December 9th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “believer”

  1. Thorn hissed as the knife was pulled, inch by inch out of her shoulder. The serrated edges caught every piece of ragged skin. The boy grinned, licking her blood off the knife.
    “You don’t believe in Gods?” He said disapprovingly. “I’ll make you a believer.”

    By heather URL on 12.09.2010

  2. I am a believer in the Lord almighty. That’s the first thing that came into my head when I read this.
    “I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave her if I tried!” That’s the second.
    I believe in love at first sight. That’s the third.

    By Jojo URL on 12.09.2010

  3. im a believer. never giving up on you.

    By layla on 12.09.2010

  4. The famous Monkee’s song ran through her head as she watched her husband walk to his car. He turned around and blew her his signature kiss, to which she caught and pressed to her own mouth. With a big grin and a wave, he got in his car, and left the curb. With a smile that hurt her cheeks, she about-faced and skipped away from the window, completely and fully in love with that man, just as much as she had been when she was 19.

    By eymliilmye URL on 12.09.2010

  5. what does the word believer really mean? To believe is such a different thing then saying you believe. I believe in you.

    By Olivia Jean URL on 12.09.2010

  6. I was never a believer until I went out back one night to cover the tomatoes before the predicted frost. The moon was full and the brisk air filled my nostrils. I sensed something behind me and as I slowly turned, I came face to face with a myth. All I could do was reach over and pick a tomato before slowly handing it to Sasquatch.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 12.09.2010

  7. I am a believer, sort of. I believe in most things, i believe in love, I believe in friends. I also believe that love can end, and friends can disappear. I am a believer in the sense that I believe that life has a beginning middle and end, the rest is theory.

    By Lizzie Morris URL on 12.09.2010

  8. oh how i wish i was one. not only to i lack belief in religious aspects, i don’t believe in anything. i wish i could find something, for i am lost. so lost.

    By Alex on 12.09.2010

  9. I am not a belieber, but i am a believer in the fact that life is just one part of existence. we never know whats really going to happen after death, but i love to make theories!!!!!

    By a person on 12.09.2010

  10. He looked into her green eyes, then to her green hair, nose, and body. A face only he could love and he truly believed that it was real. This warm sensation, this tingling. He was in love with his own booger.

    By kanoodle7 URL on 12.09.2010

  11. It was hard to be faithful to something that no one could remember the origin of. Why they were still fighting, she didn’t know. She probably would never know. It wasn’t bloodlust, or greed, or a lust for power– it was just… habit. A war for no reason.

    A war she could never believe in.

    By Courka URL on 12.09.2010

  12. All of the sudden it dawned on me, just what I was dealing with. This was a true believer and I’d never in a million years and all my breath, convince him that I was right. And I am right.

    By Kevin URL on 12.09.2010

  13. I believe, you know I do. Forever in you. It’s like swirling candy dust, sprinkles in the air- magic. Magical. It’s magical to believe, to have faith- in Santa, in the Tooth Fairy, in the Easter Bunny. To believe it to be beautiful. Beautiful.Believe. I do.

    By Melinda on 12.09.2010

  14. I am a believer in Christ. He is my Rock and my Salvation. I would be nothing with him. He is my everything. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, the One True God.

    By Becky URL on 12.09.2010

  15. i used to be a huge believer.
    Dreams.So many dreams.
    Today, i have acomplished NOTHING, yes, nothing.
    Maybe i believe to much in my dream and keep pushing reality aside .
    That is so wrong

    By Naye URL on 12.09.2010

  16. I think of God. Of hope, of faith, of children, of my grnadparents, about nice people, but also about fanaticism, and blindness, and misguidedness. I think about infinity.

    By Emma Kate on 12.09.2010

  17. I believe that when it comes to certain things in life, you have to believe blindly, otherwise the word believe probably wouldn’t exist.

    By Amanda URL on 12.09.2010

  18. before this month, I was a believer. I felt that i could do almost anything. Of course, I’m also quite immature and that dream soon came crashing down; it doesn’t matter how hard you work, someone is more talented.

    By sam nizzy URL on 12.09.2010

  19. I am a believer and I believe in God. I’ve been brought up believing that God is the one and only savior. I believe in many other things such as love, friendship, hope, and luck. I believe in you too :) That is all.

    By Laura on 12.09.2010

  20. Hey hey, we’re the Monkees.
    My mom loved the Monkees. She had tickets to see them when she was young and they cancelled the concert. She thinks the ugly one is cute, though.
    I like the Neil Diamond version of I’m A Believer, too.
    Did he write it? I think possibly. He’s so wonderful.
    I want to kick someone’s ass to Cracklin’ Rosie one day.

