September 20th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “begin”

  1. where to begin, I wasn’t sure what to do to start with and now I don’t have enough time to finish one thought. So I guess I will have to go.

    By Julie on 09.21.2012

  2. Begin, is it how something starts or maybe how something ends. If we think about the ending first, the place where we want to be, then that is where we should start.

    By Michele Brown on 09.21.2012

  3. To begin. To start. In the beginning. What do you consider that beginning? I consider it when God created everything. But what about those who believe the Big Bang Theory? Where is their beginning?

    By Aaron on 09.21.2012

  4. i begin to actually think of what my life would be like if i actually respected my self enough to say what was on my mind. I need to begin to do a lot of things.i need to begin to love myself.

    By Chisom Nwizu on 09.21.2012

  5. Sometimes I get uneasy when people command me to do things. Let me start at my own pace, on my own time, and I promise you that if you’ve got the patience to work with me and let me contribute what I can, it’ll be a masterpiece of the sort that gets put in museums and on the History Channel a hundred years later.

    By Diana on 09.21.2012

  6. It is time to begin writing. When will you begin listening to directions? Have you any idea when we will begin this games? Where should I begin to explain this situation? Let’s begin anew. I’m almost out of time and I must begin to finish.

    By Tracy on 09.21.2012

  7. Whatever it is. I always failed at beginning. Well, I began. But I quit, so my beginning was a failure too. What kind of a beginning is it, when I do not finish what I have to do. Right. It’s none. I fail. Constantly.

    By Julia on 09.21.2012

  8. I don’t know where to begin with this story about the word begin. Begin usually always comes at the beginning of a sentence and that’s what we have always know. I don’t know what else to say about this interesting word but no one really cares either. Fuck begin…why not end hmm? Why begin?? God damn this is hard…now time is running out and ig that means its ending.

    By Natalie Aldrich on 09.21.2012

  9. beging to write, what do i write about? the beginning of my day? i brushed my teeth! i began school this month i began dance classes this week. everything is beginning! soon i will begin univesity. i don’t know if i like begining.

    By Ariana Gantous on 09.21.2012

  10. It’s time for us to begin living our lives.

    By Astraiana on 09.21.2012

  11. begin is not something that is optional, you have to do it no matter what because if you do not begin anything then what is the point of you trying to do something, when you begin then you start something meaningful that you will remember and hopefully it is something that will last a lifetime. everything in life had a beginning, and everything also has an ending, so begin with something to start with and then work from there

    By harmony on 09.21.2012

  12. How. How in the world do I even know how to begin when there’s so much to elaborate on in the end and no prompt of any interest. I want to begin, to start, to “get going” but that’s the tough part and the next tough part is sounding eloquent enough to avoid sounding lost. The middle is hard. The end is a brain stumper but to begin? To begin is unendingly difficult. I would rather write as if I had already begun. Let me write as if I’ve been telling you a story for quite some time but you’ve forgotten all of it. You are being very polite and letting me go on without asking, again and again for this elusive missed prologue. You are picking together the puzzle pieces of it from what I say now and you find that you don’t even need to hear it again. It makes enough sense as it is and maybe you feel as if you have this tiny memory of me possibly maybe having begun it in another time, when in fact I have not and never will.

    By Maria on 09.21.2012

  13. It aLl began because I was curious. I had never had a facebook. Then you messages me and it all snowballed out of control. You held my hand and I held yours. I inspected your clean smooth wrists and you didn’t question my cuts. I wouldn’t have answered

    By Maria on 09.21.2012

  14. I have to start living up to what my potential is, though in reality the idea of this is terrifying. I have lost so many years to melancholy and pain. I do not know what I would do if somehow that was no longer a issue.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 09.21.2012

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    By practice on 09.21.2012

  16. In the beginning is a big chance. There is no “no beginning”. Or is that the other way around. That nothing ever begins. It is just there,

    By Rolf URL on 09.21.2012

  17. today i begin a new journey. today i think i will begin to figure out my being. i began to think i had nothing going for myself until this mystery job found me. i want to begin to understand my relationship. begin to love it.

    By aleigh on 09.21.2012

  18. begin with something simple you’ve never thought of. a place where your mind takes you when you’re not thinking of an outcome. do yourself a favor and forget about the past, because some better is waiting in the future. four score and eighty eight years ago i killed my father

    By Jason Lott on 09.21.2012

  19. To begin. In what way do we begin. Begin the day? Begin our lives? Begin to think? So many meanings, so many directions to take when one simply “begins”. All the directions eventually leads to the inevitable end of the begin. But the beauty is that it is also for another, a new begin.

    By Nicole on 09.21.2012

  20. In the beginning there was mud that bubbled and gurgled and teamed with life so small and smelly that we would not recognize it as our brother. But in fact, they are. And they are mad as hell at what we’ve done with their muck.

    By Marilyn Jus on 09.21.2012

  21. Where to begin. Some say to begin at the beginning but sometimes it’s best to begin at the end. Sometimes a good story must begin at the end to be understood. To understand where you’re coming from you must know where you end.

