November 28th, 2014 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “bargain”

  1. It wasn’t a matter of bargaining any longer. She either chose to return to Muirfield with Peter, or she stayed in Madeley under the wing of the beautiful people who had taken such wonderful care of her when she first arrived, given her a job, been caretakers to Charles, offered a place to live, food to eat. She couldn’t thank them enough- but was it worth losing her true loved ones over?

    By Paige on 11.28.2014

  2. something i am not good at.
    my mother is the best at it.
    it just to embarrass me when when i was young when my mother tried to bargain things we had to buy
    now that i am older i seem to follow her footsteps trying to bargain things myself

    By Soyeon Eunice Kim on 11.28.2014

  3. Let’s just start this thing out by explaining that this piece itself will be a form of bargaining.

    I am going to write some words, and bargain with you on whether or not you should accept them as true and encorporate them into your reality.

    This is what bargaining is all about, anyway. I’m selling you something, and you’re telling me what you’ll be willing to pay for it.

    By AJ Greenman on 11.28.2014

  4. they are going to the fleamarket every saturday morning. most of the time, when she finds something pretty, she asks her boyfriend to bargain with the vendor…. well, she did. after she came home from half a year abroad, all alone, she just did the bargaining on her own, without even thinking about it. her boyfriend felt useless …

    By Gerlinde Schweizer on 11.28.2014

  5. I don’t like this word. I like things that are real. Not cheap and fake. A bargain may make those feel happy but why not get the real thing with all its beauty and price. Why is everyone so scared of expensive things when they are just whole

    By Liv on 11.28.2014

  6. Baragaining is the art for Gujaratis. Gujarati never buy a thing without bargaining weather it is a Pen or a Car. We indians are proud of our bargaining skills. We are the cheapest people in the world so we bargain alot. We are the best in the world for bargain. You will see indians in USA bargaining for stuff they buy. Thats weird but cool

    By John URL on 11.28.2014

  7. The shopkeeper flashed a toothy smile. “He’s all yours, for just twenty bucks!”

    “That’s crazy! There has to be some catch or something!” The man thought, then shook his head. “Fine. Deal.”

    Five minutes later, the shopkeeper brought the haunted car back and cleaned off the bloodstains.

    By betaveros on 11.28.2014

  8. I never thought that I liked bargains. I mean, really, I sound stupid. I LIKE BLACK FRIDAY AND NOONE WILL TAKE ME TO GET A BARGAIN!

    By Rebekah Wooten on 11.28.2014

  9. Bargain
    To gain for less
    In vain?
    By bargains

    By Rebekah Wooten on 11.28.2014

  10. Bargaining is the most important piece of any teenagers life, especially if they are transitioning to college. Everything is fucking expensive and money is harder to find than a lion in the middle of New York. If you can find clothes, shoes, and accessories for cheap, you might as well be the goddess of everything.

    By Alexis URL on 11.28.2014

  11. A bargain is hard to find, whether you’re shopping or compromising on some sort of dramatic ordeal. Bargaining with friends over some silly argument is always an interesting task and someone always has to concede in the end for the sake of peace. Through it all, however, we must never bargain away our morals.

    By Alexis on 11.28.2014

  12. I only buy bargains, but I expect the quality of a full price. I want perfect for less. I want to feel full at half the price. I’m living with half the emotional support that I need because I am unwilling to splurge.

    By Azure on 11.28.2014

  13. bargin is something we do to get what we want. when we want something we try and make a trade to get that object and do what we need to recieve it. and if it doewsnt suit us then we try and offer something else in plkace of it to be called a bargin. children bargin for candy at an early age is just the begining it goes as far as a lawyer

    By kelsey on 11.28.2014

  14. Bargaining her love with his life. money isn’t worth it. none of the riches will ever be worth it – her love is everything to him, what more would he want? she is is world? There is nothing to bargain with – there is nothing that he would want more.

    By Elenore on 11.28.2014

  15. “Don’t take her, Death!” he cried.
    “What do you have to bargain with?” asked Death.
    “I shall give you my own!”
    “And she shall bargain with me for yours as well. It is impossible. There is nothing that you can sell – I don’t want your life: I will take hers.”

