July 23rd, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “climate”

  1. I wanted to stay in that town, but the climate was getting to me, both physically and emotionally. The dry, cold air made my nostrils itch and throb, and sometimes, when I sneezed, I spotted dashes and splatters of clotted blood on the tissue I used.

    Morrison didn’t want to leave. They were so convinced that this place was the home we could have for our children. But I wouldn’t allow it. The overcast skies, the frost, the rain – it was dragging my spirit down.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.23.2016

  2. The climate has been changing. When I first arrived here, the dry and rainy seasons followed a tight schedule. The rains would start in May, increase in June and become constant from July through October. Suddenly, they would stop, before Buddhist Lent and the air would become cold through Feb. Then it would start to heat up again from March through May, gradually cooling off when the rains started.

    But now, everything is crazy. Even now in July, when the rains appear, they fall too heavily. The farmers planted their crops and then they get washed away in floods. What will the future bring, the farmers wonder? They shake their heads and make plans to migrate to the cities to make money in factory jobs, dreaming of their farms and what their lives could have been.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.23.2016

  3. Climate is not given enough importance in a world where people are too busy to care for their day to day life and gross negligence attitude. Awareness about how small changes could create huge difference to the overall long term climate is petty.

    By Harini on 07.23.2016

  4. Does an oscar nominee and ambassador need to influence commonman on how to protect the environment and save ourselves and our future from the impending danger of global warming? Shouldn’t we be self-aware of keeping things in check?

    By Harini on 07.23.2016

  5. the climate we are seeing is not great, but outside our country it looks fantastic. Sweet irony of the grass is always greener reflected nicely by the weather. Pathethic fallacy i belive it to be called?

    Beach makes me sunburned, so perhaps good the weather isnt always great.

    By Sean Combs on 07.23.2016

  6. Climate is different in all the regions around the world. From Miami, to Greenland, to wherever else in the world. They all share different types of climate. This is what differs between all the countries in the world that merge together to form 1 universe.

    By Victoria on 07.23.2016

  7. The air was hot. Sticky. Heavy. She rolled over and kicked the blankets off of her. He groggily looked at her. “What?” “Aren’t you hot?” “No…” She sat up slightly, but her head was to fuzzy. She had to lay back down. “Diana… Di. Are you okay?”

    By Bridget Grace on 07.23.2016

  8. I live in the Mojave Desert. It gets HOT out here. Maybe not Phoenix hot *haha* but sure gets scorchin’ out here. Today we are going to reach 112 degrees. Now that’s extreme climate, folks. But I like it here. I was born in the desert, moved away to experience humidity, and returned ASAP.

    By Mistress Quickly on 07.23.2016

  9. i think the climate up here may be too much for me to bear
    its far too hot
    when i feel your eyes linger on me
    and the almost non existent brush of the wind against my hair
    and the heady dampness that settles on us in late afternoon

    By abigail reeves on 07.23.2016

  10. The climate in the room ran from hot to cold. So many people at this party, so many personalities and agendas. I can’t wait to get out of here before I die of frost bite or melt like a bird flying too close to the sun.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 07.23.2016


    By Milad URL on 07.23.2016

  12. A mark made by the grasses burned into the ground thought cautiously as to what could be the reasoning. I wasn’t sure at first. And then upon looking again a double take not usually taken, I saw what was really happening. It occurred thoroughly different than I recall.

    By Andrew on 07.23.2016

  13. The climate changes everytime I step outside. I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about the experience of my life. The flow of humanity is new every time I pass the threshold of my door. People, stories, lives, hidden tragedies, all flow pass my eyes. I skip the next track on my music, and pass it all by.

    By Eric Herlihy on 07.23.2016

  14. our climate has gone from sunny with warm breezes to black clouds and heavy rains all over the villages, it didn’t look good for any of our tribes. None knew what was happening but it seemed like we angered a prime god, no matter what we presented as sacrifices, no matter what we offered, it didn’t seem to change.

    By Bramsy on 07.23.2016

  15. The climate is changing, or so they say. Then there are others that call this a myth, they say that it’s all aruse to get people riled up and freaked out. But what would be the point of that, doing it just to frighten people. What would they have to gain by scaring people. And I don’t even think it’s working.

    By Barney on 07.23.2016

  16. I wish the climate where I live was a bit more gentle. It is 103 degrees today. I prefer seasons. There are really only two seasons here. I do like the idea of being able to garden not that I live some place where I could.

    By sandestudio on 07.23.2016

  17. We lived in a wet climate for years. Everyday, the sky would be blanketed in grey, and rain drops would pelt against the window like bullets. However, there was more than enough hot cocoa.

    Some things never change.

