August 6th, 2013 | 85 Entries

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85 Entries for “based”

  1. Based on the evidence presented, the accused is clearly guilty without a reasonable doubt. Based on the fact that he was recorded saying he ordered the hit.

    By just me on 08.06.2013

  2. This is a fantasy based on reality.

    Noctis kept his eyes shut, attempting to push away the haunting memories as they crawled into his head, one after another. His sword fell to his feet. The metallic clatter echoed in his ears. His blood-stained hands trembled with shock as realization struck him.

    She was dead.

    By Weeeeeeeeee~ on 08.06.2013

  3. Based on what I have always been told, being poor doesn’t equal survival. If I am not making 100k+ I will die alone with nothing. Money is my world. Money is my savior. Money is my obsession. All due to bad parenting.

    By Minahil Siddiqui on 08.06.2013

  4. Based on what was read about her it would seem less likely anyone would like to contact her again. She was a horrible person who made everybody in her presence think about the value of personal responsibility. Based on what was heard from her we all knew all read was a lie.

    By Bapper on 08.06.2013

  5. Based on the fact based on. What do you look back for when you look for answers. What do you base your sources from. Where did you learn what you’ve learned and what was that based on?

    By Chad Fisher on 08.06.2013

  6. Lots of movies are based off of books; their adaptations are usually fairly well, they stick to the story and only have a few minor plot changes. One movie that I find was a horrible representation of the book was Beautiful Creatures.

    By Liz on 08.06.2013

  7. She based everything on facts. Never imaginative. Always factual.
    She hated opinions, she thought they were worthless.
    She only used the facts. The facts of life. The facts of death.
    But not the facts of creativity.

    By the antagonist on 08.06.2013

  8. “I really don’t think your observations are based in any sort of facts, Ralph.”
    “What are you talking about? They’e based in the facts of my own observation. Come on, Mr. Longra acts really weird all the time. And have you seen the food he eats? He must be an alien!”
    “This would be charming if you weren’t fifteen years old, but come on. You know better than to go around accusing people of being from other planets. Don’t you?”

    By hannah URL on 08.06.2013

  9. I based all of my thinking on one fact. That fact, little did I know wasn’t a fact at all. The school teachers and minds before me simply instilled this knowledge into me with the utmost surety. I only found in my 20s that this what they wanted me to think, not what was true. If i had known in the beginning that it was up to me to make it up, I would be well beyond a theory by now. I’m only beginning with this one inkling, letting it grow until it becomes a novel in my mind. The due date for this novela is coming up and I only wish I had understood the prompt years ago.

    By Dalton on 08.06.2013

  10. “Your theory is in no way based on reality!”

    “I don’t follow your reality!” barked the preacher, blue in the face and sweat crowding the collar of his jacket. “I follow God’s Word!”

    “And I follow the laws of physics, and biology, and fact!” the woman retorted, squeezing her wife’s hand. “The least you can do is admit that God had a hand in all that!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.06.2013

  11. All illusions are based in reality– but with a twist. If you blink you will miss it, and if you don’t blink you will still miss it.

    By Laura J on 08.06.2013

  12. based on what i have heard, based on what i have seen. i have based my life on these things for far too long. based on what i know, based on what i feel. based on and based off. and still i feel the same.

    By Meikä on 08.06.2013

  13. oil based primer paint
    smearing sensual delight
    we know how, but never why
    fickle in mid-summer’s night

    By katiekieran URL on 08.06.2013

  14. The type of education you receive is based on how much money you have. It’s ridiculous. Just because I’m poor doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the same education as someone who is rich. Oh sure, I can get financial aid, but the government cheats you even worse than the colleges. At least the colleges are straight forward. “You owe $20,000.” Alright, at least I know where I stand. The government? “You might be eligible for $10,000. And that’s only if we determine that your life sucks worse everybody else’s.” Fuck college. Fuck money. Fuck the government. I’m going to live in a cave, in Somalia, where no one will ever find me.

