January 30th, 2013 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “swell”

  1. The ocean swelling in the strong wind whipping around the ship, we saw the dolphins and sting rays dancing against the breasts. The beauty of the blue swirling white was overpowering.

    By Juliet on 01.31.2013

  2. “Swell,” Otto replied with a grin, giving a jaunty little salute and turning to leave before Silas stopped him.

    “God. Fucking. Damn it, Otto.”

    The lanky dryad blinked at the sudden profanity issuing from the significantly smaller faun’s mouth. “Er. What?”

    “You just said swell. /Swell./ How do you exist in this world?”

    Otto laughed, that good, strong laugh that made Silas’s heart flutter. “It’s a mystery to more than just you, laddy.”

    By Julia A. URL on 01.31.2013

  3. Swell is like an old word describing how good something can be. Then again it could be how swollen an ankle could get.

    By Rachelle on 01.31.2013

  4. fat

    By Tania on 01.31.2013

  5. The injury swelled faster than I thought it would. I should call someone, but who? My parents? They had their own issues. I was alone.

    By P on 01.31.2013

  6. The swell of the wave goosed her bely. She shivered.

    By Diane Allen URL on 01.31.2013

  7. I feel swell today. A swell in my chest, in my pride, my entire outlook of life. I am blessed to be here today. I am no longer deflated, depressed, defaulted.. I am here, and I am ready to take back control of my life.

    By KailaElyse on 01.31.2013

  8. This is an old fashioned word. Usually I write a story or something in this little blurby moment, but when I saw the word swell, all I could think of was how old fashioned it is. Not that that makes me dislike it. I happen to be a fan of old fashioned words, and I think this one is quite charming. I just don’t know if I could ever use it in dialogue convincingly without raising a few eyebrows.

    By hannah URL on 01.31.2013

  9. Swell can mean great. A wave can swell when it gets bigger. Your ego can swell when you get full of yourself. A bruise can swell. There are many, many ways that swell can be translated. I like to translate swell as great.

    By Grace Peace A on 01.31.2013

  10. it is what happens in ocean waves. surfers really like it. i wish i was a surfer and lived by the ocean. I would surf everyday. Alos the water would be vey calming. swells are what surfers search for all over the world

    By tammy on 01.31.2013

  11. Well this is just swell. I got nothing today. Nope. Nada. Nothing. It’s swell.

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.31.2013

  12. Something swelled under its larval skin.
    Bulging, poking, squirming around.
    This creature knew its insides were rearranging.
    All the while wondering, “Will all of me be destroyed by the time it’s over?”

    By Intuition on 01.31.2013

  13. swell

    By ellena on 01.31.2013

  14. Different newspapers have swelled out across Afghanistan but there are only three English newspapers.
    Anger and fury is swelling in Afghanistan against militants as this war-weary nation cannot tolerate their deadly activities.

    By AFGHANISTAN TIMES URL on 01.31.2013

  15. On the beach,
    walking along the sand,
    my feet sink into the warm, gritty sand.
    I look into the distance
    and the waves swell up and rinse my toes.
    I am at peace.

    By M on 01.31.2013

  16. The food was swell.
    My foot is starting to swell.
    I sure had a swell time.
    You are a swell person.

    By teeda URL on 01.31.2013

  17. the swell of the waves crashed heavily into the beach, i stared out at the massive waves churning in the distance and smiled. This was the surfers dream day…i clung tightly to my surf board and started to run to the warm water that surely awaited me in the ocean.

    By Jeff E. on 01.31.2013

  18. The ocean wave came up, and then seemed to burst into a crest. The swells rocked the boat. Each swelled and shrank. It’s like magic. The entire sea, constantly with each bit swelling or collapsing. Every wave cresting at one point or another, the energy breaking free of its water prison.

    By Serryphae URL on 01.31.2013

  19. When I saw my picture on their magazine, my heart swelled in fear. It didn’t matter that they had covered my face with a black box . . . I didn’t feel any safer. I studied my clothes and hair in the photo. Without further thought, I ripped my hair from its bun and braided it down my back. I took a soiled handkerchief from my laundry basket and secured it around my hair. Then, I went inside the hut and found the clothes I had worn. I hesitated for a brief moment before casting the dress into the fire. My very last outfit . . . burned because of a simple picture.
    But the cinders just may save my life.
    Gazing into the fire, I determined to flee my village. Tonight.

    By KenzieB19 on 01.31.2013

  20. There arose a swell in the sea so magnificent, Trudy was lost under the waves for a good 5 minutes. Surely she had not survived that? But as Ben watched and watched he finally glimpsed the red ribbon, and soon after a cascade of dripping amber tresses that were unmistakably Trudy’s.

