September 6th, 2009 | 378 Entries

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378 Entries for “collar”

  1. collars can be used in a multitude of contexts. the most common thing that comes to mind about collars are dog collars. Another use for collars are for S&M and bondage. I have and probably will never get to experience that type of collar usage. I’ve bought collars before for my sister’s dog and that’s about it.

    By Louis on 09.07.2009

  2. button down shirt, work, blue vs. white., pinched, criminals, drug dealers, cops, buttons, -ed greens,

    By V on 09.07.2009

  3. The collar of a shirt determines the quality of said shirt. For instance, I own a shirt forma bar in Thailand, one of my favorit bars inthe pacific. However, I hardly wear the shirt because the collar crumples into an un-ironable mess when i wash it.

    By Paul on 09.07.2009

  4. tie, business man, dog, white, bone, clavicle, polo, professional,

    By jessie on 09.07.2009

  5. on the dog, his collar was too tight the puppy had been abondoned yet managed to grow into his his collar. Now he has grown enough it is too tight. Will it choke the p

    By d on 09.07.2009

  6. As I, Turn Up The Collar On
    My Favorite Winter Coat
    This Wind Is Blowin’ My Mind
    I See The Kids In The Street
    With Not Enough To Eat
    Who Am I, To Be Blind?
    Pretending Not To See Their Needs
    A Summer’s Disregard
    A Broken Bottle Top
    And A One Man’s Soul
    They Follow Each Other On
    The Wind Ya’ Know
    ‘Cause They Got Nowhere To Go

    By Brandon on 09.07.2009

  7. Collar, wow, instantly a priest comes to mind. The white collar they wear carries a special kind of power, authority, really. I sometimes think of being a man of God, but I just want to help people, I’m not so much about the whole Mass and rules of religion thing.

    By Mike on 09.07.2009

  8. every since i could remember i’ve been poppin’ my collar poppin’ poppin’ my collar

    By kaylin on 09.07.2009

  9. blue collar meets top dog

    By Anonymous on 09.07.2009

  10. he had a collar around his dog’s neck,it looked like leather but couldn’t be sure cause it looked dark raddish in colour, what was fascinating was the way the dog kept straining at it as if it wanted to break free any moment.

    By aicha on 09.07.2009

  11. A collar is something great to have on a shirt beause it allows you to tie ties around your neck, bowties even. It allows you to take your dog for a walk too.

    By mikal on 09.07.2009

  12. its the shirt that i wear which has white coloured around the neck
    needed to have all the time .. and looks good

    By prachi on 09.07.2009

  13. “You nervous?”

    “No..why would you ask?”

    “Just–you keep tugging at your collar. Don’t be nervous. You’re gonna get the job.”


    “Good luck in there.”

    By Marcy on 09.07.2009

  14. “Xiao Bai!” I screamed, as i tugged at my dog’s collar trying to stop him from peeing on the fire hydrant.

    By Tan S.K on 09.07.2009

  15. Shirt. Make sure you iron. Dog. A piece cloth that binds one to its master.

    By Matt on 09.07.2009

  16. shirt collar dog collar i’ll call her

    By Nikjay on 09.07.2009

  17. my collar is of a shirt that i can wear everyday like a scollar to school to work on my way home its crazy how my collar would look all alone would look funny on me see…

    By yo on 09.07.2009

  18. I have a friend, Sarah, she’s int he mission field i9n Germany. She likes to pop her collar and act like a ganster sometimes whern knocking on doors to proselytize for the Mormon Church.

    I’m pretty sure thats against their rules.

    By James Emilio Folsom on 09.07.2009