November 27th, 2014 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “tofu”

  1. Tofu was certainly the blandest food in existance, Susie decided. But it added a certain something to her plate of pad thai and she wasn’t sure she would like it so much if the tofu wasn’t there. It was a little frustrating to have to admit that her worldview on food couldn’t be black and white, but there it was.

    By Holly on 11.27.2014

  2. Lydia detested tofu. It was such a fake food, she could hardly stand the way it tasted or the texture of it against her tongue. She hated how it pretended to be something nutritious and wonderful, when it only masqueraded as something much greater than it- real, true, wholesome food. But tofu was not real. Tofu was just as pretentious as the people around her.

    By Paige on 11.27.2014

  3. My South Pacific Asian family meets a new woman, the wife of their son. She is Irish. They have a daughter who then meets my Hispanic family, she is a new wife herself now. Blended those things meet up with the French and Italian families – and eventually this new daughter meets a man – you can see where this is going – this fusion of cooking technique and spice of our foremothers never tasted so weird, yet so good. Tofu is the perfect blank slate in which to marinate our legacies.

    By Intuition on 11.27.2014

  4. Ew tofu that sounds gross. But I guess some people like it and that’s okay because different people like different things. I’ve only heard of tofu once and that was in the tv show Teen Titans. Beast Boy, a character, would only eat tofu because he didn’t like eating animals. I forgot what that is called, not eating animals what so ever. But that’s kinda cool, makes you unique.

    By Molly on 11.27.2014

  5. Eying the plate of tofu as though it might come alive and attack her in the not-so-distant future, Diane gave up trying to concentrate on the conversation going on around her in favor of piling her plate high with a number of fatty-delicious treats.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.27.2014

  6. Tofu is something that I’ve never really, truly, tried. But it’s revered by foodies and health nuts and vegetarians everywhere and my dad would be prepared to show me how to cook it, so maybe I should…

    By April on 11.27.2014

  7. Tofu is not my favorite food. Given the sorry state of the universe right now I really don’t think my opinion on tofu matters to anybody. Entropy is increasing or so they say.

    By Emily on 11.27.2014

  8. There was no way that you’d find the crowds dispersing tofu to the residents of the neighbourhood without asking for compensation in the form of abbreviated arpeggios and walnuts roasted to paste and pleasure.

    By Rmund on 11.27.2014

  9. Tofu is for vegetarians. I’m a vegetarian, but not like that. I don’t eat tofu.

    By Michelle on 11.27.2014

  10. Before i never really liked tofu. I thought it was this tasteless food that had no point but now i realize that it is really good for you and your body so i try to eat as much of it as i can. The taste just depends on how you make. If you make it good, the tofu will definitely be good!

    By Epaine on 11.27.2014

  11. FOOD. hungryyyy.

    By Agnes Pevensie on 11.27.2014

  12. was it really tasteless?
    or was the first bite just gone like
    you soul when I told you the truth?
    I ate into the sweet, like it was made from saccharine sap,
    tapped from trees so sweet —
    you just never grow teeth.

    now when I bite,
    my teeth ache, my tongue cries;
    my stomach yearns for more.
    why reduce yourself to tofu, my sweet soy angel?
    you’ve got so many different flavors to offer.

    By Marissa on 11.27.2014

  13. “I did not come to your mother’s house to eat a disgusting tofu turkey,” whined Edward as he plopped himself down on the couch.

    “It’s called tofurkey, thank you very much,” his girlfriend Ida snapped. “And you should be grateful she’s offering you anything to eat at all.”

    “You can enjoy your weird, bland sponge bird,” Edward said. “I’m going to watch the football game.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.27.2014

  14. Nothing to write about tofu. food is food is food. tofu from somewhere out east.

    By Flyderkov URL on 11.28.2014

  15. I have had the opportunity to taste this dish many times, unfortunately, I have never like it much. Sure, it is an acquired taste, unlike more delicious Asian dishes that cater to the tongue. yet tofu, with its sedate taste and aroma in all its blandish glory has never been palatable to my indiscriminate palate.

