to hide; i can hold my breath for atleast 30 minutes; hopefully they will pass and leave me in peace. I can see a shadow of a man walkin past the pull; the jets are turned high, so maybe he doesn’t see me. Next thing i know im being pulled out of the tub by my hair screaming and clawing at the man’s hands. Blood is running down my face from the man ripping my hair out, while draggin me along. i try to grab ahold of something, anything that will either stop him from dragging me or somehtin i could use as a weapon. I grab what feels like a metal pole; it’s the pool skimmer. Using the pole, i start swinging it over my head and conect with somethin hard. I hear a grunt and he lets go but only to grab the pole from my hands and beat me with it.

    By Miranda on 08.03.2011

  22. ouch, boiling is hot. usually I boil water to cook. at first I thought this said bowling… pruduction makes bubbles.

    By shannon hautzinger on 08.03.2011

  23. Hey Friends..
    Today is Wednesday. I have decided to dedicate this day to all people who have beautiful smile.. ahh.. now tell me who doesn’t have beautiful smile. Today I’m going to laugh and smile all day.

    By deepti URL on 08.03.2011

  24. Rage clouded my throat in a boiling mass, catching at my lips just as it was about to pour over. My clamped mouth scalded with the heat of words bit back, and threatened to overflow. The ground warmed with the red flowing from your body, the iced soil thawing just a little to welcome it. Bile blackened my throat, pushing words even closer to my lips.

    By Mattie URL on 08.03.2011

  25. boiling…..water or emotions??? yea…emotions are much more boiling than ever before…it cannot get out of the vessel of mind…it keeps boiling…cant even tell anyone…sad but true..

    By chaacha on 08.03.2011

  26. I’m boiling mad last night! I had a fight wth my daughter! She wants to go to a teen club on a weekay and I told her no and she didn’t take that an answer instead challenged me and ngot into a huge fight and I was so pissed still am! Why is this comohuter keeps on freezing up on me??? it’s annoying and it’s making me boilin g mad right now! look how crzy it is tuype ! I’m off this thing!

    By konnie URL on 08.03.2011

  27. Bubbling, popping, as hot as it gets, steam rising from the pot and filling the kitchen. Fast, get it off the stove, if it makes a mess, Mom will be boiling mad!

    By andreaw URL on 08.03.2011

  28. His rage was undeniable. His face was easily read, the blood blooming to his cheeks in instant fury. His hand raised, his temper boiled. Hand met cheek and she lay on the ground and sob.

    By Lauren URL on 08.03.2011

  29. hot food temperature potatoes egss boil linguine i spelt eggs wrong has an l in it ends in ing. i like sloppy joesFISH

    By Schmolivia Schmampbell on 08.03.2011

  30. The sun in Georgia is boiling hot – so hot, it’s actually the hottest day in this state in the past 50 years.

    By Nicole on 08.03.2011

  31. His blood was boiling and spilling out of his veins. He never knew something could fill his body with passion like this. He was suffocating and taking in too much air at the same time. He was heavy and light, dizzy and grounded. He held tighter to the man holding him down so insistently. So this is what a proper kiss is supposed to be like.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 08.03.2011

  32. I don’t like boiling things, they are way way too hot and i don’t want to write about them and i like mondays and i just got into pottermore bichessss

    By Constance on 08.03.2011

  33. Boling water is very strange thing, with its bubbles and its unique eccentrcities, for god sake I can’t write under this pressure. Why is this such a horrible life. I feel like i’m constantly in boiling water. Death, Death, would that I could lily, would that I could…

    By Constance on 08.03.2011

  34. The sun is boiling hot. Thank the Lord for the breeze pushing the heat away. I can’t imagine living anywhere warm. Minnesota is the perfect combination of boiling and freezing.

    By Laura URL on 08.03.2011

  35. E Coli. They said to boil the water a few minutes, rapid, rolling, singing the bacteria out of the mirk. I couldn’t think straight. I was taking Poland Spring showers with 3 gallon jugs over my head just to be safe. Paranoia led to insomnia. My hands were unclean, unwashed, soap didn’t wash well without hot water.

    By Dan on 08.03.2011

  36. My mind was boiling, heart on fire, and my skin felt like it was going to rip off of me. I couldn’t control my own mind, let alone stop thinking about someone I barely knew. And why? Because I loved him. I don’t recall why. I just knew… I knew I loved him. He had to be mine. Had to.

    By Hannah URL on 08.03.2011

  37. when its hot out sometimes we say its boiling but if it were boiling we’d probably burn up and die, because boiling water can urn you, and take you skin off. Once when my sister was little she burnt herself on boiling water it was on here bum, it was terrible then but hilaous now. When i think of boiling i think of that.

    By Chance on 08.03.2011

  38. so i boiled this egg the other day, quite hard but the neat thing was there was a pre-historic repitile, kinda like a dinosaur. turns out it was a yoshi. not a green one but a red one, you know the kind you always hoped to get when you cracked open an egg in either Super Mario or Yoshi’s Island

    By Michele on 08.03.2011

  39. The second it starts, it starts slowly and comes to an unimaginable result. And the recipient usually ends in a state where it releases itself from the wiggling liquid inside. Freedom! Or it suffers greater damage, whether the fluids kept inside were brought to a more aggressive state…

    By Urufi 3.1415 URL on 08.03.2011

  40. Boiling. Hot. When I think of boiling, I think of really hot water in bubbles rolling over a pan on the stove, most likely getting ready to make ramen or some other form of noodles in it. I think of water evaporating and disappearing into the air and becoming nothing more than just some other unseeable substance that takes up space around us.

    By Jessica on 08.03.2011