August 25th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “bleak”

  1. So life is what it is. We want to get there. we think we have that something that others do not have. but do we really now? life is just colorless. bleak, thats the word. You cannot hide from the thunder or the fire.

    By David Lui on 08.26.2010

  2. How this entry would look with nothing in it.

    By Rob on 08.26.2010

  3. do the best you can with this however bleak the result.

    By Brendan on 08.26.2010

  4. In the bleak, mid-winter sun, I find myself squinting to relieve my eyes from the burden of the glare…and I’m reminded of all that should have been, could have been, I wish would have been, but was not brave enough to make happen, and it’s staring me in the face…brightly and painfully.

    By dangerhaley URL on 08.26.2010

  5. the weather outside was bleak. the rain like shaking water through a sieve. the wind brushing past the trees making leaves hit the ground. her emotion was heavily influenced by the weather so her outlook was bleak. putting on her winter coat and warm bootiesshe shuffeled by the door not wanting to go outside. struggling to think of any reason why she shouldnt just go and get back in bed she recieved a text. it said; don’t be scared to live life to its fulliest. she opened the door and took that first step. the weather was still dreery but that light inside her flickered a little brighter than before.

    By ashleigh - marie stevenson on 08.26.2010

  6. I’m thinking of a strikinly cold crisp winter morning. An animal, cat or dog, it doesn’t matter, rubs up against me as I make it to the kitchen for my only addiction.

    By amanda on 08.26.2010

  7. Bleak, I wish there was something good I could say about the word bleak. unfortunately, it just isnt a very happy, nice, or pleasant word! It’s just so…bleak. Unpleasant and boring!

    By Julia on 08.26.2010

  8. quack quack, oh no that’s beak…

    By funnyguy on 08.26.2010

  9. The outlook is bleak, said the astrologer as she drew the map of the constellations as they were at the time of Trina’s birth. But not impossible to overcome.

    By Em URL on 08.26.2010

  10. “How would you describe it?”
    “You describe everything as bleak though. There’s a lot of bleakness in your descriptions. To you the only thing that isn’t bleak is your descriptions of things that are bleak. There’s a lot of colour and vivid imagery in your descriptions of the bleak”
    “I’m a paradox”

    By Damo URL on 08.26.2010

  11. That’s all she could think of to describe her current situation. Although, I suppose anyone else would of felt the same way had they been lying in a gutter filled with their own blood, a dirty syringe sticking out of their arm, and a few cigarette burns decorating her chest. Then again, maybe today was just another day.

    By Cameron URL on 08.26.2010

  12. There is nothing bleak about to today as I set off on a world of adventures. Ta-ta and all that jolly good stuff.

    By Moira URL on 08.26.2010

  13. outcast
    panorama horizon
    dim lit backdrop
    silhouetted trees
    single entity
    pair of eyes
    beautiful nonsense
    callous thoughts
    past undone

    By Josh on 08.26.2010

  14. it was a bleak house with red awnings and white walls and the water when it dripped sounded like the screams of hollow children. there are a lot of bleak houses in this neighbourhood. designed to mask their true bleakness, as if a red awning could ever mask such a thing.

    By tessa on 08.26.2010

  15. like a stone corridor till its suddenly alive with the afternoon sun. its white walls painted yellow and orange; a light filled tunnel into something less bleak.

    By . URL on 08.26.2010

  16. what the bleak is going on who the heck are you? All in my house eating my chicken my green beans and yams.

    By vari on 08.26.2010

  17. I dont know what bleak is. it sounds like a shady word.

    By brittany on 08.26.2010

  18. the world is destitute around me. The buildings are dilapidated. I look around and see no one.

    By Mallie McDaniel on 08.26.2010

  19. understanding that you are nothing in the universe. A small tiny absent minded speck walking about, stumbling about lol. Writing about words like bleak. your future is bleak because you spend all your time writing about bleak. Bleak is the user of the internet for hours at a time, bleak is the fate of the human race in the face of religion. bleak details us as human beings and we understand that bleak is nothing near to our dreams. bleak.

