January 25th, 2011 | 414 Entries

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414 Entries for “basement”

  1. Kesha is the only thing I can think of. Which is terrible. I am embarrassed to say that. Eww. Lets have a slumber party in my basement.


  2. me and my friends was scared in the basement

    by grizzly muniz on 01.26.2011
  3. Down the dark stairs. Dripping sounds. Canning jars full of who-knows-what. I’ve read too many Stephen King novels to be able to walk down those steps without a cell phone, a flashlight, and a weapon of some sort. But then, how am I going to carry the laundry basket?

    by Sonia M. on 01.26.2011
  4. the basement was dark and cold. too dark, and too cold. she dreaded going down there, but knew that if she didn’t, the thought of the unknown would haunt her for the rest of her life.

    by lydia on 01.26.2011
  5. I was locked in the basement…My screams could surely be heard but no one came to my rescue….I sat alone in the silence and thought to myself…

    by mike zaremba on 01.26.2011
  6. She told me that she would let me see her basement sometime. She whispered it sweetly into my ear, so close that I could smell her light perfumed scent; almost taste her fresh breath as it puffed lightly over my face. That was during dinner with her parents.

    She got hit by a car as she was headed to my place to meet me.

    I can still smell her perfume early in the morning, before the rest of the world can wake up and take it from me.

  7. the underground of a house, where a person can take shelter if there is a tornado.

  8. basements are made of bricks

  9. coco puffs are so good they make you go wild for them cause they are chocolaty and tasty ha ha !

    by chance curell on 01.26.2011
  10. basements are the bottom part of a house that is normally used for storage. It can also be home to many different spiders.

  11. A basement is a place under a house or building where you can store different things. Basements are normally very dark.

  12. I hate my basement. It is damp. It is dark. The walls feel clammy. It is filled with things I do not want to remember and that I can never forget. I need to this basement. It does not need me. Everyone has a basement at the bottom of their soul. And the stairs creak all the way down.

    by NikNik on 01.26.2011
  13. Some houses have a basement. basements are big. some basements have spiders.

  14. I used to have a basement in my old house. It was really scary. hahaha. It had 5 different rooms and it had a tv too.

    by Summer Emond on 01.26.2011