    By Patience Ann URL on 12.09.2010

  21. Am I a believer? Sure. Sure, why not? But, I’m dissillusioned about organized religion and am starting to think that human spirituality lies in empathy–not dogma. But sure, I am a believer. I believe like no one.

    By carl on 12.09.2010

  22. us cellular is doing a believe program its pretty fun i think i dont know much about it but yeah whate exactly am i supposed to write about again? well whatever you wanted this is what you get so yups!!! in th emiddle of believer is the word lie

    By Rebekah on 12.09.2010

  23. im a believer. thats a song in shrek i think. shrek is going to play at my school on wednesday but its the last one not the first one. anyways the word believer has the word lie in it and thats not cool or maybe it is. my foots asleep and it really hurts.

    By Rebekah URL on 12.09.2010

  24. What does that mean? “Believer”? Who beleives in anything? Whats worth beleiving in? Spelling? haha. God? Who is god? is there a god? Are we all god? the whole creative non consious?

    By Allic on 12.09.2010

  25. thinking you can do something no matter what, even if others think you can’t.
    People who believe in something, like a god.

    By Hannah URL on 12.09.2010

  26. When I say her face, yeah I’m a believer. Ha. Just kidding. I believe in the happiness of Christmas. It brings so much joy to so many people. Last night we went to adopt a family, and collected about 40 or so gifts for a family of 5. The looks on their faces when entering the room was priceless.

    By Steff on 12.09.2010

  27. Believer. I don’t suppose I am one. It’s hard to believe in anything in a world thats so grey. Thats not depressing though! by no means. Its pretty chill. I just adjust. Evolve maybe

    By Allicman URL on 12.09.2010

  28. A believer is someone who believes, that is to say, who thinks something exists or that something is right.
    Beliefs can be relationed with faith.
    Anything you believe is bound to happen. Have faith, believe.

    By Slugkid on 12.09.2010

  29. “I’m a believer. That’s all.” I scoffed. It seemed like nothing would get better; how could it? “You believe things will get better?” I asked. “I really do.” The sadness in her eyes rapidly searched for hope. They found none around here.

    By Marissa URL on 12.09.2010

  30. God is what matters to me. Every day I pray three times-when I wake up, when I eat lunch, and when I go to bed. When I was younger I used to doubt my belief, but now i know that the challenges I face are to make me stronger.

    By Eric on 12.09.2010

  31. Believer: one who believes. one who, against all evidence, or lack of, has undeniable faith of something.

    By Sunanda URL on 12.09.2010

  32. What do I believe in? I believe that if I make it through the day alive, it was a success. God isn’t a luxury I can afford in my life.

    By Eric on 12.09.2010

  33. some people think I’m a believer but as they say I’m not the only one,some say being a believer is weak or lame, but I say a believer is all of you, a believer is one who believes anything the way they want to see it, from the point of view they see it from, so if you want to say I’m a believer I’m not the only one.

    By Tiffany on 12.09.2010

  34. god faith, jesus, one faith, one lord, one baptism, one faith, unwavering,

    By Wanda Houchens on 12.09.2010

  35. He is the one that has faith in something that can’t not be seen yet. Believer has many opportunities to make his dream come true. Believer is an inspiration for an unbeliever.

    By Angelika on 12.09.2010

  36. Believer is a word that brings many things to mind. Devotion. Passion. Proselytizing. Ideagouge.

    By Zy on 12.09.2010

  37. sometimes people say they are just dreamers, optimistic and foolish persons. but what truly happens is that inside everyone is a believer, we all to believe. its a must to survive, its something humans need. and no one can say they didnt fall into it.

    By poesiazul on 12.09.2010

  38. Believer. That is what he wasn’t. He played and played. Because he wasn’t a believer. Why would anyone be? Look around at all those consumer goods, look at your $1,000 laptop. It all amounts to material. Where is the purpose in that? He played and played. No one liked him for it. But he was fine by that. He would sink away into a reclusive, quiet empty environment, if consumerism was readily available to him. Because that’s the only purpose humans seemed to know. He played and played.

    By Lizza URL on 12.09.2010

  39. I used to be a believer. A believer in love. A believer in truth. A believer in God. I still do believe in God..sometimes. But my faith has been tested in ways I never thought possible. I wonder…is it possible to be a believer when you have doubts? Like all the time? I don’t mean fleeting doubts that go away after a minute…I mean lasting doubts, doubts that I had never thought of until now.

    By Bree URL on 12.09.2010

  40. when i see his face
    i’m a believer
    although i have short term memory loss
    for the instant
    the planes of his face shine
    my hero
    gives me faith

    By angie URL on 12.09.2010