July 20th, 2016 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “graceful”

  1. she moved from one room to the other gracefully as though people were watching her. little did she knew that it was only me watching her she leaves a cold aura around her and leaving me in pain of not knowing.

    By aisha on 07.20.2016

  2. I have no clue what I’m supposed to write about, but I guess the most graceful thing I can think of is a swan. It’s clean white coat and it’s elegant figure. The way it glides through water peacefully. Also, being in church is graceful. The serenity and silence makes you feel cleansed. Promising to be without sins is graceful. Swans and church.

    By Jordyn on 07.20.2016

  3. She leaped into the air did a twirl and came down like a pile driver hitting the ground hard and slipped.. Whack. She saw the bright ceiling lights and just as soon as fell she was back on her feet… Whack, again. Ceiling lights again, but again back up.

    By stimjim on 07.20.2016

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    By ksdjhsdjkh on 07.20.2016

  5. She leapt through the air in a pirouette so fine it would have made all the men jizz their pants, straight or gay. Women too, though I guess it would be wetness more than anything.

    Sadly, she was merely practicing in the abandoned dance room. Her only audience was the endless mirrors of herself. She sighed, straightening up her leotard.

    By Drew URL on 07.20.2016

  6. He watched as her graceful movements took her around the room. She smiled and nodded, stopping to chat here and there as she passed out canopies. Her long silk dress clung to her hips and fell in soft folds to her feet.

    By Helen URL on 07.20.2016

  7. Been teaching Sven a few English sighted words such as AT, AM, THIS, THE last night.

    She did well in her Chinese spelling. Only made a minor mistake.
    I guess, making it fun & competitive works.

    Still doing the daily training on checking her homework.

    By Shenni on 07.20.2016

  8. Graceful is how she looked, even as her body slammed down on the aging safety mat, falling from the vault, or was it from the heavens?

    By EmilyA48 on 07.20.2016

  9. Her movements were graceful. fluid as she walked across the marble floor to him, all smiles and glowing with happiness to see him there. Her skirts rustled, and she held out her hands to him,which out of polite habit, he took. The smell of her perfume, jasmine, filled his nose and reminded him of dancing with her, where she had displayed that same grace as they has twirled and woven through the crowd together, oblivious of the world around them – so long ago.

    By Jessica on 07.20.2016

  10. You try to navigate the corkscrew of social interactions, but dealing with your feelings and their feelings and trying to prioritize who when just tires you out. You’re not graceful. You’ll never be a social butterfly.

    By Ashi URL on 07.21.2016

  11. She was graceful. That is the one word that I can think of as I watch her fill out orders and flit back and forth from counter to counter, customer to customer. Her poise was that of a dancer and was like a gazelle peacefully leaping through the long tall grass of an African plain.

    By Caitlin on 07.21.2016

  12. The swan should have been graceful. Elegant and graceful – isn’t that what swans are known for? Melinda edged closer to see what the problem was, and realised the once elegant beast was now dead. Murdered in fact.

    By Dee on 07.21.2016

  13. My mother. She always reacted to mistreatment with graceful calm and never swore. I’m proud of her.

    By Alicja on 07.21.2016

  14. woman blackhair

    By AkkaKbn on 07.21.2016

  15. She was very graceful when she danced. She had taken ballet lessons all of her life. Now she is a teacher and dances and teaches children.

    By Simon Woodard on 07.21.2016

  16. She walked carefully through the crowd, trying to appear as the pinnacle of grace and sophistication. Really, her shoes were too small and her dress was too big and she was doing everything in her power to not look like a total maniac.

    It was fair to middling as a success rate.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.21.2016

  17. Well, it does appear that we got the same word yesterday. It’s a little annoying when that happens. Usually, I just log off, but today I will continue to write because it’s all about the exercise, right? I will be graceful about the entire repetition. Have a beautiful day, beautiful people.

