March 14th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “blasted”

  1. let me kiss you
    let me kiss you

    kiss me without me realising that you’re

    By frank lee on 03.15.2013

  2. She blasted her tears across the canvas. Her pain was the paint that she created with. It was beautiful. It was disasterous. It was tragic. It was breath taking.
    He walked in just as she decided to start over. Her original canvas was sitting in the trash can beside her massive bed. He sat on the corner of the bed that was in dissaray and picked up what she claimed as trash.

    By Sarah on 03.15.2013

  3. i blasted a canon out the window and hit a seagull in the face, oh shit i thought and i nursed it to health, we are now best friends and eat mac n cheese together every night, i named he pedro. that canon was the best invention i ever made, pedro and i oftern blast in at forest creatures now.

    By kyah feeney on 03.15.2013

  4. Blasted. Your body explode in hundred pieces. The alien invasion begun! The starships are blocking the sunlight, as the streets become darker. The only last piece of light are the lasers of the invasion troops. Today, the earth shall die. SORRY FOR THE BAD GRAMMAR THIS IS NOT MY MOTHER LANGUAGE :D

    By Vanhollebeke on 03.15.2013

  5. She set the detonator swiftly, the pound of c-4 on the wall right next to the door lock. This was her last option, and she hadn’t wanted to use it, but in order to escape, she would have to. Diving down behind a pile of barrels, she crouched down and hit the button, waiting, counting to three as she covered her ears and it blasted.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.15.2013

  6. I blasted out of french class and blasted into the most exciting period of the day. Art then math. Booyeah!!!!

    By Janaye on 03.15.2013

  7. Engagement

    By Patterson on 03.15.2013

  8. My car out of control, it hit the wall…SMASH, only to learn that the driver wales out of his car unharmed and he was totally blasted.

    By Linda Frothingham URL on 03.15.2013

    I’m blown away
    Never thought I’d see the day
    I didn’t have a thing to say
    Or write down on this page
    But hay
    It’s just a word
    Not a sentence
    Nore a phrase
    Not even some well known person’s name
    Just a word

    By Mikus on 03.15.2013

  10. what’s that?
    omg, time’s running out and the dictionary is not buffering.

    By cecile on 03.15.2013

  11. As they blasted into space their hair whipped back their cheeks flapped against their face and their backs thrust straight on the seats.

    By Katie on 03.15.2013

  12. The rocket blasted off into outer space at a speed which put simple human reflexes in a state of undefined stillness. The fumes exhausted spiralled from from the pipes.

    By dervla mulcahy on 03.15.2013

  13. blue blistering barnacles
    out of the atmosphere
    out of the sea
    out of the mind

    By Pragya on 03.15.2013

  14. he needed to get out of there. The gorillas were closing in fast. blasted flip flops. what is the name of the idiot who developed these wanna be sandals.

    By christoffer johansson on 03.15.2013

  15. the door blasted open from the outside. the sudden burst of light blinded everyone.

    the question was now, were they saved?

    By Candz on 03.15.2013

  16. Michael huffed. He was proud of his latest creation. It would be just a few days before it was made official. It would be like his father’s dream; to blast off a big rocket as big as New York City and travel around the galaxy.

    By Erin on 03.15.2013

  17. I drank all the rocket fuel,
    said the bunny to the hen.
    See you in the moon, I guess!
    See you up above Scranton!

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.15.2013

  18. fire out of a cannon into the sun. i can’t think right now because im so gone. there must be energy coming from my fingertips, for every letter i strike on this pad flashes like a disco ball.
    i train to use the kamehameha but the only thing that comes from my palms is air, like a bender. cannon fire cannon fire ma ma machine.

    By Tristan Elcan on 03.15.2013

  19. he woke some day, and started thinking what he had done to his life… he was alone… and it was all his fault… there was nothing he could do to change it anymore.

    By Priscila Schall URL on 03.15.2013

  20. Like power from a saturn V
    I’m blasted
    Golfing on the moon
    that’s classic
    Rover races and double front flips
    Smile plastered on my face
    like plastic

    By Dio Foxx on 03.15.2013

  21. Out of nowhere, it came rushing into the crowd. A burst of light and the blinding whiteness of heat. Screams were muted. Newly deaf ears bled as the dust from the explosion moved forward like a wave.

    By Soft URL on 03.15.2013

  22. I;ve been feeling like that, blasted, ever since I came back from Asia. Was it me that went there? is it me that returned? I’ve been blasted to bits and re-put together, I sitll look the same but does that really mean anything?