    By B.E. on 07.23.2016

  18. Splash splish. There’s water everywhere in the tropical rainforest today. Damn this climate, Teki Toucan thought, flapping his feathers to get the water off of him. Not only that, but it was hot out too. Water plus heat equals a bad time for Teki’s coat.

    By Petriello on 07.23.2016

  19. The climate is muggy and wet. The clouds are overcast and sullen. Today feels unreal, where is the sun? Children are no longer playing, and it’s too hot to move or swim. What are we supposed to do in the sweltering Kentucky heat but be pitiful rednecks?

    By Myranda on 07.23.2016

  20. The climate is muggy and wet. The clouds are overcast and sullen. Today feels unreal, where is the sun? Children are no longer playing, and it’s too hot to move or swim. What are we supposed to do in the sweltering Kentucky heat but be pitiful and miserable.

    By Myranda on 07.23.2016

  21. climate is fucked up!! :D
    I have no idea what this site is about but I will keep writing without any idea what is going on…. HELP! I can’t stop.. actually I can but it’s engaging….. disturbingy. Maybe a really good time management technique :)

    By Andres Soop on 07.23.2016

  22. Sometimes I wake, and the pressure of the air is heavy on my chest, and in my lungs, and my heart is already heavy. It’s not the air, it’s just the morning. The air is less clear here. Less crystalline than home. Less blue. And it’s just a small city. So small, but still oppressive. A scab on the landscape, with Earth trying to heal herself from what we’ve done to her, but not knowing how.

    By Archanza on 07.23.2016

  23. the best in the nature that you find different climate between the places…
    it push you to love traveling really ;) :D

    By romi maiss on 07.23.2016

  24. The climate is on top of everything.

    no, it actually isn’t. People have still stuck in their heads in sand.

    By suriti URL on 07.23.2016

  25. The weather had shifted. It had been hot and muggy but now it was still muggy but a chill wind was moving in. She didn’t know if it was climate change, regular weather patterns or her nerves but sitting in the car with the top down, waiting for Donny was nerve-wracking.

    By MsShel330 on 07.23.2016

  26. I need to escape… to breathe. The intake deeply of fresh air and fresh dreams. To breathe in the peacefulness of new and exhale the poison in my lungs. To release the bitterness and hatred and animosity that pollutes my brain. I need a one way ticket…to climb high above the clouds and be free from the expectations and the violence that harasses life. I wan to run in the climate that is above it all. To run, to lift off…and fly.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.23.2016

  27. She steps in the room and it shifts.
    The air grows warm, people relax, and laughter seems more comfortable.
    Her smile woos and her eyes dance right through you.
    She dances around and all eyes follow.
    Light seems to stalk her, and beauty never leaves her side.
    She talks and darkness is lifted, bitterness disappears…and I am entranced.
    She controls the climate.
    She changes the atmosphere.

    And then she left.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 07.23.2016

  28. It’s strange, how the climate of a place can change so much simply with the touch of a hand from a specific person. You wouldn’t think the weather would work that way.

    By Evelyn on 07.23.2016

  29. The climate of the conversation turned icy with a single word from the one person I didn’t want to talk to. Words fell to the ground and splattered like raindrops. The sun outside the window shone brightly, but between the two of us, there was thunder and lightning as today’s forecast against a prevailing backdrop of low rivers and yellow clouds.

    By linet on 07.23.2016

  30. You have to analyze the social climate to know what’s okay and disastrous to do with company. But you’ve never been good at it, so you always cower inside and hide within crowds, placidly, if not looking glassy, nodding your head in agreement while hoping someone doesn’t yet at the same time does notice you in the sea of heads.

    By Ashi URL on 07.24.2016

  31. The climate shifted. Suddenly the oh so lovely dinner conversation took a turn and everyone went silent. It was like we all had moved to another place, a very cold place.

    By Ida on 07.24.2016

  32. volcanoes of static
    that pool in the seams
    of my shirt as I perspire
    anxiety like Chanel no. 5 –
    it’s all semantics, really.

    they pack humanity together
    with too little cement,
    trusting in the “instinctual”
    glue of empathy,
    though it’s a solicitor
    barred from entry.

    they will smile and call you friend,
    for the fact you have two hands,
    two halves a brain (whether
    you choose to utilize it or not),
    but you also have an avalanche
    in your chest,
    and no one wants to risk
    their lives to seek you
    in the wreckage.

    By Pandatry on 07.24.2016

  33. the weather outside was absolutely unbearable, nearing the temperature of a cooked egg. i sat under a tree in hopes that the shade could cool me off, even if just for a minute. as i look around, birds are flying everywhere. i guess they like this god awful heat. who would’ve thought they could be so close to the sun.

    By alexis on 07.24.2016