    By Elenore on 11.28.2014

  16. “Quite the bargain you got, Billy,” Linda said with a whistle, as Billy dropped bag upon bag of shopping onto the couch.

    “Yep,” he said with a bucktoothed grin. “And I only had to punch one kid and ram my cart into one old lady to get our new TV!”

    “Oh, good!” cried Linda. “That’s an improvement. Last time, it was three old ladies. I was not thrilled when the police came to our door last Black Friday.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.28.2014

  17. At first it seemed to my father that the fully furnished beachfront cottage was a bargain. After all by purchasing our own ready outfitted family summer paradise he could save thousands of dollars by not pouring ‘hard-earned dollars’ on ‘jacked up summer cottage rentals and ridiculous camp ground fees’, not to mention the regaining of hours of life lost to vacation decision bickering. So starting in the summer of 1972 we no longer were prodded and shoved into the family station wagon for a trip to ‘God Knows What Hell This Year, Anne’ but rather we sprang excitedly into our unbuckled seats eager to set out to our family’s very own ‘Hope’s End’ for a few balmy weeks of leech salting, sun burned skin peeling, and games of War played out amidst the fumes of ineffective mosquito coils before the nightly ritual chorus of 5 part screaming over who would mount the crumbling foam mattresses of mildew on the top bunks; who would risk the seemingly inevitable night crushing on the bottoms; and who would be the ultimate loser to sacrifice him or her self to the fold out horse hair couch that appeared to have once or twenty time been urinated on by a previous summer cottager after too many rye and cokes; a sleep adventure that would guarantee bad dreams at night, and puffy eyes and a clogged nose in the morning along with a ‘I don’t want to hear any more about it, just take some damned Benadryl, and get down to the beach with your brothers and sisters!’

    By Erica on 11.28.2014

  18. Going to the palengke was always a stressful time for Maribel. The first time she went, she lost herself in the countless aisles of fresh blood-red meat and half wrotten fruits. She would drown in the yells of sellers and buyers, constantly bargaining to bring food to their families’ tables in one way or another.

    By aasupremo on 11.28.2014

  19. “Well? Are you getting it or not?”

    “No. It’s stupid. And, it’s cheap.”

    Kae’s mom sighed and placed the chocolate back on the shelf with a pout. “I’m lucky to have a daughter like you,” her mother said. Kae rolled her eyes with a grin and shrugged. “Sometimes those bargains aren’t worth having.”

    By Agnes Pevensie on 11.28.2014

  20. My head sunk slowly into my hands. Only one word hung on my lips, like flypaper. I slowly spit it out,
    It fell out of my mouth like a giant drop of honey slowly landing in a puddle on the table.

    By Lula on 11.28.2014

  21. I could feel my hands sweating as I neatly folded them on the cold, metal table. My lips felt like they were glued together but I slowly pried them open like a rusty bear trap.
    “I have a bargain to propose.” I dryly said, not meeting their eyes.

    By Cecilia Trint on 11.28.2014

  22. In young adult novels people bargain with god when they feel desperate. I think thats pretty silly when you can bargain with other people and at least get a response. I don’t believe in god so who am I to say really. I just think people like talking more.

    By Emily on 11.28.2014

  23. bargains, bargains everywhere
    tis the season for greed and giving
    guess it’s all just about as helpful as gains made in bars

    By gabrielle on 11.28.2014

  24. The Dean growled, “I grow tired of waiting,” she said, her voice syrupy sweet, “Do we have a deal or not, Carmilla?”
    It wasn’t something she wanted but if it saved HER, it was worth it. It had to be.
    Reluctantly, she nodded. “We do,”
    “Excellent. The bargain is struck,” she turned on her heel, heading for the door, “And you know, I’m a woman of my word,”
    “Yes, maman,” she said, her words flat. Laura would never forgive her for this. “I know,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.29.2014

  25. Now that her mother was no longer monitoring her, Nana had a little more leeway to talk to her father. They had dropped the pretense of him being a boyfriend, but still were careful about what they said. They made a bargain that they would try to meet, but he could not yet approach Tom, as he was too young to understand why his Daddy wasn’t with them, so Nana had just told him that Daddy had moved away because of his job.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.29.2014

  26. I don’t want to make any kind of bargain here, because this is too important.

    I need to tell her the details straight up: she can take it, or she can leave it.