    By Kristen on 08.06.2013

  15. rounding 3rd into the place of foundation. sliding for the fuckof it. cheering from those who are with me. everthing else from everthyelse. Not much else.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 08.06.2013

  16. Based god.

    By Jason on 08.06.2013

  17. Everything is based on something. Is it really necessary though? Do our laws have to be based on the thoughts of our politicians? Do our actions have to be based on what is our perception of good or evil? Can’t we just act and not think?

    By Livia on 08.06.2013

  18. Based. a funny word. as if something is supposed to be based on something else. theories are based on facts, our arguments too. but what if we made stuff up as we go? wouldn’t life be easier? just do, don’t think.

    By Livia on 08.06.2013

  19. He nibbled the tip of his brush, eyes scanning the painting before him- left to right, left to right. Taking a deep breath to regulate his racing heart , he sat the pallette down and admired the painted woman before him. Based on the reflection in the mirror, he had finally completed the painting of his favourite person in the world – the female him.

    By narestars on 08.06.2013

  20. The contents of this story are based on a true story.
    My best friend of 11 years just filed for separation.
    She the one who would never dare give up on us has put us in the maybe box.
    The heartache feels a lot like I have her. And i have.
    Nothings can undo the cracks that I now see before me in the mirror, no amount of cleaning, wiping, crying, screaming and begging will fix this.
    the cracks are so deeply embedded into the very foundation of who we are that I don’t even know where to begin.
    How do let go of something you never thought you would lose. How do you become accustomed to losing a friend, a sister, the belt toy our jeans that has always held you up when you need.
    Given you direction when you thought for sure you’d taken the right turn but somehow managed to get yourself so lost that you couldn’t see way out.
    how do you erase the the memories that plastered on your wall, in every smile you see, in every conversation that passes your lips and every thought that enters your mind.
    I guess the answer is you don’t.
    You just simply breathe and let go.

    By Yolanda on 08.06.2013

  21. Based is sports.
    Debased – put down. Women’s rights? That girl from Pakistan who was shot for going to school but still speaks out for women’s rights for education.
    Sports in education…why is it that the highest paid public officials are coaches?

    By Kate on 08.06.2013

  22. My whole life has been based on a lie. The lie was the sun, and when I gazed up at it and saw that it was bright, I knew that life would be bright. But then I grew up, and winter came, and the sun fled and the clouds converged, and then snow fell in buckets. Life was not bright. Life was cold. Life was dark. My life was based on a lie.

    By Nathan James on 08.06.2013

  23. I based everything on what I had heard. On what I had heard about the after life. I based the life I lived now on something that was coming after. Not something that had passed, that was over and could not be changed, but something that was not yet tarnished, and could never be tarnished. And suddenly, the present became redeemable, and the past became an accomplice to salvation.

    By Anisha Russell URL on 08.06.2013

  24. Too much of what people say is based on supposition and not enough on knowledge.
    Our prejudices mean we all say what we want to be true rather than what is supported by facts.

    By Colin Goldsworthy on 08.06.2013

  25. She was going to be based in Caroln for the next few years, it seemed.

    Tyra decided she had best get used to the atmosphere, then. As she sat rigidly on her frustratingly vocal chair, she realized she would have to get used to the monotonous everlasting click-clack-clacking of Mia’s typewriter; she’d have to learn to drown out the sound of Erik’s bear paws rummaging through bag after bag of pungent potato chips, and eventually figure out how to convince him to wash his cheese-stained fingers before touching any of her things. Tyra was especially not looking forward to having her pens constantly stolen by Mia’s children, chewed on, and then misplaced under her desk.

    Caroln was her new base for the next long while. Tyra would just have to get used to it.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.06.2013

  26. Based on a true story, the quirky summer romance of 2013, starring a pretty white brunette who loves pop-punk just like you do, she looks strong but she’s been hurt and you are the only one man enough to fix her. Garden State 2: (500) Days of Summer in the Eternal Sunshine.

