August 6th, 2013 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “based”

  1. So now she ate whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It was a refreshing joy to be able to do the little things of everyday life based on her own desires and feelings, and not at the bidding of someone else.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.06.2013

  2. I want to now how every action I do based off of love and pure love. We are all on a journey here, we must be kind to others and base our actions from a place of joy and love. I know when I do this it has to come back to me. I send everyone love and light!

    By Liv on 08.06.2013

  3. It was based on the fact that maybe she might have gone with him at the party, but it wasn’t based on a real, true fact. It was a fact filled with opinions and maybe’s and what if’s. I didn’t have time for speculation, but the truth was….it was true.

    By SourNothings on 08.06.2013

  4. “So, if this creature is earth based…” I trailed off expectantly.
    “Then you…attack with fire?” he offered hesitantly, his voice cracking with fear of reprimand.
    I smiled encouragingly. “That’s exactly right, Tolkein. Fire bests earth, just as water bests fire. The elemental cycle is just a circle of advantage of disadvantage, you see?”
    He nodded, slowly at first and then with more vigor. “I do, Sirha. I do understand.”
    I smiled, closing the scroll with a practiced flick of my wrist. “Excellent work today, Tolkein. You make retire for the evening as requested. But remember what I said; you must be here an hour early tomorrow.”
    He nodded and stood, bowing slightly. “Of course. Thank you, Sirha Jalen.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.06.2013

  5. The story based on the reality. However the reality based on the fantasy mind of the human beings.

    By Quynh on 08.06.2013

  6. I was based on what I believe. I believe in cat, and I act like a cat: lazy, love eating, sleeping and meow meow all the time. A cat is the king of the house, everybody needs to indulge her. I am based on a cat. I live a cat’s life.

    By Chau Cao URL on 08.06.2013

  7. Based on what’s going on my mind, one would have been sent to a mental hospital.

    By brainlust on 08.06.2013

  8. The first night at the house was a fairly productive one. Lots of chatter, first impressions, and latenight talking.

    By Mary Pinkerton on 08.06.2013

  9. Rockets sing through their deadly dance, dropping into stone walls for their finales. I shut my eyes, tight tight tightly enough so that I see colors in the darkness behind my eyelids, and pray that I’m not chosen as the rockets’ dance partner.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 08.06.2013

  10. This is based on a true story. My brother used to catch ghosts when we were little it was something we never spoke of to my parents or our older sister. They would have thought we were nuts. The thing is he stopped at a certain age and we didn’t talk about it anymore. Now he’s happily married with a wonderful woman and has three kids of his own. But once he moved to his new home in Beverly Hills he started feeling these things. I don’t even know how I can feel it too. I haven’t seen him in years.

    By Lari on 08.06.2013

  11. I agree the spring is lovely, but it’s not as breezy as your laugh.
    The summer does bring heat; as warm as your touch? Not even half.
    I perceived the world around me with a scale I based on you
    I saw only through your eyes, and my blindness only grew.

    By Carly URL on 08.06.2013

  12. thank lil b based god and based is like basic except spelled based and i think it’s a different word but it’s similar anywah and help me I can’t type and do thing right help me based god I need your assistance because i don’t know what to write about the word based i could say this is based off of a dream or something like that

    By Jessica on 08.06.2013

  13. In the beginnings of books, authors write that their characters are not based off of real people, that any resemblance is purely coincidental. How can I say that of my own stories? Always, something worms in from real life. Real people are the inspiration for my imaginary people.

    By Holden URL on 08.06.2013

  14. my life is a story based on myself. i live according to the book i wrote. the past are pages flipped where i can never return. the future is blank and i am running out of time to write it

    By Ria Molina URL on 08.06.2013

  15. what is life based on? Is there a standard for everything in the universe? why do we all have to follow the same rules. Who sets up the basis for everything…

    By Evan on 08.06.2013

  16. He wasn’t one to listen to his own advice, based upon what she had witnessed. He seemed to hold hypocrisy close to his heart.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.06.2013

  17. My beliefs are based on honesty and integrity along with plenty of patience

    By Dick on 08.07.2013

  18. Based upon the latest ideas technology is becoming vast, interesting and a little scary. What to do about it? Basically, many people think a society based on technology, which we may one day run our entire lives through, is scary. Do we want our life to be run by a “robot”?

    By Whitney Green on 08.07.2013

  19. based is nothing but on which we are depending.depending is somewhat a possitve thing in completing our work.Life is based on eco every thing in the world is based on something else.

