March 20th, 2013 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “beware”

  1. Beware! There’s a large bee next to you. You know bees sting and beware starts with the word bee minus one e. you know what else you can go to the hardWARE store haha how funny is that. But seriously, beware of the bee, dude, it;s pretty close to you.

    By Tanishka on 03.20.2013

  2. Judge me if you must.
    but I?
    I can do almost anything;
    I can figure out almost everything.
    I’m not a fucking idiot.
    I am human,
    I can create problems, or solve them;
    almost instantly.
    for you or others,
    I have no preference.
    I can move mountains for you,
    Or drop them on your balls..
    the choice is yours.
    I will stay strong.
    I am strong.
    No being will ruin my life.
    Ever again.
    just because you’re unhappy with yourself
    doesn’t mean I have to be as well-
    Fuck you..
    Having a dick makes you a male,
    not a man.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 03.20.2013

  3. beware my eyes
    I can’t tell you when it’ll happen,
    only that it does.
    And when I’m scary like that,
    you should run away
    because I can’t
    even remember what I speak
    or how I react.

    By Jessica Tower on 03.20.2013

  4. “Beware the dog”, the signs say. But mine should have said, “Beware the cat. He thinks like a dog.” I miss my doggish cat.

    By Megan Gery on 03.20.2013

  5. Caution – a warning to pilots. We are seeing signs of potential storms, with a high probability of feeling unloved and unappreciated by those around you. Should these signs escalate (characterized by heightened aggressive and sexual behavior), there may be risk of logic such as: “If I’m just going to be devalued anyways, I might as well get paid for it!”
    It is highly recommended that pilots land immediately on a safe foundation and hang tight until the storm passes. Thank you.

    By aura.rayne on 03.20.2013

  6. Beware the ides of march they said, beware the ides of march. I’ve no clue what that means I said, I’ve no clue what that means. Don’t need to to dear, don’t need to dear, just listen closely with both ears, for what you hear is very near to being illegal in this day. What should I do, what should I do, I asked in quiet fear. They said tell no one of your plight or of our words, and till this night stay locked up here so none may see how sad you’ll look for eternity.

    By Mamzelle on 03.20.2013

  7. She didn’t beware him at all; in fact, he stood unflinchingly in front of her, not blinking, seeming in fact satisfied with her discomfort.

    By Ashley URL on 03.20.2013

  8. ‘Beware’, thats what the sign said. It told me to go back and stop my self from exploring the danger that lurked behind the tall hedges of Delicour Manor. But i had no fear of this sign that read ‘Beware’ for i was a ware yet not scared.

    By blue on 03.20.2013

  9. Beware of the heart turns shadow, dark lit turnover leaf in the prime belt of a planet so round, so big so dark, dark green the roots from a tree to the bottom, how it fades into the darkness, still it darkens further night comes soon

    By Grace Delgado on 03.20.2013

  10. beware. look out! something dangerous? something bad will happen. beware, look out, same thing. reminds me of signs.

    By danica on 03.20.2013

  11. The present involves no fear. We run from the past. We shy away from the future. Right now is okay.

    By Grace on 03.20.2013

  12. There was never a time that i didn’t look before i jumped. and i always fell behind. awareness is not something that comes easy, like the sunset, or the promise of ocean waves. it is an active choice.

    By Alex on 03.20.2013

  13. a shadow lurking over yonder
    you stand still and ponder
    your next course of action
    he wants a reaction
    from you but you stay still
    using your power of will
    to act fearless………………

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu on 03.20.2013

  14. I never feel too worried
    about the dogs with signs on their fences
    beware of dog
    I’m much more concerned
    with the ones that run wild
    because their owners deem them so friendly
    isn’t that a little like me and you
    my mom used to tell me I wore a sign on my forehead
    telling everyone I’m not interested in them
    but which one of us was dangerous

    By Jessie Erikson on 03.20.2013

  15. Beware that the door will be closed once walked through. Time will not turn to change the things that have been done. Once it’s closed, it’s closed, and away you go. Off to some place you do not know.

    By Nick Matt on 03.20.2013

  16. beware of backstabbers.
    they don’t keep secrets
    don’t ever tell them anything
    i once told a girl a secret of mine, thnking she will keep it safe for me
    she didn’t. she told everyone else
    and all of them, being not my friends, judged me
    it made my life bad
    i hate her
    so, beware of backstabbers.
    those bitches

    By J on 03.20.2013

  17. The darkness stepped up behind her, wrapped a silken hand over her mouth, but she did not scream. She wouldn’t waste any more time on that. Turning, she wrapped her thin arms around the only thing that had ever comforted her. How could anyone ever cursed the darkness? Silence and comfort, it was all she had ever loved.

    By Mia on 03.21.2013

  18. Beware.
    She didn’t think, but they all said beware.
    So there she went, without a clue.
    She should have listened. They were right.
    It was awful. Scary.

    By Katie Stout on 03.21.2013

  19. Beware of haters. Most of the time they are the people you least expect. The people that will surprise you most. Family, close friends, lovers… those you love and hold dear are those that can hurt you the hardest so beware. Beware the posers and the haters; the liars and the

    By izzie on 03.21.2013

  20. Beware of everything that lies before you because those lies will capsize your whole world and will have you rocking back and forth like where did I go wrong, why did I not try harder and why is that my eyes are so blind.