    By Aarthi URL on 11.28.2014

  16. “what even is tofu?” i enquired, while poking around and the white lumps of.. (meat? vegetation?) stuff floating below a fine layer of froth that lined my miso soup.

    By Miki on 11.28.2014

  17. Donna glanced around the table. Everyone looked so damned happy, devouring their tofu and soy “spare ribs” with abandon. “How do you like your food?” they asked. She stared down at her plate and swallowed back rising bile. “I’m sorry guys, I… I can’t do this. I need a real porkchop.”

    By Soft URL on 11.28.2014

  18. i had tofu in some chow mein the other day. hannah and i ordered in some chinese food. we had to call 3 different places before one agreed to deliver to where we were. when hannah left in the morning i took it out of the little mini fridge hidden behind mini cabinet doors and ate all the rest of it, cold.

    By fran on 11.28.2014

  19. Nana picked a cube of tofu out of her soup and lifted it to her mouth, stopping with it in mid air. Trying as hard as she could to sound casual, she asked her grandmother; “So, are going to go live with our dad now?” All the chopsticks around the table froze; “No dear,” her grandmother responded, barely suppressing her scream. Within a second she had regained her composure, and smiled; “you are going to live with us. You don’t have a father anymore.” Nana dropped her tofu on the table, and put her hand to her mouth. She wanted to argue, to resist in some way, but her mind was blank.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.28.2014

  20. it is something that i generally eat with stir fries and i think that it doesn’t really taste that good unless i put it in some sort of marinade. it is a protein replacement and has become more edible given the new food trends that have evolved that steers away from traditional proteins such as meat.

    By ant on 11.28.2014

  21. The texture always takes some getting used to. And sweating takes forever. But get it just right, and roll it about in a bit of teriyaki and you have an awesome dinner. The skin crisps up so nicely…

    By Alyx on 11.28.2014

  22. Tofu was an alien substance- something I had heard of but never seen or smelled or felt- and I was more than excited to try it. I was deliriously happy. I was euphoric. After Thanksgiving at Brenae’s house, however, I cringed at the thought of it. It’s as if I went from knowing nothing about tofu at all to knowing far too much, and the sour taste of the squishy, smelly blob still seemed to linger in my mouth and in the back of my throat.

    By Abigail Peralta on 11.28.2014

  23. Jennifer glanced at her sister’s boyfriend and scooped a large spoonful of mashed potatoes onto her plate. Jerry was beginning to cut into the turkey.

    Turkey. That wasn’t a turkey! Turkey had meat and juices and skin that she waited all year for, not a pretend bird made of tofu.

    She poured gravy over her potatoes and added jello salad to her plate. She had promised to behave when she heard that Jerry was making a tofu turkey, but it was harder than she had thought it would be.

    Her thoughts moved to the pumpkin pie she could smell. It better not be tofu!

    By Cim on 11.28.2014

  24. fake meet decorates the table. I wonder where the real stuff is? I can’t stomach fake things, things like my boyfriend and his lies. His lies of where he was and what he was doing. Everything about him was fake. So why is he there and I am here eating tofu?

    By Courtney on 11.28.2014


    By BUSHYSTINKS on 11.28.2014

  26. The tofu sat on the plate, growing cold as Anna continued the debate with her mother.

    “Why can’t I go?”

    “You know why, Anna, it just wouldn’t be safe.”

    “Safe doesn’t matter if it’s the right thing to do.”

    By Whitney on 11.28.2014

  27. I love tofu because it comes in many shapes sizes geometries and it’s squishy to the touch. sometimes I think about laying a bunch in a brick pattern but horizontally. And then I imagine laying down and taking a nap in its squishy gooiness…done!

    By nicole URL on 11.28.2014