    By krishna on 08.07.2013

  20. Your logic based in fantasy
    Your genius is insanity
    You think you know the best
    Think your better than the rest
    You know not what I do
    You know not what is true
    I will not stand for lies
    And you will not stand for truth

    By untamedimagination on 08.07.2013

  21. Fear based. What am I afraid of? Food based? I always have food on my mind. Where are you based? That’s a military reference. What is this crap based upon? Crappy reference. Free based! That’s drugs for ya.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.07.2013

  22. This is based on you. This is based on me. This is about biasness, because we are only basing on two people, and nothing more. This is not for you. This is not for me. This is for everybody, anyone with tenacity and one who wants to be tenacious. This is about tentativity. Temporary. This is not for you yet this is for me.

    By Goh Koon Hui on 08.07.2013

  23. this is my life but you want

    to base it off yours

    that’s not fair

    By h. b. on 08.07.2013

  24. The company is based in France

    By H Shaw on 08.07.2013

  25. Based on current forecasts, by 2100 Savannah Georgia will be an archipelago. Egrets will nest in the branches of dead live oaks. Tomochichi will taste the sea.

    By amygdala on 08.07.2013

  26. Based on an idea suggested by a movie that was adapted from a book which in turn was a reworking of an old fairy tale…there is truly nothing new under the sun.

    By mrsmig on 08.07.2013

  27. Based on the information in her hand, which wasn’t much considering it was the southwest corner of a map she found in the rental car dashboard, Susan started the Toyota’s engine and headed back toward the road. She’d just have to trust her instincts and hope she’d wonder out of this godforsaken desert before the moon rose and her skeletons came rattling after her.

    By Heather on 08.07.2013

  28. Based on my experience with my family, i tend to e gaurded with all and not tusting due to my family being critical and sarcastic.

    By Rani on 08.07.2013

  29. The original brewery had been based in old Galway, but that was all still gray and ashen nowadays. Over a century of Irish rains hadn’t washed away all the soot. Remembering the crunch of burned stone under her feet—she shuddered and wrapped her arms around her chest.

    But now she was back in the house, standing on the third floor and looking out the window. It was a miracle the beer had survived, and these days it was even brewed in New Galway. For the beer to be taken away now, and under such a sham of a circumstance—

    Something in the crowd caught her eye. The chants got louder. Things were about to change.

    By Anthony StClair on 08.07.2013

  30. tonight
    she points up
    from the pillow
    to a pink butterfly
    pinned to the curtain

    this is so
    my sweet dreams
    are colourful

    eyes pressed tight
    flexing her fingers
    and accidentally, sleep

    the wedge of hallway light
    enough to fill the room
    with butterflies

    By david URL on 08.07.2013

  31. I tend to be very open with meeting peope r te frst time based on my past experiences. Give all a chance!

    By GirlInterrupted on 08.07.2013

  32. My life is based on boredom. I’m all carbon and flesh and, well, boredom. I reek of it too. It’s suffocating to be near me. That’s why I can never, ever be classified as entertaining.

    By Natalie Volz URL on 08.07.2013

  33. Mijn basis, mijn home town. Waar liggen mijn roots en waar voel ik me geaard. Waar hoor ik bij en voel ik me thuis en veilig.Kan volledig mezelf zijn. Prettig. Klein beetje gek, dat wel.

    By Vanessa on 08.07.2013

  34. on what? Your intuition? You just can’t pull shit out of mid-air, give me that trust me look and expect me to agree to it? Why does it cost so freaking much? Why is your work more special than the other people out there?

    By Lee on 08.07.2013

  35. I was based in Chennai. For most of my life. All of my life, actually. Sometimes all i ever thought of was to leave. other times, it was impossible to even think of leaving my home.

    By Immanuel on 08.07.2013

  36. “based on what evidence do you claim to have seen the things you so fondly and fervently speak of?’ he asked. “My eyesight is pretty good.” she said.

    By Immanuel on 08.07.2013

  37. Based. Based upon. A base for something. Solid ground. Terra firma. Something firm and quiet and permanent beneath your wobbly feet. Somewhere to begin, a jumping off point. Based. I am based here. You are based there. There are different kinds of ground, some soft, some firmer. Strewn with pine needles.

    By Gregor Samsa on 08.07.2013

  38. Based on the facts, love can be over-rated. On the other-hand, love can be a great deal of fun too!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.07.2013

  39. Based upon what I’ve learned so far, I know that I’ll never know everything I need to know about life. In order to be fully human and awake, I have to learn, know, and apply. I haven’t learned all I need to learn, know all I need to know, and am piss poor at applying what I do know. That’s all.

    By Linda Kay on 08.07.2013

  40. They say that they need proof to base my assumptions. I laugh at this of course. They allow the Christians, Jews, and Muslims to have their faith based on old books, written forever ago. But my vision of the great Spaghetti and Meatball God is scoffed at.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.07.2013