    By Mistress Quickly on 07.21.2016

  18. Lilting beauty in the depth of night, curling outward toward the light, delicately touching the curve of moon, openly blooming; sunward swoon.

    By ml on 07.21.2016

  19. She was about as graceful as a rhino. She moved through the all-you-can-eat line, bumping into the other patrons, not apologizing for her feet landing on their toes, and glaring at them like it was their fault that they were slowing her down to get to the crab rangoon.

    By Sully Anderson URL on 07.21.2016

  20. I got a late star

    By Jacquie McTaggart on 07.21.2016

  21. My sister in law is not a graceful person. Whenever we go for a walk, she will trip over something. Whenever we go hiking, she will trip over a rock. She is not a graceful person :)

    By Sarah on 07.21.2016

  22. I think of a ballerina gracefully waltzing across the stage. A ballerina with a part in Swan Lake or the Nut Cracker. Flowing, gliding, floating.

    By stacy on 07.21.2016

  23. She wanted to be graceful. Grace Kennedy graceful. Graceful like the girl at the bus stop who made waiting look like a dance an opera house would exhibit. Instead, she trips over words, trips over floorboards. She tripped through her days, each fall worse than the next. The only thing graceful about her were her eyebrows- wasn’t it elegant, the way they dropped when she sat alone under the bus stop cover, waiting for chances that never came?

    By Vivian P DeRosa on 07.21.2016

  24. graceful, the day starts with this word. I hope iwill will be graceful for the things i have and i turn i will be happy or can it be ignorance that makes me happy?!!!

    By Shanmuga on 07.21.2016

  25. Lithe, flexible.
    Moving through water.

    His movements were oddly graceful. Fascinating. The knife appeared to move of its own volition. Plunged effortlessly into my chest seemingly without resistance.
    Then was gone.
    The Man floated away. Beautiful.
    I drifted slowly to the ground. Settled gently into the snow for a comforting nap. Eternity.

    By Kimette Witt on 07.21.2016

  26. Even the slant of her cursive was graceful. Anna May danced through life and if she stepped on people now and again, or grabbed what she wanted out of their hands and hearts, she captured the light onto her face, her slender hands, her flexible legs. Thus, when finally someone stole what she wanted, her leap from the cliffside to the rocks below made an arc of grace against the sunset.

    By Joanna Bressler on 07.21.2016

  27. She dances, twirling on the tips of her toes, defying gravity. She is strong, yet graceful.

    By Faith on 07.21.2016

  28. my grandfather

    By aroosa on 07.21.2016

  29. she stepped out into the moonlight. The silvery light dancing o her skin. She was graceful. More graceful then anyone he knew. In this moment he was frozen. Only able to behold the angel before him.

    By nel on 07.21.2016

  30. I suppose that it was the most fascinating thing about her: her absolute lack of inhibition. She wears nothing but her bare feet and a shirt four sizes too large; our living room floor has become her stage, and the Earth falls silent. I gaze upon her as she floats, gentle points of toes like kisses to the atmosphere. The hemline of her make-shift ballgown breezes with her movements, as if it has been waiting for her. Long and soft, outstretched fingers, an extension of her soul. She is oneness.

    By Heidi P. on 07.21.2016

  31. she was graceful in the way she moved and danced and talked. She was the most beautiful woman in the world and she knew how to be a woman. She grew up a woman and she was so elegant and everyone knew her as that. She knew no other way to be. Her name was Ana she ordered people around and knew how to take a stand. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do and she knew who she was.

    By Christina on 07.21.2016

  32. Watching Ori move was like watching a waterfall. It seemed almost like an act of nature, unstoppable and breathtaking in it’s ineffability. Aurum watched him twirl knives like others might twist cloth between their fingers, and he knew he was lost.

    By savvadrokki on 07.21.2016

  33. She was graceful. Always. Her white gowns, cloth napkins, pristine table settings, and her way of speaking. She never made anyone feel judged. Her gaze was attentive and sweet and accompanied by a smile.

    By Andrew on 07.21.2016