September 21st, 2012 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “trial”

  1. Will you keep me in that trial box till I rot or plead guilty..? I didn’t know it was a crime! I didn’t know it was possible even – till it happened. You look for a noose, I’m a two timer after all. Wrong. It was not just another I loved along with you – I loved the world and all in it. Now the noose will change into a garland… will it?

    By Harvinder URL on 09.22.2012

  2. leads ultimately to failure. And yet we’re up for it again, without any hint of realisation. we’re mad. that’s why we fail. only if we don’t try, we’re sure to be sane. then we might just as well try, be mad and fail again. it’s a catch.

    By washington irving on 09.22.2012

  3. and error. i like watermelon. i dont know what to write. this is coool. i love this website. im watching tv. woot. jenna marbles. trial. court. jail. lawyer. laws. cops. sirens. loud. driving. speeding. tickets.

    By carlie on 09.22.2012

  4. Hands sweating and heart beating Hermione watch in horror as they dragged Jamie out for trial. Jamie didn’t speak. He didn’t answer their questions. He plead innocent (he was innocent), but he didn’t speak. He didn’t defend himself.

    He was declared guilty for the murder of three student and was dragged away to a fate worse than death, all to protect the real culprit.

    And still, he did not speak.

    By Azure on 09.22.2012

  5. Don’t show up.
    Don’t call me.
    Don’t expect that I will forgive you.
    Yet don’t expect I will forget you.
    You with me are sin.
    Sweetest sin.

    By Princessium on 09.22.2012

  6. trials,
    they come
    and go.
    they come
    and they
    will go.

    By roma on 09.22.2012

  7. Everyone is subject to their own trials and tribulations. The trick is acknowledging them, and learning your lessons, and moving forward. That’s the hard part. Every September 22nd I celebrate my re-birthday; its the day I walked away from my former life, and chose a different path. That landmark was the beginning of the strangest journey I never could have imagined . . .

    By Shade on 09.22.2012

  8. A row of torches waiting patiently across the way, bobbing gently in boredom as they march closer, through intense and critical deliberation, in silence and righteous fear, to the final verdict. Even the young can participate, this being such an egalitarian event. A little boy hoisting a bent fork like a trident and a miniature flag like rocket-lit glory, stumbles in the street. He, in turn, is hoisted up by his shirt, himself the blowing pride at Iwo Jima (and other Jimas, the world over). Toward that which concensus has decreed as the crime for which this trial was created. Another man, without the utensils of nationhood, scrambling away from the shouting mob, but always within the witness box. Plead the 5th, friend. Don’t let them hear you scream.

    By mattlock URL on 09.22.2012

  9. it was a trial by error – an attempt to create a birthday cake with whipping cream icing in a soft pink hue. Unfortunately, the jar with the cream in it was shaken too long, too often, and by the time we realized, we had pink creamy butter instead

    By Janelle Hardy URL on 09.22.2012

  10. the life is trial, a fight between strength and the fear of loss, the defining moment of the success.

    By filza URL on 09.22.2012

  11. Trials are things we have in life. Its not how these things happen or why they happened it is all about how we react to this. Trials build us into incredible people and we must be willing to not run from our own trials in our life to build ourselves into people we may never have become. Be a yes man. Enjoy the Ride.

    By Logan Jugler on 09.22.2012

  12. It was a new day and yet nothing felt fresh. It was as if time went by without a new horizon to keep things interesting. “What was the point?” I thought to myself.

    By Ruben URL on 09.22.2012

  13. I am always ready to face a trial. It isn’t that I ever want to, but I know that when it comes down to it, we have the strength to take on what we are dealt. We are never given more trials than we can handle. That is my belief!

    By ECE on 09.22.2012

  14. The trials of life can incur many outcomes. Some simply give in, only to be devoured by the fear and struggle the trial brought. Others fight through, not submitting to the alternate end of weakness and cowardliness.

    By Nicole on 09.22.2012

  15. The dark wood was smooth beneath her nervous hands and her feet twisted over the rich carpet. She didn’t belong in this room, so formal and polished, with these people in their neat, dark suits. She plucked at strings on the fraying edges of her borrowed jacket, just praying to get out of there.