    By Les URL on 01.31.2013

  21. swell is highly used with “have a swell day” which means “have a better than good day”. it can be used to describe objects when they become bigger . popular in 1950-1960

    By Jude on 01.31.2013

  22. Swell. Single and swell. swell fully single. You can do it Tay. You were single all summer and you had a blast. He had a bad body anyways. And a double chin. You know you can so better. I will be okay. I will be just swell.

    By Taylor on 01.31.2013

  23. The raft was getting tossed about in the storm, like a child’s ragdoll being thrown up into the air again and again. Caught in the swell of the waves all they could do was hold onto each other and the ropes and wait until it was over.

    By lightthisfuse on 01.31.2013

  24. The swelling in my heart had not gone down at all. I was worried about my health, the state of my mind, but most of all the state of my life. Could this really be all I had to give to the world? Was it fair everything was being taken away from me? My life.. slipping away slowly… the moment he walked out on me.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 01.31.2013

  25. He felt his heart sweel with hope.
    They did it! They found the key! Now they could escape.
    But Veneziano stopped and looked back at Germany.
    Something…was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

    By Tanya on 01.31.2013

  26. it was swell to know that everything was going finr until the guy i thought i would never see again walked into the cafe. my heart dropped to the floor when he was with someone else. He turned to my way and all i can do was hide from his dark eyes.

    By Amanda on 01.31.2013

  27. She’s turned into a blow fish. I said something stupid, I can’t remember what. But now, how she swells. I’m in the dog house tonight, sleeping on the couch.

    By M. Shaw on 01.31.2013

  28. under and over the sea stripped bare
    the echo perched for a moment
    and praise was not to be found.
    no longer have the echoes found a safer place to be

    By DamianStrange on 01.31.2013

  29. if love were palpable
    like a wound or a sore
    i swear my fatty heart
    and my wasted mind
    would bulge like
    grotesque balloons
    from under my skin

    we’d all walk around
    sporting diseased sacs
    of not fluid but emotion
    and we can’t hide behind
    sorry eyes anymore

    so i guess it’s a good that
    it’s something we can’t touch,
    but damn, it would help a lot.

    By isa on 01.31.2013

  30. A boy sees his father for the first time in years, heart swells and explodes as he wraps his arms around the man. Though as the life leaves his body he lies there limp. Shit. Story. Swell.

    By Elliott on 01.31.2013

  31. Ahh, the fifties. Things were, indeed, swell. At least from the outside. At least from where I sit. Where I never sat. Where swell seems all simple and cigarettes and laughs.

    By Paula on 01.31.2013

  32. fat

    By avi on 01.31.2013

  33. big it is getting better, to swell is to get large, people use it to indicate that something is good. Swelling is not good it means something is wrong, that your bady is trying to defend itself, its wrong there is something wrong with your body an isect or something hurt you.

    By emma on 01.31.2013

  34. Today has been swell so far. the weather is swell i am feeling swell i have swell plans for tonight and the weekend and i am greatful for all the swell people i have in my life. Life is swell

    By darcie on 01.31.2013

  35. The balloon was swollen with air the day before, but now hung limp and wrinkled taped to the wall. The guests had gone and so had the spirit of the party.

    By anonymous on 01.31.2013

  36. “Great! That’s just swell!” Diana’s exclamation stank of cynicism as she sat in the dirt reaching for her foot. The rocks at the edge of the path had found a resting spot beside her after giving her chase into the sandy shoulder. Knowing she was not one for sympathies, I searched for something pragmatic to say. “You’re going to need some ice.” Things weren’t great, but her ankle was sure to swell.

    By Casual Fridays on 01.31.2013

  37. The evening had gone quite swell, it was exactly as I planned.
    I let them all into my house. They all were enjoying my quaint little party. It was absolutely perfect. Then my favorite part came. Everyone was drunk, and slutty, and that’s when I got to kill them.
    That’s what really made my night swell. The red blood, everywhere, beautiful.

    By Aubrey on 01.31.2013

  38. The shear swell of the ocean’s waves,
    The fear it brings to those who can’t swim.
    The swells are strong,
    the drag people out who aren’t careful.
    Do you dare enter the swells?
    Do you dare swim in the sea?

    By Ginny MacMillan on 01.31.2013

  39. Ouch. My shoulder is killing me. I didn’t do a damn thing to hurt it, but it feels like it’s swelling. Amputation may be an option.

    By dwhandrews on 01.31.2013

  40. well isnt that swell. that we are here, alone. Our perception of time, space, life. Is, swell. It may not always be true, or happy, but it is. swell. Dont you think?

    By James on 01.31.2013