July 10th, 2009 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “alert”

  1. Alert. Alert. Intruder detected.
    Nelly made a point to hit her forehead on the metal wall before she turned to her crew and started yelling orders.
    “Get the goods, hold them tight, and get the hell of the ship before it sinks! Lith, meet me back on the boat, Belinda, make sure everyone gets out. Don’t let them get you, if any of you’re caught and you squabble, you’ll die by my pistol!”
    The few people left listening to her orders jumped to movement as the battle began.

    By The Founder on 07.10.2009

  2. danger when i come home i need to make sure that there is nobody in the house because they could be trying to kill me, but normally my dog would know if somebody is in the house so i can just look at him and make sure he is ok. he is kind of weird though because i never know if he is going to protect me if somebody does come in the house, he just doesnt seem like that kind of dog. he is really chill, but i guess thats not really alert that im writing about. its my dog.

    By jud gilbert on 07.10.2009

  3. help someone call an ambulance this man seems to be dying right in front of me i don’t know what to do when all the world comes to a stop for one person and the only thing that we have in common is about to be ripped from him forever what do i do

    By zach on 07.11.2009

  4. alertedness is great when you need to find something quickly in a small place. its so simple when you have cat ears. i wish i were a cat, don’t you? they’re so alert and focused and awesome and amazing and coooool

    By tracy on 07.11.2009

  5. purple means like awake and stuff food i dunno!!! lol interested, and alert.

    By emma on 07.11.2009

  6. Alert me if there’s something wrong. That was the last words the nurse said before she left the room. That was the last words I ever heard in my life. The last face i ever saw. This was inhuman, me in bed. this is going to end, now.

    By di on 07.11.2009

  7. We’ve alerted the masses about the incoming nuclear war. While some are panicked, others are calm in their knowledge of impending doom. These are the people that we will store underground to survive the war should the enemy gain upperhand; it is these people- calm in the face of danger despite having been alerted to possible fatality- that will make great for the human race.

    By Alex on 07.11.2009

  8. The amber light came up. The coffee machine blips. It was morning, and the sun shone upon the lying soul. He awakes, not just from his deep slumber, but also from his tiring journey. And so, he is alerted to his surroundings and life was restored to him.

    By edmund on 07.11.2009


    By josi on 07.11.2009

  10. the alarm went off and the noise deafened the my senses, not only piercing my ears but bluring my eyes nad making my stomach do flips in my trunk. the alert was to warn us….

    By Dustin on 07.11.2009

  11. Coffee. Red Bull. 14 hours of sleep (maybe not). loud noises. The color red. Sharp things under my skin. Angry letter in BOLD LETTERING.

    By Adam on 07.11.2009

  12. Alert…alert he screamed…pay attention you fool! Things will get away from you before you know it…so , remain alert. Depending on others to be alert will get you killed.

    By A. L. Harden on 07.11.2009

  13. Be alert for the suspect. She is 5′ 8,” approximately 115 pounds, last seen wearing a white samite gown with gold trim and billowing sleeves, along with a hat that appears to be circular, glowing, and hovers two inches above the crown of her head. There are conflicting reports about her wingspan. She is harped and glamorous and headed in your direction. Get on your knees for further bulletins.

    By Brian Slusher on 07.11.2009

  14. Jeden Morgen herrscht Gro

    By EvaMaria Obermann on 07.11.2009

  15. BEEP BEEP BEEP the fire alarm rang, loud and penetrating. everyone got up, happy to skip a few minutes of math class. but it was a little more than a few minutes. in fact, we never went back inside.

    By michelle on 07.11.2009

  16. alert alert alert….red light going off…kick in to automatic…hit the floor running…do what comes naturally and easily

    By me on 07.11.2009

  17. “What’s that noise in the background?” she asked.
    He told her it was the new alert system he had installed in his car. Ever since he came out of the grocery store parking lot one day and there was a scratch all alongside his car, he got freaked out.
    “I can’t figure out how to turn the thing off!” he said.

    By Cindythedreamer on 07.11.2009

  18. I am fresh out of lerts. Mom said go to the store and pick me up a lert. You’ve got to have a lert on hand just in case of emergency, like the toilet won’t flush, or the vacuum sucks up your favorite underwear. Know what I mean?

    By neeks on 07.11.2009

  19. being alert of what is goin on and being aware of your surronds.

    By alex on 07.11.2009

  20. Warning, danger is ahead! The man with the sportcoat and candy, calling to you — asking “Find my puppy, please? You hesitate, not sure to help him. Then, from behind you, you hear “Come back to your mother, Chelsea!” You are safe, again.

    By Carolyn Burica on 07.11.2009

  21. is what i am for the next 9 hours what when something scares me.

    By sara on 07.11.2009

  22. is what i am for the next 9 hours when something scares me.

    By sara on 07.11.2009

  23. She woke up with a sudden urge, a need to do or feel the way she did last night! She could not believe how alert she was despite only getting a few hours of sleep. She had to see him again, she had to touch him and kiss him for one last time. How or where would she find her mystery man that was the question.

    By aysha on 07.11.2009

  24. alert me when new mail comes in. Obviously I just started a new job where I’ve been setting up Outlook. And the alerts will probably annoy me one day. My twitterfox has issues. The alerts never come in and authentication changes on its own. Kind of annoying.

    By tiffany on 07.11.2009

  25. He stumbled into the room, still half asleep, searching wearily for the book. It was only when he saw who was lying next to her between the crisp white sheets of the bed the his mind became fully alert.

    By bee on 07.11.2009

  26. Buzzers and klaxons announce the pressurized door

    By ThomG on 07.11.2009

  27. My cat is at high alert in the dining room, watching a pair of cardinals at the feeder. “Ethel’s Bait Shop,” my brother used to say. It doesn’t get any better.

    By Karel on 07.11.2009

  28. Be watchful and alert.You may never know when it’s over.
    Alert in the central place.Code 765.Enter the area now!
    Alert? How’s it to be alert.I don’t care,and don’t remind me.

    By Dny on 07.11.2009

  29. I set off the security alarm and alerted the whole house that I was up and wanted to sit in the garden to meditate. Talk about paying attention. This was an alert for me and everyone

    By Chris G on 07.11.2009

  30. How alert are you when you first wake up? I’m still foggy, but I know a cup of coffee awaits me. Actually I drink three or four cups and begin my day awake and aware. It’s the favorite part of the day.

    By MJ on 07.11.2009

  31. the auturities. NOW. then sit down and play the guitar. Play something beautiful. T

    By FGA on 07.11.2009

  32. beserk, alert, I watch in the darkness for whatever comes to disturb my dreams, averting my sensations to the night’s embers forcing me from sleep;

    By alfred booth on 07.11.2009

  33. Alert me to my failure, and I will see you were always there. You were everywhere. We listen, and we learn. And I’ll love you in return. You an me, we’re just travelling men.

    By Miss Miller on 07.11.2009

  34. chamomile tents,
    astral projection:
    is it any wonder
    you quest for the next
    rendering of hazy
    why tarry in
    the last row when
    the seeming is now?

    By paschal on 07.11.2009