August 17th, 2010 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “blast”

  1. The blast was dea­f­on­ing and knocked me to the ground. I was disoriented and confused. I wasn’t hurt so I knew it had to be a concussion grenade. But that knowledge didn’t help me regain my footing or get away.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 08.18.2010

  2. o my god thsi is so sad oh never ind i am actually not knowing what i am writeng i wish word would blast on y head
    heeyy sm1 tell me some words to write on here and finish up my haphazard essay on my details on typing speed

    By Abhaya on 08.18.2010

  3. She was dynamite. Five foot three and one hundred and twenty three pounds of TNT, sitting across the table from him in a red scarf and a green button down coat. Her drink of choice was a mocha frappachino with a bit of irish cream and her favourite TV show was Saved By The Bell.

    By brianne URL on 08.18.2010

  4. The engine roared to life as I thrust the throttle into gear.Here we go. I braced against the back of the seat, preparing for the rideof a lifetime. The car propelled into the open air, leaving my thoughts and worries behind.

    By Christina Marie Hart on 08.18.2010

  5. YES! I went far, blasted forth like common superstition. It is so misunderstood today why we are as we were, but to fully be real you got to just BLAST, man, blast. So good. That’s really how I got where I am today, flush with onions and steam and just looking to go all out.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.18.2010

  6. it was a blast seeing you again. I really wish you could be here, and hold me and kiss me like always. I miss you so much. It was truly a blast seeing you. I love you. And i hope you can come again, we have so much to talk about and do. Another movie day per-say?

    By Samantha on 08.18.2010

  7. Explosions are never the greatest things to happen to human. With that said i was driving along the high way, and out of nowhere this car going down the high like at 90 mph . It was a blast. Yeah, jsut like that a blast.

    By Alex on 08.18.2010

  8. i had a blast. she had a blast. he blasted her. right out of the water. all of them crying. waiting for her to stand back up. she never did. we screamed her name and stood ontop of the rocks. no one could move. you could hear her bones blast.

    By allix mag on 08.18.2010

  9. The lava blasted out of the volcano. They all feared for their lives until PARTYPTERODACTYL arrived. Then for a few seconds they weren’t afraid, because PARTYPTERODACTYL was doing crazy shit, but then they died, but at least they were watching someone else having fun.

    By Mandy URL on 08.18.2010

  10. lots of fun. explosion. most fun of all. lots of excitement.

    By Shnuble on 08.18.2010

  11. “Let’s have a blast!” he whispered slowly into her ear. She wasn’t ready to have any fun. He touched her hair softly and kissed her and she could feel herself slipping away.

    By Alanna URL on 08.18.2010

  12. I was sitting on the beach having a blast, and drinking a cold soda when from no where i heard a scream. Jumping off my life gaurd chair i looked out into the choppy water and saw a young boy flailing his arms. I imedately hit panic mode and tried to remember all the things i had been taught in life gaurd school. The boys cries snapped me out of my stunned moment and i grabbed my red lifeguard floaty and tripped into the cold water, flailing around almost as much as the drowning boy

    By sara URL on 08.18.2010