    By Imagine on 09.21.2012


    By Caoimhe on 09.21.2012

  23. Begin with something simple you’ve never thought of. a place where your mind takes you when you’re not thinking of an outcome. do yourself a favor and forget about the past, because something better is waiting in the future. four score and eighty eight years ago i killed my father. I don’t know why I wrote that. Weird what comes out of your head when you have no time to think about it. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    By Jason Lott on 09.21.2012

  24. To begin, it all seemed like the right move. I don’t know why it turned so sour and now I live in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what may never be. Fear of what could be, but shouldn’t be. Which way to turn? Please help…

    By Pamela on 09.21.2012

  25. My nose begins to flow
    What the fuck nose
    I don’t want to deal with this little show
    Sneezing too
    I can’t do this today
    Did you not get my memo
    Fuck off

    By recogirl URL on 09.21.2012

  26. Begin is the start of something new. It usually is the hardest part because you have no idea as to what will happen. The middle and end are not so bad because you know what has happened. Ending is the most important because you don’t want your hard work to go to waste. But if you never began you would have nothing to lose.

    By John t on 09.21.2012

  27. i begin to laugh and i have no idea why. nothing is funny. everything is perfect in that moment though and i thank god that i am alive. even if my heart is broken, life is still beautiful and my life is just waiting to begin.

    By teastman on 09.21.2012

  28. nothing seems right. to begin with, i am not your girlfriend anymore. but we are still the same. nothing has changed except better and more intimacy and less arguing. i suspect this won’t last. because for some reason you want to find someone else. someone who is not me.

    By teastman on 09.21.2012

  29. Let’s start at the beginning. Before my first cigarette, when my hymen was still intact. Definitely before suicide attempts number 1, 2, and 3. Before the people I loved started dying. Oh, where’d that lost and sacred purity go? I could sail any ocean, glide through any cloud, trudge through any forest, climb the steepest mountain, and I would never ever find that again.
    But at the beginning, I always had you. You were there for my first inhale. You looked deep into my soul as you entered me for the first time. I closed my eyes and thought of you with what I thought would be my dying breath.

    By Alyssa URL on 09.21.2012

  30. when i begin to think of them i become upset. i begin to remember fondly all the wonderful things they did for me and my siblings. generosity

    By keith walsh on 09.21.2012

  31. start writing in this little block thing because that’s what it told me to do but i don’t know why i don’t know what this thing is but i guess it’s pretty cool cause its making me think of random things to write about? i don’t know. this is like free writing in english class. make sure you’re always comfy.

    By Katie on 09.21.2012

  32. life, birth, awakening of the spirit, start something new, found a business, new beginning

    By niki on 09.21.2012

  33. maybe the water wants to rise
    and offer us to the sun
    maybe the stars are tired of us
    and longs for secrecy
    maybe our time is almost gone
    and we’ve overstayed
    maybe earth isn’t mother at all
    and more like enemy.

    By isa on 09.21.2012

  34. Begin again. In the beginning there was me, I was alone in liquid, floating in the dark. In the beginning I didn’t know what anything was, and in the end I still don’t. I am learning from the time I began to the time I end. This is the beginning.

    By jillian on 09.21.2012

  35. begin. end. begin to end or begin to begin?

    begin again. and again. and again.

    or had we started the whole time?

    By Lindsay on 09.21.2012

  36. the beginning of all things, its the start of something good or something bad its the new beginnings, of life, of moving…of anything. you have to begin to be able to finish.

    By naomi on 09.21.2012

  37. Where do I begin. This is my problem. I want to write. My fingers just want to type a story but my brain has no clue what to type about. I need a beginning, but when you want to find something, everything in plain sight disappears.

    By Billy on 09.21.2012

  38. Life begins. Life ends.

    Nothing anyone ever does will stop that.

    Life is the ultimate constant, an unstoppable nature and a force to be reckoned with.

    And it all begins.

    By Fox8299 on 09.21.2012

  39. I stood at the threshold of the Cathedral and watched in serene silence as tar-blade shadows wound about my feet. I did not resist, nor would I fight back when its imminent onslaught crashed into my bones. Its seething rage sunk metaphorical teeth into my veins but I stood fast, ignoring my trembling hands. I had survived our first encounter, had I not?
    Two months had passed since then and my blood still beat within these walls, silent but strong, deep red within white, an invincible truth that this tainted shade could never defile. This atrium had not ruptured, despite the scars that lined my arms… indeed, it was only my virtue of their agony that I could now breathe, clear and faithful, in the shadow of death itself. Its devotion to my ruin had instead brought about a rebirth… a miracle manifested in the small child now entering the Cathedral behind me.
    The tar rose up then, frenzied and screaming, utter destruction its only thought, but its loss was already guaranteed. In that moment, as the first blow rushed towards me, I knew that we could not lose. No one would die here tonight, not in this holy twilight. This was our atonement; we would not be forsaken.
    And now, it was time to begin…

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 09.22.2012