February 20th, 2012 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “curse”

  1. twist your tongue in a way that got you in trouble in elementary school.
    flick the swear word off the curve of your mouth in a way that would make your grandmother cringe.
    curse. curse. curse.
    and curse some more.
    until you get your point across.

    By Erica Go on 02.21.2012

  2. Being cursed is like negative luck. In a way, you still get the perfect streak of bad luck, which is kind of lucky when you think about it. That’s bullshit though, luck doesn’t exist. What we have is strength and chance, and my strength will always, without fail overpower anything chance can bring me. Nothing can destroy me. Nothing can destroy my atoms, not even life. And that is a curse I bear proudly, because I am alive, you see. I am alive and my breaths shake the universe.

    By meliora URL on 02.21.2012

  3. I just want to change the world one word at a time.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 02.21.2012

  4. Carve these curses deep in the crevices of my bones, so that I can feel the pain as each stroke is permanently engrain on my ivory joints. Let my blaspheming blood ricochet in and out of this pulsing, black heart that feeds upon your children, upon others. These hands have already written mine own demise, for I will never forgive, I will forever be your sinner.
    You should have made sure I was dead before you walked away.

    By Taylor K URL on 02.21.2012

  5. They never could quite decide whether it was a curse or not.

    “Either it is or it isn’t,” said the little one, big eyes flashing.

    “Why can’t it be both?” asked the dreamer, tousled hair falling into his eyes. “You’re still pretty, you know.”

    “Mmm, and so are you.”

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 02.21.2012

  6. swear, I swear, I let out the fuck when I’m stressed. I tried so hard to be calm last night when you called, but I got upset and then I said fuck and blew my cool. Why am I upset with talking to you?

    By Trish on 02.21.2012

  7. Curse means to speak bad words after smacking flaming Geletin deserts, also called jello, but i have never cursed while doing that.

    By Tree URL on 02.21.2012

  8. It is so nice out only if in was not windy out it would be nicer.

    By kittens URL on 02.21.2012

  9. people like to curse alot.

    By iconic girl URL on 02.21.2012

  10. This one time i read this book this man died in the woods and know he’s cursing the woods

    By kelley URL on 02.21.2012

  11. Curse. Curse. Curse. Curse. Curse. Curse. Curse. This is a curse. OH NO!!!

    By Cody on 02.21.2012

  12. Life is a blessing and a curse and girls are sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.Curses are good and bad sometimes the worst things that happen are what we consider as a curse but they could be the best of blessings and vice versa. Curse curse curse

    By jdog on 02.21.2012

  13. A witch or wizard can put a curse on someone in fairy-tales. You can also curse or swear. I don’t know what the difference is between cursing, swearing, and cussing. I think they’re all the same.

    By Damaris URL on 02.21.2012

  14. Because of the curse Elaine could never leave the tower until someone come and rescued her. But as the day’s past by and no one came Elaine began to despair if anyone would ever come.

    By Smile your alive! on 02.21.2012

  15. curses can be bad, or secret blessings. im watching Switched at Birth so this is true now

    By redglassesgirl on 02.21.2012

  16. some curses are: Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Sectumsentra, Levicorpus, etc.

    By Julz URL on 02.21.2012

  17. curse. no more. there is no such thing. I am not cursed. I will not be cursed. I do not “fall” in love. I choose to love. I am love. I am not “cursed” with being a certain way. I am blessed. A curse is fear. Fear is control. Control comes from fear. That curse can be broken. Tossed aside. Readily given away. Turn it into power. Into Love.

    By Avery on 02.21.2012

  18. a curse is something that can be put on you. but you can also be born with it. oftentimes, a curse may also be a blessing, or both at the same time. a curse can also be a swear word, which is actually where swearing derived from. cursing someone in the olden days with bad luck.

    By kevin buitrago on 02.21.2012

  19. a malediction. something intended to do harm or damage.

    By David on 02.21.2012

  20. I know it wasn’t my place to say that which was to come out soon but my temper made it inevitable to put this whiny bitch in his place. Since his rich kid blues were sopathertic.

    By Ruben URL on 02.21.2012

  21. Curse

    There are times, like this morning, where this computer feels more like a curse than a blessing. I have SO MUCH to do, many many tasks, but instead I’m drawn to this bright shiny object to play and learn. Where is my focus??

    By CameoRoze URL on 02.21.2012

  22. “Fuck you!” She screamed across the room.

    “Seriously, mom?” I replied.

    “No, I’m sorry,” she said.

    “Ugh. You’re drunk again.”

    By Guy URL on 02.21.2012

  23. There was a curse in the town. No one really knew what it was or where it came from, they just knew that it was not something to be dealt with…
    During the 1800s, an old man by the name of Welsyn Verner ran the town as head mayor, his death is what brought about the curse-giving an eerie feel to the air around Spartanville.

    By Brock Buchanan on 02.21.2012


    By bhrt on 02.21.2012

  25. The curse settles around him like a fog, like cotton in his ears and a film over his eyes. Someone is trying to say something to him, but he can’t hear them, can’t even see who’s trying to speak. It’s like moving through jello, like that feeling you get in your sinuses when you’ve got a bad cold, but everywhere.

    By Katie on 02.21.2012