July 21st, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “bank”

  1. I went to the bank to drop off a check, but sure enough, it bounced.

    “I knew it,” I growled, cursing under my breath. One teller seemed to pity me, and the other, stiff-lipped, eyed me suspiciously. Both knew me; they knew that normally, the checks I brought were good. But now that the store I worked at was being run by a guy a little lacking in the ethics department, it was time for me to take matters into my own hands.

    Literally. I pinned my manager to a wall, held a lead pipe against his throat, and demanded my pay.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.21.2016

  2. Bank is a place where you put your money, but I aint got no money.

    By stimjim on 07.21.2016

  3. The banks in the middle of the city are fancy. They have a little annex out the front behind shiny sliding doors, with a range of ATMs for all your cash-withdrawal needs. There’s even one that you can use to exchange your notes for coins, so you can buy your coffees at that hipster coffee place that only accepts cash.
    The little annex is a haven, too. It’s open all day, and all night. If you seek cash late on a cold winter night, you might stumble across the various homeless folks who use the annex to sleep. I’ve seen the nest of blankets, abandoned, in the corner. The place where the rich withdraw banknotes by the handful, the place where the lost ones find rest.

    By Archanza on 07.21.2016

  4. They came in a armored truck. it was gigantic! they drove right thru through the bank wall and in to the bank.Suddenly i heard gun shots then there came a womans voice it was a deep one. “Every one shut up and stay on the ground in you want to stay alive! NOw show us wheres the money!”

    By Rebecca on 07.21.2016

  5. banco

    By nayane URL on 07.21.2016

  6. bank is place to money.

    By nayane on 07.21.2016

  7. A place where you take and give money. Whether in a legal or illegal way isn’t the matter but what you do with that money and what you plan to do with said money is what’s important. $$$$$$$

    By kira ysidron on 07.21.2016

  8. 1bank=Being At Nominal Kinetics

    By Garz on 07.21.2016

  9. A bank is a place where you give and take money.Already said this but made an account this time. Whether the act is legal or illegal, all that truly matters is how you use your money and how you plan to use your money. $$$$

    By kira ysidron on 07.21.2016

  10. Large looming clouds over head with thunderclaps like something out of a cartoon.

    “This is the place we’re going to rob?” Bucky said nervously to Mouldoon.

    Mouldoon just nodded. Jaw set and hard. This would be his last job, that he knew. Now it was time to go out in grand style. The only style he knew how. Bucky swallowed and shifted about.

    By Petriello on 07.21.2016

  11. I don’t know because you said don’t think and its hard to come up with anything if you don’t think. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raul is talking too much i cant concentrate -.- ahhhhhhhh shhhhhhhh shut up

    By Raul Mora Jr URL on 07.21.2016

  12. I went to the bank and I took our sixty dollars. She was waiting for me at the restaurant, the waitress. I gave her my phone as collateral. I had no idea it was a cash only joint! How embarrassing. I guess it’s a good thing I got stood up.

    By Jordan Price on 07.21.2016

  13. I take back when I said shut up to Raul, I’ll replace it with shhhhh please be quiet, I love you. :D Mwah. He’s being sensitive about me saying shut up but sometimes he says it to me, but it’s okay. I love him. Lol. :D

    By Rosana Rivera URL on 07.21.2016

  14. The car banked to the right at the last second, knocking her head against the glass of the window. When she had kept herself awake as a young girl, thinking about what she would do were she to be in a dangerous situation such as this she assumed she would be loud and fiesty. Instead quietly she grit her teeth against the throbbing in her head, and squeezed her numb hands into tight fists as the car barreled through an intersection.

    By Stella on 07.21.2016

  15. The bank owes me but they act like they don’t know me.
    The bank looks down on me with interest
    The bank doesn’t care
    The bank has more money than I can count

    By Chris URL on 07.22.2016

  16. I think I didn’t spend time with Linc.
    Should read a little on education for a 2 years old. :)

    Training Sven to check her homework on daily basis.
    Got spelling next week. I think the spelling is beyond her capabilities.

    By Shenni on 07.22.2016

  17. I went to the bank to take out a loan for my new business adventure. This was not any normal business adventure. This was a seriously incredible project which could only be completed by someone like me. Someone dedicated to the world of hippos.

    By Giuliana Biagioni on 07.22.2016

  18. A place where you keep your money or borrow money. A bank is supposed to be safe unless it is the Tri Counties Bank in my town. It has been robbed at least three times in the two years that I have lived here. I don’t know why.

    By Sheila on 07.22.2016

  19. We were laying by the sandbank, hearing the waves roar and keeping company to each other. It never occurred to me how peaceful I felt when we were there, how calm i felt when i was with them. Now, even though we keep in touch, those times are gone

    By Bramsy on 07.22.2016

  20. a bank is somewhere where you store things. it could be money, ideas, trinkets… I think of it as a place you keep your valuables. Valuables are individual. Memories, ideas, friends.

