May 7th, 2013 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “beer”

  1. she smelled like beer. she smelled like beer and day old bread from the bakery down the street – bittersweet and something about it made my mouth water. i was thirsty for a chance to taste her, even for just a second. her lips were pink like the tips of the daisies that grew out behind my house. she was the little bit if spring in my winter.

    By taylor on 05.07.2013

  2. There’s beer and then there’s BEER! I only drink one beer at a time and not very often, so when I drink a beer, I want it to be tasty and wonderful. I tend toward imported beers, and have a hard time understanding Miller Light, etc.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 05.07.2013

  3. An excuse to be weak. A façade of charisma. A pseudo-strength. Beer is the word, alcohol is the subject. Justify the destructive nature. Pilfering your liver’s health and poisoning your mind.

    By Eric Harrell on 05.07.2013

  4. I took a sip of it…and immediately spat it out. Eurgh. Why do people like this stuff? I thought. It tastes like moldy bread and stale vinegar. Maybe people just suffered through the taste purely to get drunk, but as I looked around at all the people I could see that they were thoroughly enjoying their fermented yeast excrement. This was the worst birthday ever.

    By Isis on 05.07.2013

  5. The frosty mug cooled his hand as the frothy head poured over the side. He’d been working every day, 9-5, and needed it more than ever. It was finally friday. His friends were surrounding him, he had an ice-cold pilsner waiting. What more could he want?

    By amy on 05.07.2013

  6. He has his feet up and his shades down. He sits enjoying the cool spring breeze as the sun warms his face. As a batter goes up to the plate, he puts his feet down knowing that it’ll be a good swing. Jumping up, he forgets about the beer at his feet as he goes to catch the ball. This catch, a proof of memory, is worth more than an overpriced cup.

    By Stephanie Force on 05.07.2013

  7. There was good beer in the fridge. Heavy with flavor and no skimping on the hops. It would be perfect for an after dinner celebration just for two.

    By Strategos on 05.07.2013

  8. As I sat there with my fishing pole in hand, I realised that my father was sitting next to me with a pole in his hand. Its been ten years since I spent time with him. With a Honey Brown in his hand he passes it to me, I’m only twelve and he’s sharing a drink with me while we catch bass. The moment is great, than I wake up. and the only thing I see are empty walls. But upon this moment I realise that the moment I just relieved is one I owe back to the world.

    By Josh on 05.07.2013

  9. Beer is his friend on a Friday night, when his friends have left him for someone more exciting. Beer is for friends who cannot stop shouting at the television, and for parents who are searching for an escape from this hectic life called ‘what did I get myself into.’ Beer is not for everyone, but it’s okay to allow it to sit in your gut and take you away once in a while, but be weary, for beer has the power to overtake your mind, and take you too far…perhaps to a place from which you cannot return.

    By Nicole on 05.07.2013

  10. Beer is an alcoholic drink which many people love drinking it. I personally do not like beer because it tastes really bad and it also stinks. the reason why so many people prefer beer is probably because the cheapest option. I LOVE TEQUILA!

    By m.k on 05.07.2013

  11. Beer. My dad loves beer, but lightly. During football games and campfires, and when he is cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, which is one of his favorite things to do. I’ve tried a sip of it here and there. He likes to tell the story of the Egyptians who were apparently paid for their work in the pyramids with beer.

    By Eve on 05.07.2013

  12. Oh golden juice, cold and bitter. Beer is somethin you need to get used to, but as soon as you are it’s everything. It’s friendship and past and future and love and music and memory. A promise of summer, a promise of spring, and comfort in winter and a friend indeed.

    By Fredda URL on 05.07.2013

  13. Beer. I cant stand the taste, it leaves unpleasant taste in my mouth as i struggle to swallow it and keep it down. why would anyone choose to drink this?

    By Yolanda on 05.07.2013

  14. fizzy cold intoxicating, get’s me drunk tastes like piss can’t stand the stuff. I don’t know how you can drink it but then I think about it poured int a tall glass and served to me in your smoking room, you wear your coat and we talk about the ways things should be. It’s classic like your smile.

    By Sabrina on 05.07.2013

  15. Mmmmm….
    I don’t think its that good.
    everyone else likes it.
    I’d rather drink wine.
    Now wine is something delicious.
    Each with its own nuances.
    Back to beer.
    Wheaty, hoppy, ale-y, lager-y, buttery…

    By Alouette on 05.07.2013

  16. I love this. It was the hardest thing to give up when I was diagnosed with celiac. It’s also how I met the man I love. I miss being able to go from place to place on vacation, trying each of the local brews, and meeting the people within the establishments. My church is special because we have a church brew club.

    By Erica on 05.07.2013

  17. I like to drink beer on the weekends. Sometimes out on the porch in the green chair

    By Nicole on 05.07.2013

  18. Fences
    When I imagine parties
    Aimless touching
    And of course, lives ruined
    There’s always a fence on the picture
    Keeping the smoke off my face
    And the bubbles from my mind

    By Saudade on 05.07.2013

  19. I need a plethora of them right now. It would be refreshing.

    By Casey on 05.07.2013

  20. Is good and kind. It keeps you up when you are down and lifts your spirits from the ground. The last time I drank it, the morning was rough. I began to think maybe I had had enough. While the taste can be good, in the morning I’d like to wear a hood.

