September 25th, 2013 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “biblical”

  1. A thundercloud of biblical proportions darkened the midday sky. He looked up, startled, as did everybody else in the town square.
    Nothing good was to come.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.25.2013

  2. ‘all wrapped up in blooms’
    is a phrase derived from the warping of the red yucca
    that occurs when each of its leaves voluntarily starve to send the season’s remaining energy into the stalk, the tepals and the stamen and the anther, all different pleadings for sex; winding around and higher,
    so that the wind might catch the seeds during the remaining death of the plant;
    (after the rest has already gone; and decay back into the soil, the way our eventual children will suck at the umbilical cord, –)
    and in the same way moving to the city
    where there is no allocated space for weathervanes on the top of buildings
    i think i may have lost my way

    By robyn URL on 09.25.2013

  3. She’d never cared for the bible, for religion, for putting one’s trust into something so intangible. It was a lot of faith into something she could never count on. Was she worthy of something, of help, of guidance, of anything? Who could judge? She wasn’t about to put her safety or time into something so fickle. They said it would give her stable ground, a foundation on which to build her life. But after far too many earthquakes, it was going to take a lot more than that to convince her.

    By Maria on 09.25.2013

  4. The battle was epic. Some would even say that it was biblical. Fire, ice, bullets, blood, and death. To a civilian it was pure hell. To a warrior it was heaven. Well, not everyone’s idea of heaven and hell were aligned.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.25.2013

  5. Theologies, bibles, faith is a really big word. Religion, people having different religion, theology, study of the bible. Prayers, people with financial, health and other problems rely on prayers and church. Different churches, different religions.
    Biblical characters, lessons, etc.

    By roze_princess on 09.25.2013

  6. She said she had a biblical philosophy.. that she was part of the celibacy club and she was the president. She said she determined the rules and that her rules included non celibacy. Isn’t that a crime? Biblical rules , she replied, aren’t logical rules.

    By Keara Tyler on 09.25.2013

  7. opinion of similarity to the supposed belief structure of
    many white people. Contradictions. Rape. Murder. A messy side story
    involving many biblical heroes(king David) pretty much bullshit,
    except the sermon on the mount and Jesus’ message. NOte:
    contradictory to much of bible.

    By Jesse on 09.25.2013

  8. My actions are my own. Classmates faces loom in my memory.
    “I hate you.”
    Holy needs redefining.

    By Beth A on 09.25.2013

  9. As soon as Joey opened his lunchbox, and noticed the multitude of eyes gazing at his selection of candies, he realized this was a situation of biblical significance. He, with his two chocolate bars and five sticks of gum, now needed a miracle to satisfy the swelling masses that surrounded him!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.25.2013

  10. Good spreading all over the world.
    Happiness in the faces of the people.
    Wars between two groups of people because of lack of tolerance and respect.
    Evil spreading all over the world.
    Sadness in the faces of the people.
    And I wonder since when did relegion became such a peaceful term

    By nicole on 09.25.2013

  11. biblical like a saint covered in white with the holy light pouring down on your face. I wear white underwear when I don’t want anyone to know that I’m wearing underwear. I saw a man reading the Bible on the subway and I have never seen a book so worn, he had a bookmark in it just like he was reading a regular old book, and I guess to some people it is just a book and I guess to some people their whole lives follow the cadence of that book, the ebb and flow of someone who died thousands of years ago

    By c on 09.25.2013

  12. humans turned what was supposed to be heavenly and goodwilled into a judgemental and punishedfilled
    like everything it comes across

    By nadia URL on 09.25.2013

  13. So official. There’s history here. We wandered through the various wonders in our minds and arrive at this place. This special place. Familiar. Biblical. I want to stay. Can we stay?

    By KWILD on 09.25.2013

  14. The bible has stories. Biblical stories. Stories about love, loss, belonging. About questioning and belief. About friendship and community. But what do we learn from these? When do we learn from these? Stories are around us but do we pause to make sense of them?

    By saminamishra on 09.25.2013

  15. “That’s completely biblical” she said as she removed his hand. There would be no tasting from the honey pot for him.If he loved her enough he would just have to wait.

