August 31st, 2011 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “avenue”

  1. there was an avenue road in Bangalore. the road is still there. At avenue road one can buy books for throwaway prices. all the second hand books are available there. the avenue market is similar to the khazoori bazaar of Indore.

    By rohit on 09.01.2011

  2. i really dislike the word avenue. it sounds gross and i dont want to write about it. nothing comes to me. nothing except for how much i dislike the word.

    By Kate URL on 09.01.2011

  3. I want to go back to the avenue where we first met. I’m missing you. I hope we’ll be together again in the same avenue exchanging smiles and memories.

    By Chella URL on 09.01.2011

  4. Hhobema’s ‘avenue at midelharnis’
    is such a beautiful thought with which to start the first day o september.
    It is such a peaceful picture. there is so much beautiful sky with those
    dark wonderful trees for contrast. alltogether such a magical presentation.
    how i long for a kindred spirit to meet me in spirit for our rendezvous

    on that most beautiful avenue

    By jack maye URL on 09.01.2011

  5. All along the avenue there were birds and stoops and people hollerin’. From my bedroom window I could see them up and down the way. On the far corner, near Frankie’s house, my brother leaned against the wall, all long and fair and cool.

    By Suzi Hayes on 09.01.2011

  6. I went to an avenue where I saw you. You are standing in front of a shoe store. You want to go inside but you stayed. I’m about to approach you but a good looking man appeared and kiss you in the cheeks.

    By Kristina URL on 09.01.2011

  7. Avenue
    reminds me of walking down the avenues of New York
    Ten years ago or more
    When we were happy
    And unaware of everything that lay ahead
    And now you’re dead.

    By kcmcgb on 09.01.2011

  8. Which avenue did you want to pursue on this? We could address it straight on, but there would be a lot of questions asked. We could go through a back door, and finesse our way past some of the IT issues. I think that might be the best path to take.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.01.2011

  9. fifth avenue. apparently american streets are very ordered… easy to find your way around i suppose. but nowhere near as fun as australia. In australia, everything’s clumped together by the same subject matter. for example, my cousin lives in a “nut” suburb – chestnut, hazelnut street etc. i live in a celestial suburb – argo, taurus, orion. it’s more fun this way. just like our accents

    By Ezekiel URL on 09.01.2011

  10. The madison avenue talks to me about fashion
    the avenue i have chosen, law, talks to me about despair.
    there are many avenues to choose from
    the question i need to answer is where?
    so here i am lost…hoping some lane takes me to happiness…..
    the madison avenue talks to me about fashion
    the rest despair.

    By Srishti Goyal on 09.01.2011

  11. I walked down the avenue, dimly lit.
    Street lamp and dark shades
    with the everlasting thought —
    interrupted, I’ll see you in a bit.

    By Lune on 09.01.2011

  12. it’s a place only we know :)

    By PolkaDots URL on 09.01.2011

  13. The avenue emblazoned in her mind was littered with lost ideas, crumpled by the indifference of time and trampled in its passing, yet every so often one would unfurl again, blown into her face on the wind of a fresh reminder of the forgotten.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.01.2011

  14. The avenue of my heart.
    You’re the only one who got into it.
    The only one who found it.
    The avenue of my heart.
    It’s the place only we know. :) <3

    By PolkaDots URL on 09.01.2011

  15. Ocean Avenue was the name of the long strip of beach boardwalk on Block Island. it was lined with cute boutiques and shops that had the most adorable stuff. And when i walked there, i sort of felt typical, like a tourist, because i was one. That’s ok. We peeked inside the national, its old stately beauty astounding us. We went to the juice bar and had ice cream and fudge too.

    By Talia on 09.01.2011

  16. I remember mango avenue from my childhood, as a place with jollibee, a round park and a national bookstore, but it used to be a place with actual mango trees. how things change.

    By Jermy URL on 09.01.2011

  17. how many different ways to make her mine, the roads or paths or avenues, the accidents that turn out being the very best things for us. He smelt like a cuddle, she walked like a solider who was in the wrong regiment, I type like an 80 year old would make love. I’m sore and its sore but I push on, I have two papers and thousand more words

    By pearue on 09.01.2011


    By victor walkes URL on 09.01.2011

  19. He walked down the avenue for the last time. So many times before the bright lights had shown into his eyes as he followed his shadow down the cracked path. He looked at his watch and saw he was a few minutes late. “Damn,” he said under his breath, “not again.” It didn’t really matter much now. It would be the last time.

    By Will URL on 09.01.2011

  20. I walked along the avenue, it was huge and I could not stop starring upwards at these huge buildings. I couldnt even see the top of. New York. I will never forget the first time I visited.

