August 24th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “mist”

  1. Walking through the corridors of my mind, I cringe at the deafening silence. Beyond the mist there lies tomorrow. Do I dare to look?

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 08.25.2010

  2. Through the window I saw the mist falling from the sky. “What a stupid rainy day,” my friend said. He was mad because he wanted to play baseball. But baseball is dumb.

    By rahostetler URL on 08.25.2010

  3. Misty like summer heat after a rain. Her eyes scanned the field. Searching. through that mist she saw only students milling about. But she did not feel alone. Just curious. It was not a lonely mist.

    By . URL on 08.25.2010

  4. The mist crept over the valley, slow and sinister like a tiger stalking prey. It bloomed outwards first, whisps fingering forward to rake claws across the tall blades of grass.

    By poprika on 08.25.2010

  5. Ah yes, gorillas in the mist. They look at you, and you almost think they are human. Too bad they’re huge and black and covered in hair. And too bad they smell like rotten cabbage and ammonia.

    By Daniel on 08.25.2010

  6. The mis is so thick I can’t see past my nose. There’s no wonder I lose control of the car. There’s no wonder I hit that person. THere’s no wonder, no wonder at all.

    By Nia on 08.25.2010

  7. The mist hung over the mountaintop, making the peak invisible. I was climbing this morning to the top as part of my camping trip. I don’t normally like being outside, but this is fun, since I’m alone and enjoying the weather. I hope the mist clears up before I get to the top!

    By Martha URL on 08.25.2010

  8. the mist was grey. unmistakably grey. i couldn’t see a thing and so i just stood there. maybe i was waiting for something to clear it or for something to grab me and pull me into the infinity of the gray. i awaited the feeling of lightness that would perhaps accompany, if i was lucky enough, that pull into that unmistakably grey mist.

    By Jasmine Mariani on 08.25.2010

  9. It was too misty to see his face. I squinted against the grey, trying to get a better look. It fought me, clouded my eyes with long fingers that were cold against my skin.

    By poprika URL on 08.25.2010

  10. it’s like water, only in the air. it’s a fallen cloud. it’s cold and is only found in summer or spring mornings. it makes pictures look beautiful, or mystical.

    By Katie on 08.25.2010

  11. I hear when you come. Door is open for you, but I can´t come near you, because it´s spring and everything. But luckily we can take that Cadillac and say forever for each other. This is mist, but so what? Mist is beautiful!

    By Milka Äijälä on 08.25.2010

  12. I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t know why it’s there, but the mist that made it hard to see were the tears that my heart shed.

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 08.25.2010

  13. What a beautiful phenomenon to wake up to.

    By Edson URL on 08.25.2010

  14. through the mist, i strain to see what’s in front of me. there’s no turning back now, not that i’d want to go back to that place anyway. i find its best to think of my reward. as long as i keep that in mind, i will have no trouble finding my way through the the fog of the future.

    By Emily URL on 08.25.2010

  15. I was talking along the mists. I breathed in the air around me. Engulfing the sweet musk, I turned and saw a waterfall. Swarms of colour surrounded me. Leaving me empty. No words.

    By Emily on 08.25.2010

  16. I see you. I can feel you all around me. No words can describe this feeling I’m feeling. A rush of mist surrounds me. I love you. That’s all I can say about you.

    By Emily on 08.25.2010

  17. The mist from the waterfall eventually covered all of us. It was perfect.

    By John URL on 08.25.2010

  18. the mist was high above, it was a naturall mistic blowing through the air of bob marly’s room. he was finishing his joint when his bu

    By romejer on 08.25.2010

  19. cold, damp, mysterious, dangerous, uncomfortable. that’s how i felt that night. the night the mist seemed to envelope me and everything around me. the moon was out, yet it was impossible to see anything.

    By courney on 08.25.2010

  20. light rain
    it was misting rain last night while i was out with my friends at the park drinking and smoking a blunt
    it got rather annoying

    By mike on 08.25.2010

  21. fucking mist
    light rain that just keeps coming and becomes increasingly annoying
    its fine until you realize you are soaked

    By mike on 08.25.2010

  22. there was mist last night while i was out
    over the night it became heavier and heavier until

    By mike on 08.25.2010

  23. The mists that cover my mind, when will they clear and let me see what is what??!

    By Shail URL on 08.25.2010

  24. wet, soft, kissing my skin like the man i used to remember. He used to take her out in the mist, hold her tight to him and let the mist hide them from the rest of the world. Now she was alone and it served to remind her of him.

    By Sam Ryan on 08.25.2010

  25. I feel like sometimes I just need to stand out in the rain and let the feeling of being part of a bigger world take me away to a place i knew when i was younger and more naive.

    By Rachelle on 08.25.2010

  26. in the mist there was something starring. i didnt see it but felt it.

    By donna URL on 08.25.2010

  27. why mist what possible reason could this be for and why mist im not to sure what else to say since this is such a boring topic the mist movie was pretty good though.

    By ,w on 08.25.2010

  28. I was on a boat and noticed a waterfall that I was approaching. The mist from the falls soaked everything, but it was beautiful.

    By dan on 08.25.2010

  29. it s still mist, i mean really. is that all there is. i want a new word. its not fun doing the same word over and over.

    By Donna @ healthygilifestyle.com URL on 08.25.2010

  30. there’s a mist of blood
    hanging ’round my head
    telling me to give in more
    that what I should instead
    if these calamities
    keep dragging me down to the shore
    I’m not sure
    if this is what I want to live for
    with a mist of blood
    hanging ’round my head

    By Kay URL on 08.25.2010

  31. Through the early morning mist, rising off the water, it was hard to see the boats coming in.

    By aducett URL on 08.25.2010

  32. the mist is everywhere, engrossing the acre of land we had. I looked out form my deck and i could feel nothing but the fear and uncertainty that comes with the sight. My dog followed close behind, seeming to sense that something was not right.

    By steve on 08.25.2010

  33. you asked me what kind of precipitation i wanted to be. i answered mist. i want to be something that you can’t see through. something that makes you want to stop, in your car, on the side of the road. i want to be something that makes you appreciate the silence.

    By jezebel on 08.25.2010

  34. The heavy mist falls upon my mind. Making me search for thoughts and hopes. i can not follow my friend Imagination into this damn mist

    By Sam C on 08.25.2010

  35. in the heavy mist I was walking, panting from the tiredness of having ran too many miles.

    By Jurisky on 08.25.2010

  36. The veil of mist swirled around me, blurring my vision. As I looked through the trees I saw shadows everywhere. Where is he? Who is he? What is he planning to do? Fear floods through me and I break into a run, maybe I can make it to the house before he catches me.

    By Peaceable on 08.25.2010