    By Tracey on 09.25.2013

  16. the word biblical is used in so many contexts but I think of it as something as huge, it was a biblical flood or that football game was biblical. If it is huge and is to be remembered it is biblical.

    By Maighread on 09.25.2013

  17. “Here the author alludes to which Biblical reference?” Mr. Tromur asked us. He searched the sea of hands, eager to reveal the answer to his question. Not everyone knew the answer, but if being chosen by the most amazing looking man would make anybody willing to raise their hand.

    By umbazachika on 09.25.2013

  18. I wonder if it is biblical , if it is biblical, then what is biblical. Is it alright if it is not biblical . I will eat some bread and wine and think about it.

    By chitra on 09.25.2013

  19. And I wish, for once, that you were near me. Your smile, your laugh. The sanctuary of your arms, the only place I’ve ever felt whole. Safety. Shaking, I set aside our old letters; attempting to hold in the tears. Pain demands to be felt, as they break free one by one, a torrent of pain and regret. Broken, I miss you. My one and only, my missing piece.

    By becki on 09.25.2013

  20. And I wish, for once, that you were near me. Your smile, your laugh. The sanctuary of your arms, the only place I’ve ever felt whole. Safety. Your body like a church, protecting my soul, my Self, from the world. And now, I’ve lost the only good thing about reality, and had not even realized it was happening. Shaking, I set aside our old letters; attempting to hold in the tears. Pain demands to be felt, as they break free one by one, a torrent of pain and regret. Broken, I miss you. My one and only, my missing piece. In your memory, I’ve lost a lifetime. In my haste, I lost you. Now, I have lost myself as well.

    By VictoriousRegret on 09.25.2013

  21. The notion of his revenge was strange to her. She couldn’t understand how she could have possibly been wrong enough to warrant anything.

    The Jesuit minister knocked on the door, impatient.

    They both had that curly, pale hair.

    She would rather have dated the biblical, stuffy minister.

    By Simone on 09.25.2013

  22. “You just don’t get it man, do you? It’s the end, man, game
    over! Fire raining down, oceans running with blood, first-born
    dying, plagues of locusts, flesh melting, brimstone, cackling
    rape-demons, the whole nine yards! We’re done, dude! Done! Oh

    By diuumbra on 09.25.2013

  23. they say keep speaking, leaving this world is only good if we have people who are going to keep believing. this is not how it’s supposed to be. for they are supposed to be themselves and change that’s what they like to see themselves. become. I really understand why the world is quite different because the world they tell us to live in its not the same one I live in. see there’s a lot of problems and patience is what it takes for you to be the best. and I wanted that to happen once. now itsfar away as a star and I guess that’s a start to understand what you’re going through you gotta follow these things with out knowing what’s the right thing to do. please don’t go through with it.

    By caleb carter on 09.25.2013

  24. Biblical….mmm not an easy thing to write about. Pertaining to the bible but not a lot else. Have to get my thinking head on….

    By Alexandra on 09.26.2013

  25. Something untouchable, something ancient; something which was written so long ago the narrator doesn’t even matter anymore, the author doesn’t even exist. It’s so far away, and yet with us, all day, every day, in our lives, all the way.

    By whiterice on 09.26.2013

  26. The beauty of her eyes was almost biblical. The passion with which her pupils seemed to expand was seen by only him. Th others saw the pretty face. The perfect hair. But it was the eyes that intrigued him. They weren’t a flurry of colours that seemed to reflect light. Nor were they particularly extraordinary but a simple shade of brown. Yet it was the way in which she moved them that drew him in. She raised her eyebrows at all the correct places, her pupils sparkled with laughter at the subtlest of jokes while reflecting on the sadness that no one else seemed to hear in his voice.

    By Anon on 09.26.2013

  27. “What’s your name, sweetie?”
    “Strange name. How’d your parents come up with that name?”
    “It’s biblical. I’m named after an angel.”
    “Are you siblings also named after angels?”
    “Yes. Anna, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer.”
    “Lucifer? Was he picked on when he was a kid?”
    “No, we just call him Luke to spare him the shame.”
    “Hmm… I like you Castiel. Mind if I call you angel?”
    “That wouldn’t be too much of a bother.”