    By Karen URL on 09.01.2011

  21. street boulevard, aristocats french polar outlet isle escape status doctor milkman fresh old doorway coffeehouse linear perspective foreshortening

    By Úna on 09.01.2011

  22. I lived all my life off a side street which was off a side street which was off one of the main avenues in the city. I loved walking the avenue. There was so much to see, and lots of shops to browse through.

    By spartica URL on 09.01.2011

  23. i stood on the stage cigerette smoke so think it was like fog on the inside of the little jazz club my stage name was macy broadmoor i took it from my old dogs name and my steet broadmoor avenue.. the curtain lifts and i realize…fuck i cant sing.

    By eevee URL on 09.01.2011

  24. A block and solid avenue of ice, broken by murky lingering fireflies, all washed in blue.

    By Ryan URL on 09.01.2011

  25. well i was on 5 in 5th pay per view avenue, and the street was crawlin’ with lice n cockraoches, and i thought to myself that i really could go for a pair of shoes that dont got hholes in the bottom. i mean, i don’t mind how it looks, kinda makes em feel homely to me… but ill be damned if i let another cockroach live in my shoe. dem folk get way too possesive.. i ain’t dealing with no more drama, no siree. no, i think what’s best is the nearest bar to pass out in, who knows, maybe its inside the bottle… what was i talking about again?

    By sure. on 09.01.2011

  26. We almost lost our lives that day, like so many have driving over French Avenue cliff. Thank God there was enough light shining through the bordering trees.

    If you die today, do you know where you’ll spend eternity?

    Love Dave

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 09.01.2011

  27. of lime trees, huge spreading branches, dropping stickiness on all the cars parked beneath. The hot green leaves lit like neon by the late summer sunshine. A tunnel of verdant tangling reaching branches, like a scene from a movie

    By georgie on 09.01.2011

  28. John walked down the avenue,the light were dimly lit and the path ahead could not be seen clearly.
    “Am i able to reach my friend’s house on time?” John wondered.

    By Amateur URL on 09.01.2011

  29. Road becomes avenue. Or avenue becomes road. Or path. The avenue not taken. The avenue to hell is paved with good intentions. What is the difference between a road and an avenue. The size, of course. Except I live on an avenue which is really a narrow road, with cars pulling off to the side to let cars coming the other direction pass.

    By elizabeth b URL on 09.01.2011

  30. I already wrote about this word.

    But it was the worst.

    Ever have those days, where your mind keeps winding down slippery slopes and laneways and passageways that you never even knew existed. All you want to do is get back on track, and then–poof, your mind is gone again, snaking down another tendril of thought.

    Maybe it’s like a street map.
    Maybe that’s where this ties in..

    By Siege URL on 09.01.2011

  31. Fifth avenue b.
    That’d be the first thing that comes to mind… Don’t ask me why. That’s all I got today, folks.

    By Julia on 09.01.2011

  32. We walked down the avenue and we knew we had it all. We were the it it girls the ones everyone wished they were. But HA you can’t be us.

    By Esmerelda on 09.01.2011

  33. a street like place that is often used in monopoly.

    By samantha URL on 09.01.2011

  34. Avenue? I live on an avenue. In fact, avenues are quite large. They have cars on it. Way before I migrated to Australia, I lived on a little street in Malaysia. Very little. There were close to no avenues, and well, now, it’s the experience of a lifetime. So, I thank you, avenue! I wli

    By asdfasdf on 09.01.2011

  35. Boyce avenue is a b and I’ve started listening too. They’re awesome, do a lot of really good covers as well. Not too sure where the name comes from but the word avenue in the name must mean somthing surely. Is an avenue a place?

    By taronyu URL on 09.01.2011

  36. Crystal waters and
    the manatee that used to be
    my father
    Strolling on the avenue along
    side mossy riverbanks calling
    out to mothers in their shallow pools,
    Until dusk and boats
    Carry us both away

    By rsbohn URL on 09.01.2011

  37. Atlantic Avenue. It was all I needed to obtain another Monopoly, if I could just land there. But it seemed impossible, as if the dice were rigged or something. I already had Park Place and Boardwalk.

    By kibi URL on 09.01.2011

  38. Which avenue will I take? Not sure whether or not Im headed the right way. Life depends on the avenue. Which avenue will you take. One is left, one is right. Make the right choice.

    By TarHillMafia URL on 09.01.2011

  39. One avenue I took this morning was definitely a wrong one. I thought I was going into town by this shortcut yet I was interrupted by a strange looking shop offering the most curious of bargains. Of course I entered but was somewhat taken aback by the price of a newspaper which came to 1 soul.

    By Gary Hewitt on 09.01.2011

  40. I walk down 5th Avenue in NYC and stare in amazement at the huge amounts of money spent on storefront lures. Just like fishing for the big one….passerbys pretend not to peek in the windows, but they are all subliminally drawn to the shiny new whatever that sparkles within reach.

    By johken URL on 09.01.2011