    By Harris AT URL on 03.21.2013

  21. “If you dare tread into those woods,” she began “beware that you may not return” she paused looking around for eavesdroppers, “and if you do return, don’t expect to be the same innocent boy you are now.” Obviously she knew nothing of me, this innocent face is merely an appearance, a byproduct of youth, she had no clue as to the inner abyss the lies within. Her cavet failed to deter me, for what she warned me about, is exactly what I wanted; I wanted to either die, or be changed beyond recognition, from my family, from the play-it-safers, from myself.

    By Ryan G on 03.21.2013

  22. There is a wolf in the woods. He has been starved by the hunters that pursue him day and night. If you wander too close to the edge of the forest you will be his next meal.

    By Marjorie Napier on 03.21.2013

  23. don’t enter because danger is there and there might be a chance you can get injured or shot or killed or mugged or stabbed or beaten or it is a trick to steal from you mug you rape you rob you and get inside a safe place because there’s someone watching and they see everything you do and you’re not alone so be cautious.

    By nicholastalbott on 03.21.2013

  24. beware you the one’s who call your name at night. they howl through the blinds, their whispers sneak out from under the closet door, tendrils of long reaching hands seek out for you.
    “you are not good enough”

    By chyan on 03.21.2013

  25. of the dark skies. of the yellow moons. of the black abysses. of the dark forests. of the love, lust, power. death. drinking. revive. live. afterlife.

    By Majid Alturki on 03.21.2013

  26. beware of the ones who don’t want you to be happy. dust bunnies in disguise they hide underneath your bed, whispering the words you cringe: “you are not good enough”

    By Chyan on 03.21.2013

  27. beware is a word u use when u want someone to be cautious. its more like beware there is a ghost… sometimes when people are angry they use it as.. beware of.. i can e harmful… beware has alot of meanings in the day to day english

    By mark on 03.21.2013

  28. Doesn’t it feel sometimes like the world is waiting to snatch away everything you have? Like the tiniest little slip could leave you broken and alone? Don’t you feel, once in a while on a sunny morning, like the world is about to find you out?

    Beware that feeling. That is the thing that will break you.

    By Mark Taylor on 03.21.2013

  29. of snakes their out to find you and kill you plus your family all the way to your distant relatives.

    By jp on 03.21.2013

  30. Beware the ides of march…whatever that means. Its cold today, I know that. Nothing to be afraid of there. Unless I forget my coat. Florida weather isn’t half bad even on a bad day.

    By star on 03.21.2013

  31. beware of people who are blind and stupid. they might drag you to their own level. or as nietzsche said: and those who were dancing were thought to be insane by the people who could not hear the music. beware

    By helene on 03.21.2013

  32. Beware of the cat , it might scratch you !

    By Chai Xin Tian URL on 03.21.2013

  33. The message I read in her eyes was, “beware. I have my eyes on you. I know your plan and it is not going to work.” She turned and marching forward, carved a path to the office through the crowd. It parted before her with me trailing in her wake.

    She spoke finally. “Donations are welcome,” she said, “but giving money doesn’t buy you special treatment. The donations we get keep the doors open and we are not too proud to take money. What we reward here is people giving up their time and helping out.” The speech sounded old and tired, the hope leached out of it.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.21.2013

  34. Beware of all those false prophets who has all the answers to our problems, without provide and sustainable solutions. We must take charge of our destiny, and do what is right for ourselves and our children.

    By victor URL on 03.21.2013

  35. Beware of the bear/
    Signs read like the first letter of the alphabet in blood/
    Lost love is the grizzliest mother fucker/
    not pelted bears that used to live in the snow and are now being melted/
    This poem is gay, turn on the marvin/
    These bears are starving/
    And so are the people/
    A man lays dead under a church steeple and isnt that fucking dandy?/
    Bears used to live in the snow, men call women hoe/
    and next they will live on sand and men will hit women with their hand/

    By Aidan Kidson on 03.21.2013

  36. Beware of the people around you. People who pretend to be your friends. People with masks of sincerity on. People who hide hypocrisy.

    By Alvina on 03.21.2013

  37. Beware of falling coconuts. They can really hurt if you get hit on the head.

    Have you ever tried coconut water to drink? It is very healthy and filled with lots of electrolytes.

    Many visitors to the island have enjoyed coconut Leo doing his coconut tree acrobatics and had a chance to enjoy the coconut water after.

    By tacogirl URL on 03.21.2013

  38. Of what? Why should I? My mother has this idea that one should “beware” of everyone and everything in the world. I disagree. I choose innocent until proven guilty. Having a sign saying beware of the dog is so unwelcoming.

    By Hannah on 03.21.2013

  39. Beware those who’d make you believe that they are allies, when they, in reality, are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    By booyamola on 03.21.2013

  40. Beware the Lambs! We are in the age of fear where government and media teaches us to be wary in life. Where health and safety crushes creativity and freedom of expression, and where danger is advertised as always round the corner. Where insurance against liability and compensation results in meaningless weather warnings, pointless motorway signs and unnecessary health warnings. Wherever we look we are told to Beware! Where our willingness to explore, our zest for life and our passion to believe, and our aspiration to do the impossible is frozen out by fear. Beware! Beware the Lambs! They would have you believe they are dangerous too!

    By Jon on 03.21.2013