    (Yes, a Destiel AU where Dean is an exotic dancer and Cas is human.)

    By smoothmovebro on 09.26.2013

  28. biblical.. what is this? I am neither interested in bible nor reading. In fact I do not like anything biblical. It does not seem logical and I am intentionally very vocal about

    By Raj URL on 09.26.2013

  29. She could never forget the paper cuts on her mother’s frail fingers like tiny reminders of her daily sins, her humanity and the atonement necessary to fully heal. Her mother always told her that the Bible held the answer to any life question she could ever have. She read the so-called Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth just to make her mother happy, but no biblical account could cushion the ache she felt when her mother was there one moment and in the ground the next.

    By Jessyca-Ann Pascua on 09.26.2013

  30. On the shores, it had all turned biblical: brother versus brother, each with scissors and a single wife between them. When the last sand had been thrown, the last words and last look over the shoulder given, the story was writ anew.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.26.2013

  31. They fucked. In the biblical sense and the non biblical sense. This is the thing that jumps to mind when I see the word “biblical”. I’m typing this in a library. Window set to 50% size so the font is miniscule. Because the girl at the printer to my left is scowling; I don’t think she could take the word “fucked” right in front of her; she keeps blowing her hair to one side and now she’s slamming the printer because it’s dry. Out of ink.

    By URL on 09.26.2013

  32. Their is something biblical about love. We see this iconic air of how God loved us in the beginning and how he loves us in the end.

    By Jeremy on 09.26.2013

  33. Brookes 6:66
    And on the Seventh Day God created Evil –
    a source to test your Devotion unto Him-
    and Man chose Satan because He had more to offer.

    By Lb on 09.26.2013

  34. She stopped the motorcycle at the top of a crest, killed
    the engine and hopped down. When the floods had pulled the rocks
    into the valleys, nearly leveling the hills here, the power must
    have seemed biblical. Everywhere, rocks. No, not rocks. Boulders.
    The place was like a bowling alley covered in the bowling balls of
    giants. She eyed an approach and got back on the bike. Now to hope
    I’m not the only pin, she thought.

    By Anthony StClair on 09.26.2013

  35. You don’t see this word around New York City much. Don’t hear mention of God much in the business offices or on the elevators. No one professes to believe in God around here at all. Nowhere to be found. But just read John C. Lennox. Hel’ll help you sort it out.

    By s on 09.26.2013

  36. kneel before the dumpster
    fix your eyes on the ant line

    (hold communion with the caviar
    then wash it down
    with dishwater)

    i never cared about messiahs
    unless they were mine

    (someone’s told you, your palms
    are enticing, magnetic,
    susceptible to nails)

    By h. b. on 09.26.2013

  37. The weather was indeed biblical. I don’t know how else to describe it. Somehow everything looked a new, and yet the light seemed age old, like coming from some distant universe. I looked at the three suns above my head and wigged my tail in pleasure.

    By happyrabbit on 09.26.2013

  38. It was an exodus of biblical proportions, the land had been scoured and now the life left the land. My family hadn’t been inconvenienced as much as others I knew. I’d heard that Yorgen had just spent his life savings on something he had to leave behind. Sara left her father’s grave. Dartaniel had been successful there. We were all displaced however, and such a grievance was not lessened by a lack of things left behind.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.26.2013

  39. And it was written across ages,
    spanning across hundreds of pages.
    I didn’t read you like I thought I did,
    and you actually were written in a language I’d yet to discover.

    There are tenants,
    and there are those who do nothing but break.

    By Marissa on 09.26.2013

  40. You said, when I first met you, that you had been assigned summer reading. “I’m reading the bible.” you said, and I wished you luck.

    Now I wait by my mailbox, I wait for your letter, I hope it is long and says lots, and contains a bracelet of your handiwork. in rainbow colours.

    By Rachel on 09.26.2013