    By Jordon on 08.26.2010

  20. The outlook for happiness seemed bleak, but she knew in her heart that all she needed to do was to focus on happiness and it would be hers.

    By Teri URL on 08.26.2010

  21. Things are looking up. No longer do the bleak sheets of winter clothe our streets, but sun and green is poking through, pulverizing the cold and dreary. The Bleak.

    By Mattie URL on 08.26.2010

  22. The outlook wasn’t a great one, but he was confident that he would make the best out of the situation. It could be worse, right? He tried to steel his nerves and convince himself of that. I mean it’s not like they were going to torture him by slicing his abdomen open and removing his intestines with iron hooks or anything. What’s that? They are? Bummer.

    By Manata URL on 08.26.2010

  23. Midwinter was always the grimmest time for my mother. She’d start in on the gin at 11am most days. I would hate work and school and often break up with whichever girl I was with. I hated it, it sucked.

    By Guy URL on 08.26.2010

  24. I leaving you, as impossible as it may sound. I will travel as far as it takes and as far as the bleak winds will take me. As far as I can go into the black.

    By Mattie URL on 08.26.2010

  25. Bleak. Bleak is boring. It has no interest. It is used for a person with no personality and that is boring. Also used in the weather. It is a bleak day. I hate bleak days. I wish every day was sunny and made me smile. Bleak days put me in a bad mood.

    By Rachel Pruitt URL on 08.26.2010

  26. Well, it wasn’t look very good, that was certain. Their chances were bleak, if even that. Darkness pillowed around them like a thick cloud, too thick to slide into the lungs with ease. Too dark to see the way out.

    By poprika URL on 08.26.2010

  27. When Iawen remembered that there was no formal court-ship; that she could possibly just be a fling… things looked bleak. Really, really bleak. … … …

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 08.26.2010

  28. Well, it didn’t look very good, that was certain. Their chances were bleak, if even that. Darkness pillowed around them like a thick cloud, too thick to slide into the lungs with ease. Too dark to see the way out.

    By poprika URL on 08.26.2010

  29. tasteless and deceiving. I have heard the truth hurts, but put out in such a flat and cold manor, I’d rather live in my own web of lies.

    By kaitie URL on 08.26.2010

  30. The word bleak. it rhymes with peek and sneak.

    By Kavon Cobb on 08.26.2010

  31. how about being a 14 year old guy going in to high school with a daughter on the way it definetly held me back but i got through it

    By unknown on 08.26.2010

  32. the town is bleak, the floor is wet, the air is black, the moon is not up
    madame malice is out tonight, and she’s come to kill your children

    By Gambuj on 08.26.2010

  33. For once, it doesn’t seem so dark, love. It’s not as if i’ve been lost without you, but admittedly, i was wandering around in circles anyway. It’s my birthday. Time to walk in a new direction.

    By anonnymouse23 URL on 08.26.2010

  34. The sand under my feet is bleak and grey and saturated with salty water. Sandcastles are reduced to piles of mush all around. The wind is heavy and humid.

    By sandwrrm URL on 08.26.2010

  35. 1bleak = barren look emphasizing attentional knowing

    By garz on 08.26.2010

  36. lalala dont want to write again…..

    By Swantje on 08.26.2010

  37. A faint light came from the top window. A light I can’t reach. It’s so wonderful and I can hardly even see it. I can never get out.

    By Becky URL on 08.26.2010

  38. bleak…. bleach the underwear, or it will get moldy and unedible… wait, eating underwear?!?!?!?!!? WHY WHERE ARE THEESE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO TEACH ME MAGIC!!!??!?!??!?

    By BDubs on 08.26.2010

  39. She stared out the window as her thoughts were lost in the grey sky. It was growing darker by the second. It was painfully ironic how it matched her mood perfectly. Dark and gloomy.

    By SarahGracie on 08.26.2010

  40. I feel like its an awkward word. It means lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements, though.

    By Aubrey on 08.26.2010