    By sabina on 03.15.2013

  23. patrick greene
    born on st. patrick’s day
    sits next to me at the blood bank
    says, ladies first
    and listens while the nurse & i speak automatic small talk
    it takes so long
    he is patient, drinks water, smiles, i could be the one waiting
    he does not understand when i say thank so many times
    i don’t really either

    By robyn URL on 03.15.2013

  24. That blasted cat. I can’t believe he keeps trying to tear the door down every day, just to get in the house. I keep yelling at him, but it seems to do no good. BLAST IT ALL! Dustin just put the new Q-loc up a few weeks ago, and Milkshake have scratched and torn all through it.

    By Allison Woodward on 03.15.2013

  25. Te music blasted off the speakers and suddenly screaming was the only way to be heard. I knew I would barely have a voice when I got home if I even had one, but that was not what worried me. I had promised Kayla I would listen in on her talking to her ex boyfriend. They were in one of the bedrooms this house provided and I, just outside the door, was unable to hear them at all.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 03.15.2013

  26. in the time it takes you to come home again i think i will have gone
    a text message that says, ‘the boys here always open doors!’ makes it clear i am not where you are
    i’m saying things i don’t mean to say, i don’t watch myself

    By robyn URL on 03.15.2013

  27. hehe, funny word. i remember the virus a few years ago. sasser blaster. it used to infect computers through a rpc vulnerability in windows xp.

    By Alex on 03.15.2013

  28. yesterday i blasted this word. today, i’ll do the same. blasted. drunk? incapable of making a decision? unwilling to take responsibility? but, i ramble. i want to blast my way into the heart and soul of the man i love.

    By l on 03.15.2013

  29. Blast off. You ready for the hips, honey? Cause she’s a five when she drinks, but she’s a ten when she’s on top of me.

    By aura.rayne on 03.15.2013

  30. Today is my wedding anniversary, I have to decide what i’m going to do today.

    By miss thelma on 03.15.2013

  31. She had never been so drunk before in her life, vomiting on the pavement outside the bar. chunks got in her hair as the bouncer watched detachedly, not even offering an arm of assistance.
    “That girl is blasted,” he said snidely to the next couple coming in as he checked their IDs. “Don’t end up like that.”

    By J on 03.15.2013

  32. A word that reminds me of an old time swear word. Brings me images of an old englishman in the rain without an umbrella, a man in a top hat walking with a cane and a dog. Pure British.

    By Natasha Neary on 03.15.2013

  33. Blasted by a cannon into space, crashing onto an empty planet that no one has ever touched. Seeing people, or these things, that no one has ever seen before.. It’s odd to see these beings, are they peaceful or dangerous?.. it’s hard to say.

    By fleshandbones on 03.15.2013

  34. blasted- like he blasted me with words he thrrew then at me. Not allowing me to sink in. To get these words of his chest. There was noting i could do or say before he annoced that he was gay. My parents never saw it coming. im his girlfriend how could i not see this? how did i not notice that mean girls was his favorite movie, not mine or that pink was his favrite color? i had no clue but how could i be so clueless.

    By Isabella on 03.15.2013

  35. my week was blasted with work, something that i got used to over the past months but have recently been the subject of various depressive

    By Paolo Abellanosa on 03.15.2013

  36. Blasted is the stupid slang substitute some ppl use to show they anger. Blasted is what America has done to the world. It is a Bombardier’s favourite word.Time’s up! Finish up your last sentence and click the button to submit

    By Abhijith on 03.15.2013

  37. They blasted the wall down, only to find that there was nothing there..unless of course, you had a vision of things to come. Danny knew what was possible and so she saw splendor.

    By Laura on 03.15.2013

  38. The shot blasted through the air as I ran through the abandon mine. I skirted to a halt and saw a amazing sight. A ruby! It was great! I sat down and stared at it. Then I took it and ran out. I took it to the local museum the paid my a bundle. With the money in my hand I raced back home.

    By Luc Nadeau on 03.15.2013

  39. blasted means a strong froce like as in someone getting blasted out of a cannon, or a cannon ball getting blasted. Or there are guns that blast bullets.

    By johnsonhailey on 03.15.2013

  40. “That blasted boy! Where has he run off to now?”

    Trees rushed past in a streaking blur of colour. His feet slammed down on the ground with tremendous force, propelling him back into the air with every leap. He gulped in forest air with every breath; never had he felt so alive.

    By KT on 03.15.2013