    By Andrea on 08.06.2013

  27. All of my inhibitions were based on an elaborately imagined reality. That’s a lot of really long words saying I was insecure with myself, with my perception of others, and my understanding of the society around me.
    “Just believe in yourself.”
    “Dance as if no one is watching.”
    “Live today like there is no tomorrow.”
    That’s what I was continually told at school and at home, by good people who only wanted to help me, people who thought they saw some potential in me.
    But they didn’t understand. And I never thought that the way of whiny Emos do, when they don’t really want to be understood. More than anything during that time, I would have loved and embraced a confidante.
    But how could I believe in myself when I had done that before and ended up killing the wrong person, the innocent person. The victim.
    How could I dance as if no one was watching when I was in fact being watched?
    With that guilt and the dread that those watching me might find me, I knew that there could very well be no tomorrow if I didn’t play dead today.

    By khakicat URL on 08.06.2013

  28. To my surprise, I found this interesting little creature squirming across the fiery surface, every pour of its flesh being raped by the specs of light blasting through the atmosphere. I’m talking about a worm.

    By Will Creates URL on 08.06.2013

  29. All of their pain, struggle, and resilience of their movement sprang from one place. It was ground zero. Returning was inevitable.

    By Soft URL on 08.06.2013

  30. the reason why they call it free-basing
    is not because
    the original drug has been stripped
    and is now free from
    all of its cover-ups
    it is because
    it makes you


    By xxcey on 08.06.2013

  31. His fingers flew across the keys. His blue eyes were dead focused on the computer screen before him. He was hunched over in his black, leathery office chair. Green boxers and a loose grey t-shirt are the only clothing on his lanky and pale body. A hand through his golden-blonde hair, then down and accidentally knocking his glasses away from is face.

    Writing stories based off of true events was harder than he thought.

    By Andrea on 08.06.2013

  32. based solely on the evidence
    and forgoing all rational thought
    it has been decided that you knew all along
    and when we drank the air together
    repulsion was slightly less than physics
    and a little more than force
    while our strange scientific laws
    danced in their own friendly fire

    By StarlitSunrise on 08.06.2013

  33. I’ve been based in something that isn’t true; now it’s floating off on the breeze. I wish it wasn’t so easy to see it fall apart. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be wrong. To feel it seeping down to the bones; it’s always been there, hiding it’s head under the surface, only eyes peeking above. Shit.

    By Beth A on 08.06.2013

  34. the turkey wins the race to the grave.

    By Emma on 08.06.2013

  35. .

    By Emma on 08.06.2013

  36. Based on what I believe I feel that I am at a great point in my life. I have a very healthy relationship and 5 gorgeous girls to call my own. While others may feel that I am a failure at many things, I continue each day to be my best and strive to learn new things as often as I can. I struggle with math, but I keep attending school despite the difficulties.

    By mom on 08.06.2013

  37. My control was slipping. I couldn’t grasp onto anything familiar. Having lost everything I could remember, I had no base to stand upon to operate from.

    By Ginger on 08.06.2013

  38. “Based on the evidence we’ve gathered, we detect no abnormal activity in this brain at all. That is what we will tell them, because there’s no way we’re actually tel;ling them about that blue goop in there.”

    Tallan smirked. “It’ll be just your ass on the line if you tell, not mine.”

    “Oh, REALLY?” Teresa countered. “Who smelled the goop first? Who went on hands and knees around the room, sniffing the air until you could pick up it, brushing that ridiculous labcoat-tux of yours on the floor?”

    “The difference,” said Tallan, “is that i’m just ‘a low-level janitor’. Remember? Just because I happened to find something while you were in the room, doesn’t mean it has a freaking thing to do with me.”

    The body strapped to the lab counter groaned, softly. Tallan paused, and edged away from the counter. “Nothing at all,” he repeated, eying the prone Specimen. It looked far too close to human for comfort–only the slight green tinge of the skin was off.

    By Van A. on 08.06.2013

  39. based on what I had thought about you years ago
    I kept returning to you, as I had nothing else since then
    to change what I had thought about you since then.

    And I can still say
    that those thoughts were right and workable.

    By Don Hargraves on 08.06.2013

  40. based on what I know about you
    I have no reason to break away from you.
    What would make you think any different,
    that something within me would cause me
    to think I would have nothing to do with you?

    By Don H. on 08.06.2013