    By Carly on 05.07.2013

  21. Hanging out with friends is where I drink beer. I cannot ave too much because i get bloated easily. Can’t have any since I’m pregnant!

    By Alma on 05.07.2013

  22. Beer is alcoholic drink that is wide spread and widely misused, it is illegal to drink without parental permission under 18 and 21. Many people disregard that and continue to drink, but some get caught by the police and face a charge.

    By Kiera Quinn URL on 05.07.2013

  23. I never acquired a taste for beer but I used to sip it at parties to appear sociable.
    And it moved me to dance and have a good time.

    By Robin on 05.07.2013

  24. blah blah blah, who needs beer? You have to get a tent and a bartender and a bounver and then you can have a block party, but I am depressed and it is too much work to consider. A champagne tarp is a better idea, I would help out with that

    By Jocelyn URL on 05.07.2013

  25. its disgusting. i dont think anyone should ever really drink it. but then again im not everyone. for different people it could be good. personally im a weed person. heals all. gives all smiles. beer generally turns into a bad time. bar fights. abuse. etc. i just think it should be a lower legal limit

    By roger on 05.07.2013

  26. “Get me another beer?”

    “Haven’t you had enough already?”

    “No, see, I had three IPAs. Now I want a Hefeweizen.”

    “Are you kidding me?”

    “I’ve had a rough night.”

    “No, a fucking slave back in the eighteen hundreds had a rough night. You’re being pissy.”

    “Yes, and being pissy merits alcohol! Here’s five bucks – get me one so I don’t ahve to move my pissy ass!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.07.2013

  27. There’s no beer in my cup. I was just pretending. I don’t belong here. These people are crazy. Do I want to be in a party? No I don’t.

    By Angel Perido on 05.07.2013

  28. beer tastes awful. It is unhealthy and leads to potbellies. It is commonly assosciated with young people at cottages. Beer is a form of alcohol also assosciated with partying.

    By Sam on 05.07.2013


    By Jason on 05.07.2013

  30. I love drinking something called a malta. It’s almost like a non alcoholic beer, except it’s sweet and delicious. My mom and I would often sit outside on the front porch watching the sunset, drinking them, content with the world around us. It was extravagant.

    By Kayla on 05.07.2013

  31. He finished his fifth–or was it sixth? He’s lost count by now–bottle of beer and set it down on the table in front of him, careful to keep it to the side, out of the way of the sight of his Apollo.

    By Bianca on 05.07.2013

  32. Amber
    with a foamy head
    refreshing to a point
    then, after too many
    not refreshing at all

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) on 05.07.2013

  33. Veer. Drinking the elixir of life. It courses through my veins like ripe blood pulsating and churning up my throat like projectile vomit.

    By A.H on 05.07.2013

  34. He swallowed the last mouthful and tossed the can, shamelessly missing the can and causing the last dribbles of alcohol to spill onto the carpet. With one deft movement he popped open another and put the opening to his lips.

    By KATE19 on 05.07.2013

  35. I’ve only been in contact with the poison twice – three times including the party in Turkey, which I don’t. The beer tasted acidic and hurt my throat when I pushed it roughly down into my stomach where it burned like the hot crisp summers I used to enjoy. The beer tastes even worse on the way back up.

    By A.H on 05.07.2013

  36. The dreams were more frequent now. Strange and lurid beyond anything she had dreamt before, so much so that in the morning, her need to down a pint or two of beer became her way of coping.

    By Amimee URL on 05.07.2013

  37. On his breath lingered the sour stench of beer. Clutching the can nervously, he scanned the room quickly, looking for a familiar face, any face he knew. nothing. nobody. The numbing sensation of his imminent lonliness left the can feeling too heavy in his hand. he loosened his grip. The can fell and emptied its dark foamy contents onto the carpet. He stepped away from the mess and bumped into someone behind him, swiveling around to mumble an apology, the sudden movement left him uncoordinated and he fell to join the can.. he heard laughter erupt from above him.

    By Alexandra on 05.07.2013

  38. And addiction. Fermented yeast. That’s all it is, but somehow people are addicted. Or maybe they’re not but they find comfort in it. I guess I can see that, but it’s just a drink.

    By Tasjiwa on 05.07.2013

  39. Sweet tasting.Beer is used recreationally and socially with friends. Beer is a substance that is used to hide from emotions and deal with stress.

    By logan on 05.07.2013

  40. The day at work had been menacingly long. With one ignorant client after another, the poor man truly felt exhausted. He looked forward to the rich, golden cup of ale that we was about to receive. As the ice-cold drink flowed from the bartender’s tap, the man could almost feel himself salivating. He looked left and right before touching it.

    By Amir on 05.07.2013