    By blackandwhitedreamer on 09.22.2012

  16. The trial was the one thing she had always been worried about. This was something that could depend whether she would live or die. The trial was about the man she had murdered. The man he had never meant to murder. Accidental murder they said, was not something to use as defense.

    By Maria on 09.22.2012

  17. Everything in life is a trial.

    By Alexa Shields on 09.22.2012

  18. Trial and tribulations are part of life. We happen to go through so much drama in order to achieve the goals we’ve set out. I myself have experience this several times and I’ve learned that it’s just part of life and it’s going to happen. Rather then focusing on the negatives I tend to direct my attention on the positives.

    By John Doe on 09.22.2012

  19. hey, hey you.

    i like this skin.

    can i keep it?

    By isa on 09.22.2012

  20. It was a test of trial and error. If i survived, great. If i didn’t i doubt i could try again. I stepped up to the door and opened it. What was i suppose to say? I took a deep breath. I walked forward before the crowd. I said hello and introduced myself. There wasn’t much time left for me to talk, so i just bowed and began my magic act. My hands twirled with illusions and magic making the crowd awe and clap. When the act was over i walked out the door i had entered from. I came face to face with my dad. He nodded his head in approvement and i could tell he was happy. I nodded back and we both walked out of the building togther.

    By Jessica Hall on 09.22.2012

  21. a trial is like a court trial for a criminal or a trial could also be to test your strength and ability.

    By Kelly Tidwell on 09.22.2012

  22. my heart has been placed on trial
    for things i never

    now i’m under lock and key for
    being nothing more then
    a dream

    a dream of
    what could be

    By Dennis DuBay II URL on 09.22.2012

  23. Trial and error. My mom was always trying a recipe with that in mind. Trial and Error, five cheese fondue, trial and error, Chicken Kiev. I think my growth was stunted at age nine, by her “Beef Wonder Bites” recipe.

    By Suzannah on 09.22.2012

  24. trial and error my life story think i do it right but the n i m proven wrong. i wsh i would always get it right but no trial and error.

    By chris URL on 09.22.2012

  25. on trial, this is a trial. this whole life is a trial, trying to get me to spew words i do not want to speak, but i do speak, i spit words that i do not desire to spit and i wish they would look like ribbons fit for delicate girls but they are ropes that sailors throw overboard and i try not to sob tears to sink their boat, but that is all i seem to be able to do.

    By Elaine URL on 09.22.2012

  26. there are things that happen not only in courts but in life, these sort of trials that burn and sting and test, because everything is a test if you look at the right way. these trials of the heart, these trials of the brain, these moral trials, these trials of discipline and i think that i’m in love with the trials you give me, because they are the easiest and hardest i’ve ever done.

    By yasmin URL on 09.22.2012

  27. Relationships are now trial and error things. In other people’s ventures into getting into relationships, I am the trial version. Just a piece to help them find the one they will stick with, just a stepping stone, just a centimeter to the the feet they want to go, just…a trial, nothing more.

    By Karen on 09.22.2012

  28. The courthouse was filled with lots off people who were dealing with the case of a nonsmoker who was smoking in a parking lot on a Sunday, church day It was sunny and the sun was shining Christian oh lord what am I going to do wait what was I writing about ? Oh yeah it was a sunny Sunday dealing with smoking and there was a trial and he was found guilty by the 7 jury people and the judge was Judge Banks of the fresh prince of Bel Air , can I fail this assignment . I think I did

    By Diamond Heeralall on 09.22.2012

  29. samalo@hotmail.caed that’s it
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    By samula on 09.22.2012

  30. As these days of new come to an end,
    I find myself alone facing new things,
    Not in physical solitude
    But in emotional distrust,
    I have ran as fast as possible,
    and still I cannot seem to match,
    the wit and speed
    that others seem to face these new days
    And so, I try harder and again.
    Mr. Z

    By Mr. Z URL on 09.22.2012

  31. There were many things that he said to her but had not meant it. One day he told her he was going on a trial, but he only went to a birthday party where he got drunk and passed out on the pavement at two in the morning. He woke up with a mole on his face that has not been there before.

    By Segunda Katigbak on 09.22.2012