    By Ida on 07.22.2016

  21. He only trusted what he could do, so he went by the river and dug a narrow, deep hole next to the old oak tree he used to swing from as a child. He pulled the stacks of cash from his shirt and stuffed them down into the dark soil.

    By ml on 07.22.2016

  22. I am a safe with a welcome sign
    that flashes neon every time
    it catches sight of ski masks.
    It’s infuriating. It’s depreciating…
    and yet it flashes its Morse code,
    emphasis in shivers
    and the spasms of my throat,
    like a void that swallows
    and swallows
    and swallows.

    Lights flicker behind my eyes.
    You will never see me
    as advertised, silly boy
    of cloud-spun days.
    You will never own me
    completely, though my skin
    aches to feel your brand;


    By Pandatry on 07.22.2016

  23. “I can bank on you, right.”
    He just went on with the dishes.
    “Right?” SHe raised an eyebrow.
    He looked at her from the corner of his eye. “I sold the shares”.

    By suriti URL on 07.22.2016

  24. easy ready made solutions

    By varun on 07.22.2016

  25. I knew a guy who robbed a bank. He got put in prison. When he came out he was a pretty bitter man. He didn’t like certain types of people. I actually tried dating him for a while. He just wasn’t someone I could hang with. Too much hate in his heart. But he was a pretty good auto body man. He was good at his job.

    By Mistress Quickly on 07.22.2016

  26. “Stay down!”
    The gun was more of an incentive to remain flat, face down, on the ground, staring up at the man in the balaclava in horror. Our eyes locked and I shivered; I could practically smell the money he was taking away.

    By Sharna on 07.22.2016

  27. I need a nap. Summer break was to short!

    By me on 07.22.2016

  28. i went to the bank

    By Terance Shipman on 07.22.2016

  29. “Bank !” She yelled as she pulled the money from her mother’s wallet. The evening now held a promise that it did not have just seconds before.

    By Nancy on 07.22.2016

  30. Bank. I hate banks. Did you know Bank of America made over ten million in revenues off over draft fees last year? So they made millions off people with no money…

    By John Alwyn Goodman II on 07.22.2016

  31. She tried to run away with the pen, but it was chained to the counter for some reason. Her mother kept talking cheerfully to the teller but reached down and swatted Jessie’s hands away from the pen. She didn’t break eye contact at any time with the other adults in the room. Jessie was always amazed by that.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.22.2016

  32. I always go to the bank to get some money. Another day I did that and found out that I dint have the money I need.

    By tania montoya on 07.22.2016

  33. la banque n’est plus un lieu sur, tout est a propos de l’argent de nos jours, personne ne se soucie des choses réelles de la vie, tel que l’amour ou encore la véritable amitié. Tout est matérialiste et superficiel.

    By MARIA on 07.22.2016

  34. I don’t have a lot of money, but when I get some I just kind of stick it in there. It’s satisfying…makes me feel like I’m all grown up and ready to do stuff on my own. The only thing that bothers me is they never give me lollipops anymore because they can tell I’m too old. C’MON. I’m NEVER too old for candy.

    By Emma on 07.22.2016

  35. I wish there was a love bank we could go to. Take some loan, pay back with some extra love. Like debit when we have a lot of it and credit during the hard times. Hopefully, a lot of people feel the same.

    By Sneha on 07.22.2016

  36. bank, so that’s it, it’s all about money and being shallo nowadays. Nobody cares about real things anymore, things that matter such as real friendship, or true love.

    By ria on 07.22.2016

  37. The robbers stole towards the bank. It was late at night and they had been preparing for a long time. Action time! They stealthily broke in but wait. What were these sirens they heard. Uh oh they decided to leave and try again later.

    By Nobody. on 07.22.2016

  38. I banked on you.
    I counted the stars in the sky, attaching my hopes and dreams to the names you pulled out of your galaxy of a mind. I banked on the hopes and dreams we built together. Going from ‘never’, to ‘maybes’, to ‘one day I might..’
    In these things I placed all my fears, inadequacies, deeply-held secrets, and my most precious of infant imaginings. I built an imaginary foundation who’s sole source was you.
    But thats when it moved.
    Our stars fell from the sky-or at least stopped shining as bright. My dreams were too big, too full of people and noise and “adventures at night”. Turns out that when times became tough…Your beer tainted breath and deceptive smiles broke through. Revealing that sandy foundation. You turned to salt and my dreams fell apart.
    I banked on you.
    Your waves sucked me in and I drowned.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.22.2016