    Because, honestly, I couldn’t have it any other way.

    By Iceman on 11.29.2014

  27. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Nothing is supposed to go this way. Cliched. They were fake lovers, and fell in love, like each had secretly planned, but they weren’t supposed to end up despising each other so much that they revealed the plans to their wedding guests and stormed off the altar in opposite directions.

    By ye on 11.29.2014

  28. The word bargain reminds me of my father, and the pride he takes in finding a deal. Some of his deals turn out to be duds. It never dissuades him though. He loves the hunt.

    By Soft URL on 11.29.2014

  29. Never can find them ,unless you want to buy that pair of socks that has been reduced about 5 times at the back of the shop.

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 11.29.2014

  30. The world is full of bargains. You just need to know where to look for them.
    (To all the obsessive bargain hunters out there)

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 11.29.2014

  31. good deal on cheap shit. smells like plastic. crowds fighting for the best deal. help, get me out of here. I’d rather pay full price than shuffle through this mass of human wastoids. oh well, I guess I saved $20, I’ll go spend it on one shot of tequila.

    By J.J. on 11.29.2014

  32. Her heart was not too sure she could take on what she was doing, and if it was worth the bargain.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.29.2014

  33. It’s a bargain trying to be with you. Not because I need to bargain with you but because I need to bargain with myself to not go insane. I need to constantly look outside myself for reasons to not over text and over call and over-whelm you with my need for attention

    I don’t want to have to bargain for this relationship
    Nor do I want to have to bargain for my sanity.
    Please help me be of service and participate
    Please help me see how I can better myself to be a part of this relationship
    Instead if being a part in its failure.

    This is not who I am anymore
    Not is it who I want to be.

    By Catie on 11.29.2014

  34. I had to bargain with the sahdy man in order to get the piece of food that seemed so harmless. Oh so harmless indeed.

    By Spencer URL on 11.29.2014

  35. “Come on, Jake.”
    John Paul leaned forward and gave the bike a long, hard look. The front wheel was bent, spokes sticking out in all directions. There was no doubt that the wheel was beyond repair.
    “Just take it off and go down to Pete’s Bike Shop. I know Pete will give you a real bargain on a new tire.”
    Jake sighed as he looked at the damage.
    “I don’t have the money to repair this tire. My Dad’s going to kill me. I didn’t have permission to ride it.”
    “It’s not like you planned for a dog to run out in front of you,” John Paul stated, “When does your Dad get back?”
    “In two days,” Jake replied.
    “So we have two days to get this fixed,” John Paul smiled, “So let’s make plans. Your Dad will never know.”
    Jake watched John Paul start toward town. Two days was not a lot of time to get money to buy a new tire, but John Paul was in game mode. Game mode was not always a good thing. Game mode could mean a whole lot of trouble.

    By Cim on 11.29.2014

  36. “Well sir, I don’t think you’re correct see this shelf is not for vacuums, it’s the blenders,” The clerk said in an annoyed tone.

    “I do not care. This is false advertising and I want my fifty percent off.”

    By maggie on 11.29.2014

  37. I was shopping at Macy’s. There it was. That Calvin Klein scarf I had been looking for all day. And what a bargain, too! Such discounts seem rare these days, what, with the state of things.

    I felt so thrilled, but at the same time, disappointed. Had I really spent all day looking for that? A piece of fabric? A designer label?
    No. The real gem was shopping with my mother.

    By Matthew Shorten on 11.29.2014

  38. A bargain to myself
    to try a little more often
    to be gentile
    to be kind
    to show up to the things
    that need so strongly
    to be experienced
    to be exercised
    to be allowed to exist
    it is a bargain, a pact
    to create with the hope of success
    without the fear of failure
    to create value in the peace

    By Lace_and_Metal on 11.29.2014

  39. I hate having to bargain for something, but one of my friends practically lives off of it. She’ll try negotiating just about anything as long as it saves her a few cents. I find bargaining to be tedious, and I’d rather not by something over priced and move on then spend the time to bargain.

    By Erin Braxton URL on 11.29.2014

  40. It’s a deal you said. Why won’t you go through with it? It’s not like I’m cheating you or anything, right? I love jelly beans please, strawberries are just as good.

    By Mr. Beagle on 11.29.2014